Как сделать… Рассуждения об алхимии (Alchemy)

Hello, this is Korney Today, I want to talk about alchemy Alchemists sought to receive a philosophers' stone

The philosophers' stone, is special substance He allocates with perfection what gets into The philosophers' stone can be added to metals Also perfect metal will be received Namely, gold

It is possible to make an elixir of a philosophers' stone This elixir allocates the person with immortality or very long life Modern scientists treat alchemists with irony They consider their texts fantastic One of the reasons of it, alchemical language

It is very peculiar language Chemical reactions are described by means of strange images For example, the green lion devouring the sun Or the dragon dumping wings But actually, after these images scientific knowledge is covered

It is special terminology And alchemists perfectly understood each other Recently, I have read the interesting book There it was told about the Arab alchemist By the name of Ayub al Rukhavi

He lived on border of 8 and 9 centuries That is, these deep Middle Ages Now it seems to us that it is dark centuries When, the science was practically not But our opinion, not always true

At all times, there were people having profound knowledge Ayub al Rukhavi argues on some metals I will illustrate these reasonings At first, I will draw a grid of coordinates On ancient representations, everything consists of four elements

It, fire And the principle opposite to him, is water Air And the principle opposite to him, is the earth At us the coordinate grid has turned out

If in something there is less air, then it is more than earth And vice versa It is similar to modern mathematics Negative part Positive part

In the center zero Besides, all these concepts, have intermediate concepts Fire and the earth, united the principle dryness Air and water, united the principle humidity Humidity is opposite to dryness

Water and the earth will unite the principle cold And opposite principle, this heat Between air and fire Such system Modern scientists consider it primitive and ridiculous

But listen that Ayub al Rukhavi writes further He compares metals He tells the following Gold contains more water, than silver Therefore gold more malleable

We will designate silver here Argentum Gold contains more water We can place gold here He writes further

Copper to the land than gold and silver Too most it is possible to tell about lead Copper and lead will be in this part of the table Closer to the principle dryness I will arrange them here so

It would be possible to arrange differently But so, too it is possible There is no contradiction with Ayub al Rukhavi Further, this alchemist writes about iron Iron contains much more earth and dryness, than all listed metals

Iron it is possible to arrange here We are poluchiliya here such scheme Now, I want to compare her to periodic system of elements of Mendeleyev Pay attention On one line, copper, silver and gold are from top to down located

We see the same and here Copper, silver and gold From gold lead is located to the right Here, too most There is a gold

There is a lead And in the top right part of the table iron is located Here, in the same way We see that philosophical concepts fire, water, air, the earth aren't primitive It not something fantastic

It is language of alchemists Those far times, seem to us the dark Middle Ages But alchemists, had an idea of periodic system of elements In something their knowledge was more primitive But, probably, in something it is more difficult

We have found communication of these principles with modern concepts But alchemists, considered that there are also other principles Namely sulfur, mercury and salt But they shouldn't be confused to usual sulfur, mercury and salt These are the principles too

That is some qualities What is expressed by these qualities? Presently it is unknown This knowledge is lost But we see that a certain knowledge is very deep And from this the following is clear

Sulfur, mercury and salt, weren't the imagination too It was something significant too It characterized matter from the important party too Simply, now we don't understand about what the speech It is possible that this knowledge allowed to receive a philosophers' stone

And to turn metals into gold That is, ancient masters were able to do something special What we have no idea of We don't understand how it can be reached Our reasonings concerned metals

And I want to give an example of damask steel She is also called Damask steel Some recipes are available to receiving damask steel They have remained Samples of the damask weapon have remained

Made by old masters Presently, metallurgists try to reproduce damask steel Something at them turns out Metallurgists follow recipes They complicate recipes

They bring technology to perfection The best samples of damask steel, are made on very difficult equipment With the most exact observance of technology The 100-th and thousand shares of degrees are considered Then compare the received samples to ancient samples

See that the structure repeats in accuracy Under a microscope, everything looks equally And metal has high quality But that is interesting, ancient blades it is better And it isn't clear why

It seems, everything was repeated in accuracy Also have received quite good result But nevertheless, not so good as ancient masters received And at the same time the most difficult equipment is used And ancient masters, did it in the most primitive conditions

They had even no thermometer That is even temperature in the furnace, was defined only approximately How it is possible? How it is possible in primitive conditions, it is better to receive result, than on the modern difficult equipment? It is obvious that they knew some secret Which is lost presently Scientists can't deny that there was a damask steel secret

Because samples of the ancient damask weapon exist They are in the museums And they than modern damask steel is really better The proof is obvious It is impossible to object

Scientists should recognize that secrets were And they are unknown to us But it is possible, most it is fair also for alchemy Alchemists could know too, some principles of the nature Also could receive a philosophers' stone

The fact that it seems to us impossible Because we lack any knowledge Important knowledge Therefore, it seems impossible Recently, I have read a story about one alchemist

He has made an interesting preparation Recipes of this preparation have remained till our time I tell recipes Though, recipe one But he exists in several options

Any of these options, doesn't work That result which was achieved then by that alchemist is impossible I have compared these recipes And on the basis of it, I have tried to restore the initial recipe And the following video will be devoted to that to test this recipe

Well, and what from this will turn out, we will see together Subscribe Thumbs up! That was Korney Bye