【MAD/AMV】寄生獣 セイの格率「Alchemy – Girls Dead Monster」(中日CC字幕/Eng. CC/한국어CC자막)

I want to live forever If I could live forever, everything would come true, But various things drive me into a corner The time I have left to live, the coordinates of my dream, the place where I am – They're all important things

All right, let's stay here for a little and eat something sweet When I just stopped thinking like that, I became proud When I look back at the road I walked down, I get fed up with how it's nothing but things I didn't want Letting the things I touch shine– that kind of path is the kind I wanted to live I desperately want to live

All of the days that rushed by look like they'll disappear, But I'll try skipping class, so I shouldn't be getting tired– my thoughts are inconsistent like that It's like my head was hit somewhere when I wasn't aware Okay, let's go to the hospital from here for a little while Could you leave me some medicine that'll keep me awake forever? Just by standing up quickly, I feel like I'm going to turn into a fossil As though it was forgotten by everyone, my existence is darkening

All right, let's stay here for a little, and I'll show you my spirit Slap yourself on the cheeks as proof that you exist I won't look back at the road I walked down It's all things I didn't want, but move on forward Letting the things I touch shine – I'll become that kind of existence

I'll show you that!




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