3 Secrets to Happiness from Ancient Wisdom

3 Secrets to Happiness from Ancient Wisdom Much of the advice that we are given today to be happy is not new Rather, it comes from ancient wisdom

That wisdom which seems to have been consigned to ancient times, but that curiously we still need to bring to the current world, because we havent yet managed to internalize all that it tries to teach us In this blog, were going to reveal 3 secrets of ancient wisdom that are very important to put into practice from today onward After all, if the ancient sages applied them, it must have been for good reason Secrets of ancient wisdom to put into practice Control only that which you can control and ignore the rest The first of the secrets of ancient wisdom is very important

How often do we want to control things that arent in our hands? Faced with a problem that devastates us or a worry that keeps us on edge, its important to ask ourselves if theres anything we can do about it The stoics said: Can I do anything about this problem? If I can, then I will take action; if not, then I will accept it However, we never act so wisely We run into the same wall time and time again, exhausting ourselves, undermining our self-esteem and becoming anxious

We cant always control everything, because there are things that just happen, and thats OK Accepting this will free us of a huge load, because we sometimes want to take on responsibility for things we cant control Sometimes this is the result of a fear, of insecurities or of any other problem that prevents us from letting go Lets let ourselves flow Its time to accept and not be blinded by that which we know we cannot control  The best things happen when we learn to let go of control

2 Accept and stop denying Acceptance is one of the hardest things in life, because this sometimes means we need to stop taking on the role of victim When we dont accept an illness, a situation, or a period in our life when things arent going so well, we begin to deny whats happening and to rebel against it This situation is as absurd as seeing that its raining and denying it or rebelling against it Do we gain anything? Can we change the situation? The answer is an outright no, and our only option is to accept what is happening

Why does this denial of reality happen? It happens because of our expectations and what we consider to be good luck or bad luck All of this makes us suffer and resist, which is useless We are not victims; the world is not against us Things just happen Accept what you cant change

Doing the opposite, according to the stoics, is wasting a vast proportion of our energy 3 You are responsible for your life The third secret of ancient wisdom is very important to eliminate blame from our lives After all, we tend to blame our parents for how they raised us, but were adults now As Seneca said: We say that it was not in our power to choose our parents, that they were given to us by chance

But we can choose what kind of children we would like to be Looking back and regretting all that has happened will not help us Its a way of making excuses for our passivity towards the difficulties that are affecting us in the current moment However, were adults now We have the power to switch onto a different path from that of our parents

 Now, we are the ones responsible for our own lives, no one else So what are you waiting for? Today is the day to start letting go of control over that which you cant do anything about, to accept situations as they are, and to start taking the helm of your own life Falling into obsession, denial and blame will only bring unhappiness


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