5 Scary Items At The Warren Occult Museum

Ed and Lorraine Warren have captivated millions with their stories as paranormal investigators Some of the hauntings they took on as cases have become notorious over the years, and have even become the subject of many popular horror films, television series and documentaries

But for those who want to see their legacy up close and personal, many of haunted artifacts Ed and Lorraine encountered can be found at their real-life Occult Museum that Lorraine continues to run out of the back of her house in Monroe, Connecticut, made safe for visitors by a diversity of religious blessings and cleansing ceremonies So today, we’re taking a closer look at some of their prized possessions on display with our list of the top 5 scary items at the Warren Occult Museum 5 Satanic Idol This lanky horned demonic looking idol was discovered deep in the Connecticut woods A lone deer hunter was out there with his bow when he came across it Apparently the hunter felt an immediate sense of dread and became frightened, and felt the strength leave his body

Freaked out, he made the decision to flee, walking away from it on a foot path He then spotted a man dressed in all black with a white beard, seemingly out of nowhere, who was walking in step across from him, not looking at him at all The hunter tried asking the mysterious man if he knew the way out of the woods, but the man did not answer with words, instead using his finger to point towards the direction Many people who have gone to the Museum have reported feeling chills when they lay their eyes upon it 4 The Organ Amongst the collection of satanic objects, demon masks, death curses, and haunted dolls and toys, the Warrens have a much larger haunted item that tends to attract people to their museum; an old organ that reportedly plays all by itself

It’s one of the items said to have a spiritual or metaphysical purpose rather than just being strictly haunted or possessed The organ as an instrument has a long history of association with the horror genre Often the organ, which is an instrument over 1,800 years old, is used in creating bone chilling music, not just because of how it sounds, but because of its roots in Victorian novels in which organists would practice playing it at night Several key publications helped perpetuate the idea that the organ was to be associated with the gothic or the haunted, including the likes of the Phantom of the Opera, which was published in 1900 Organ music, including Bach’s Toccata and Gugue in D minor, has been a staple in early horror cinema, including the 1941 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

So all in all, whether the Warren’s organ actually plays itself entirely on its own, or if it’s just a well-thought out gimmick, their organ definitely helps set the mood amongst all of the other allegedly haunted artifacts that the museum harbours 3 Conjuring Mirror The Conjuring Mirror is an artifact that is used to perform conjuring rituals Conjuration, or evocation, is the act of calling upon or summoning a spirits, a demon, a god, or some other sort of supernatural agent The rituals and practices have roots that date back to the Romans, with conjuring being a threat during a siege or as a way to divert the god’s favour from the enemy and onto the Romans These days, ‘contemporary’ conjuring aligns more so with witchcraft or ceremonial magic by a variety of techniques

When the ritual is done properly and the spirits are summoned, the spirits are supposed to appear on the mirror’s surface through a form of Crystallomancy’, or crystal gazing According to those at the museum, since there is no way to control whether the spirits that are summoned are going to be good spirits or evil spirits, communication through devices such as the mirror are incredibly dangerous 2 Shadow Doll The Shadow Doll is one creepy looking fella, and it’s a vessel to inflict pain on unsuspecting victims Draped in black with a pale face accented in blue, the shadow doll is apparently capable of appearing in your dreams, and stopping one’s heart According to Ed Warren, who calls it the doll of shadows, says it was made through black magic rituals, and it is made with evil purposes, crafted out of human bones and animal parts, including nails, teeth and crows feathers

It works in a unique way, too Essentially, you take a photograph of the doll and send it to someone with a curse written on the back of the photo Once that person you’ve targeted looks at the photograph of the doll, the image of it can be telepathically projected to you in a dream state, allowing for it to visit them in a nightmare Apparently these images within peoples’ dreams have been so powerful at times they’ve stopped their hearts while they’re asleep Destroying the doll is only said to have greater horrific consequences since it will release the spirits that are trapped within it

So how did Ed and Lorraine get their hands on it? A couple who had purchased it from an antique dealer brought it to them after experiencing the same horrible nightmare featuring the doll, and waking up with scratch marks all over their bodies The following night, claw marks appeared on their bodies, and that’s when the called up the Warrens According to the Warren’s in a press release, the doll’s sole purpose is to wreak havoc upon innocent human beings 1 The Annabelle Doll The most famous piece of the Warrens’ collection at their museum is without a doubt the Annabelle Doll, who is locked up inside a glass case with a sign in front of it that reads ‘warning: positively do not touch’ While it may look like a regular ol rag doll, the story behind it is by far sinister

In 1970, a woman bought a Raggedy-Ann-esque doll for her daughter at a thrift shop Her daughter, Donna, who was in college at the time, liked it and brought it to her apartment, but soon afterwards, her roommate Angie and her started to notice strange happenings, all of which revolved around the doll It moved by itself, and would appear in rooms other than the one it was left in Small pieces of paper with childish writing began to appear in the apartment that read things like help us and help lou, and one day, they found the doll standing up on its own Freaked out, they contacted a medium, who told them that the doll was possessed by a little girl who had died in their apartment building, named Annabelle

The doll told the medium that she liked Donna and Angie, and wanted to stay with them, asking their permission The girls said yes, but by doing so, this allowed for more paranormal activity to occur, including a male friend being physically attacked by the doll one evening, leaving burn marks on his skin and causing him to bleed That’s when Ed and Lorraine were contacted, who discovered that rather than the spirit of a child, the doll was possessed by a demon who wanted to get closer to them, with the intention of possessing one of them So they gave Annabelle to the Warrens who now keep it in their museum There we have it friends! Which of these freaked you out the most? And do you believe in the stories behind them? Give us a shout in those comments below and let us know your thoughts! If you dug this video, hit that like button, and for more supernatural, head on over to our channel and click subscribe! In the meantime though, I’ve been your host Kelly Paoli, and I’ll catch you all in the next video

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