A Course in Mastering Alchemy’s Level 1 with Jim Self

Hello! You know, many of us consider ourselves spiritual and in a way it's a little bit of a challenge because we have a sense of ourselves and we have a sense of ourselves as different than a lot of other people When you look at this third dimensional world you see a lot of things go on that don't align with you

Many of you have been very perceptive in your life and as you perceive using some of your spiritual abilities, clairvoyance for example-you use it all the time- you are watching things go on or clairsentience-you are feeling the world around you, but it doesn't feel safe It doesn't feel secure, it doesn't feel honest it doesn't feel healthy And so what we've done is we have kind of withdrawn from the world in some ways It's that spiritual nature of you that perceives in well-being but doesn't really see well-being Many times that sense of what you're watching and what you're feeling doesn't feel safe or doesn't feel comfortable

And so this Level 1 program of Mastering Alchemy is really all about explaining spiritual Not in some large truths, but in a manner that allows you to discern and begin to have some definition on what you're feeling and why you're feeling it For example this sense of feeling is quite often other people's feelings that you are perceiving as your own So the Level 1 program begins to start to give you some perception There's tools in Level 1

There's a way of observing the world and being able to stay kind of on your side of a point of delineation and letting Shakespeare's Theater be over there for your entertainment rather than your fear There's something that is called the Octahedron it's a four-sided pyramid on the top four-sided pyramid on the bottom, one of the Platonic solids of geometry That energetic configuration, that form is around you, but has been forgotten all about It really contains the aura and so we're going to show you how to activate that once again and begin to allow yourself to navigate through the world a little differently than maybe you have in the past And there's another aspect of the heart

Everything is about the heart But those are just words to many people It's like, how do I get there? What is it like? What do I do there? And so we're gonna show you a relationship to you and who you've always been in a manner that allows you to start to navigate the world a little differently Level 1 has a five, six, ten tools that come along with it that allow you to be grounded, stable, able to perceive without going into fear or withdrawing or hiding so We're going to show you a couple of things in Level 1 that we think you're going to enjoy

So there are many pieces on the website there are many free lectures or many instructional meditations There's many instructional tools So please, go there I think you'll enjoy what you see Play in these tools whether you never come back to Mastering Alchemy again ever

These tools are going to allow you to navigate your reality in a way that's going to create a comfortableness and a sense of perception of you as a spiritual being on this very rapidly shifting journey Enjoy