A german woman became a Korean shaman

However, Andrea's parents, who are devout Catholics, do not accept Andrea's chage I am sad that Andrea abadoned her Catholic faith

I never imagined her being a shaman I don't know, but I want to believe Andrea still has Catholic faith within her After hesitation, Andrea finally visits a father in her parish She confessed that she became a shaman to the father

You did not find your place in Christianity It is partly our fault Our doctrine has been biased We could not make place for you and someone like you There are many different kinds of powers Among these diverse powers and sacredness, I regret that you could not find your power in our tradition I am sorry we have been narrow-mindedI believe that in other religions, there are people who are called by god It was shocking Although now Andrea belongs to different god, the father willingly accepted her new faith

Then, he did not forget to pray for her new path and belief You are on the path of shaman now your mission is to help others and connect them You're doing it in the realm of shaman, and I am doing the same in the realm of Christianity We are Colleagues Now let's pray for my god and your god

Dear lord, you gave us this life You gave life to Anrea and me Both of us are looking for the right path A perfect and beautiful path


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