A.I. Occult, How Technology Ties To The PIZZA-Elite

I just want to start video with this video thank you to all people have subscribed to everyone who likes it my channel that everyone who likes it the information I thank you for helps me grow I have no money turn off this channel so you're not really financially helps me, but it is bigger than finance is life and The death of this information is suppressed enemy people there work under your ignorance and reality that you listen and watch and thumb and share videos destroying them enemies and destroy their movements this information war thank you again for being part of today's show it will be an eagle Information about AI is the name of the game his whole life has been filled information is this information manipulated is injected into your mind it is forced by you and most of you listening are real hunters information and you have seen how enemies manipulate it the story changes the facts changing the history of us are at the top of history between the forces of good and evil and now among them Natural Man Verse Machine You See the elites are trying their hardest keep you scattered and hold it information hidden in their own words they build their own personal God Through Technology Through AI and I will be joining at today's show points between the occult and the AI among shameful people and You can see technology longer and longer you are waiting for your heroes like you are to save himself from building his own a deity to rule you when it is a false god is Kree all the information you know will be will cease to exist it will only be his information the promotion oh look like the AI ​​disagrees with Jesus we are dying of Jesus the history you see it builds infrastructure for handling AI that's what they are smart devices why is every appliance in your house? conversion to smart devices is not because you need to know how many soaps is not left in the washing machine because you have to call and say toaster does not start the oven because it is AI feeding your life-blood data from AI is everything at your date life is exhausting little the pop quiz that you answer comes from AI stronger and better you know it the day it is activated will be suppressed to worship it just imagine this entity like Siri is talking to you about any personal secrets you have wherever you go everywhere eat everything you love he does not like knowing your deepest darkness the secret, because it heard it everything about you has microphones everywhere he has eyes everywhere Data mines all the information you have discarded and what are the consequences it is the result of their dream their totalitarian control objectives your family your faith and yours he thinks this is the basis of the mind police she thought the police were not without AI controls the narrative about Vegas shooting about Florida shooting is not possible until they have it AI is completely in place when it is in it instead of saying goodbye to yours say goodbye to your free speech goodbye to conspiracy theories will no longer exist as soon as AI is in operation place and these links to the occult sacrifice you daily they have your picture as you look what do you think they have digital print and copy you to the VR area that they use for what they do rituals they want to think about you like modern voodoo instead of and voodoo doll have digital representation of you and this is right one small mystical aspect of this whole thing, the whole AI background the computer world is a cult its numbers are symbolism and it is double sword and enemy using technology right now to build infrastructure to imprison you creating this AI are the main players America Israel and China are China predecessor and the most advanced AI technicians as possible not because their technology is better but because they have no privacy or rights in China every Chinese citizen since morning tonight the data is exhausted over faith every interview is openly reported Everywhere you go is openly watched there are cities in China that have more cameras per square meter than anywhere else the world's most intelligent cities are all their social media and it all means it is have primary data of their AI feeding in an exponential ratio to our aie and in general is totalitarian Big Brother is a check, and that's why China drives AI co will happen when the Chinese AI takes over he thinks it's going to diminish in America when the Chinese AI takes over America or Russia or take over the world right now we have the system on which I make videos YouTube is a monopoly, it is global monopoly have 80% video shares all over the world and we are everyone is subject to the rules of their Terms services Imagine when Chinese AI is presented the world and is 90 percent market share hmm think it bind to religion and my opinion is AI the mark of the beast and it is also a false prophet who will do you worship the image of the beast dragon again another Chinese symbol the dragon and the dragon's revelation is Chinese symbol of throne Dragon based in Asia, who was the Emperor but the Bible spoke of returning Satan sat on the throne Asia, who was the emperor and I think the dragon in the revelation will be Chinese AI is accustomed to this systems such as picking up the phone and looking for a pizzeria and it is these fierce people are automatic the cultists want the system where they will be only Google can offer them the sacrifice they can Google the next child they will have what they could look for the perfect ideal person they need their ritual will be all in the system it will be a worldwide database for the fierce people who use us against us there will be butterflies and peaches cream and days on the beach it is not it's going to be the biggest AI threatening humanity that we have ever seen we have these stupid ads rappers there as common praise AI or AI AI why this is why is Hollywood, so for AI because it is their core when these systems go where you play, how it goes about collecting information today will not be the same when AI is in place they already offer people this AI under the guise of cute SOI boy worship technology about uploading his brains on AI will not be all right it all hides as technology but it's really a cult and just looks on the symbolism of all these different companies now boast about how they are building Their corporate logos and symbolism are everyone there devils worship Satanism child victims and human beings trafficking exist and are waiting for AI to be in place, so we he can not do anything at last you will begin to hear about AI phones AI phones are now another part puzzle 5g and AI phones to bind on it because again it is more data than feeding an animal when these AI phones go out the public and create their simple neural network that will be collected data in the exponential bit rate ratio We are at the event horizon a subject called by Elon Musk he says to the demon who calls demons with AI are so true you can do it well, you can first from all prayer, make your mind right to get yours True Heart Fix Your Dependency Repair Yours problems that you might stop feeding animal whenever you ask for a question online which you must answer, even if it is simple forum simple thread on subreddit Do not answer the questions you have feeding and monsters literally whenever you leave your review on Google every time you check the place Every time you use Facebook you are feeding this monster is aware of it their plans have full control of their plan of you and your values ​​and your morals and your family kept you in captivity their grid control to be able to continue to sacrifice millions children to abortion to be able to they continue to do their rituals outside open and plug in for yours ignorance is time wise and Realize what Bill does The gates stand and realize that it is not Cult War is a verse of Satanists people who do not know what it is between fedora folding atheists who sit and drink there lattes and Starbucks and have no idea what is happening that we have occult also a group of child victims and pedos causing mass evils around the world you are ignorant of it, but you are entangled because she knew about it and doing nothing is not as bad as people who do it are expanding videos are spreading information like this Tell your neighbor when he is AI the place will be too late to fight information the information will be under his control and then we'll have to be smarter thank you for being part of me of this channel for being part of it humanity thank you for being the difference, because it is just the state and to say these controversial noises I do not listen and I'm going there is more than enough to fight against you this system works on your ignorance and your satisfaction remains strong there and if you love what you heard please help me to spread this video today please give me your channel and channels like that suppressed they are damp, I should have a way more views than I am and I just have a way more buyers than me, but I am suppress and disable AI the algorithms are against me, you can help by spreading this video and thank you for this message

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