A Taste of Alchemy – Paul de Blot – Luister naar wat je raakt

We meet a lot of people who struggle with self-realization and being happy on the one hand, and getting stuck there and on the other hand, what they have to do in life, a life project and because they get stuck in that duality, they never come to soul peace and fulfillment How did you do that? I see you as someone who succeeded in this

All the things I planned have failed You must listen to what touches you What you receive If you listen to that, then you will succeed and if it fails, then let go

Listen to what feels good This is a learning school that you can not learn from anyone, only from yourself learn from your own life You will learn From your own life in your memory What you remember you can revive inside Usually we relive the events which we don't like That awful man appears over and over again

If you remember what's beautiful now, What you learned from that And you keep remembering that, then you'll get, let's say, a play ball – an organic play ball of all nice things which you keep remembering better and better and that will be your guiding motive And because your memories are limited, you do not have time for the bad memories In that way you'll find that: Well that's interesting, That suits you and that suits you Then you only take in the things that fit into your happiness The happiness of those memories becomes analogous

That is, every human being is unique, but for every moment it is unique as well So if you write down the unique highlights, you read that again then you will get a cloud of happiness again In my life, I remember nothing anymore of the concentration camps, 5 years, nothing I never wanted to think about it What I think of is my friends in the concentration camps

I'll never forget them You are going to make a bouquet of beautiful memories that are getting richer and richer And with that you get touched by what is serving you And then you have to dare to let go so if it's not good, dare to let go

As soon as you hold on, you get cramped Then there is no space You have no freedom anymore It is about the inner freedom of your deepest desire, which gives you joy And you must feed it by yourself by remembering those moments, remembering is the most important quality

Your memory Beautiful Every person, you too, me, sometimes have moments of feeling suddenly happy, I am happy without there is a reason for it What is unhappiness? We are too busy, go straight ahead Instead of resting for a moment and enjoying

If you enjoy it and take a moment to write down what you're thinking of in that moment, you re-read that, then those daisies will appear again So I have a small book here, "little bouquets" I call them, where I write those things in I call them "little bouquets" I have a very thick diary, every day I write in it But the beautiful moments I write in a small bouquet of beautiful memories

God, I want to do that, I have to do that No, let it go I desire to do this and if I think about it, I'm already happy Do you understand? It begins with the dream and not doing it And it is also so, you have to start doing and see if it succeeds, or it clicks

And not to the when you're going to think, then you are going to abstract it: that's the iceberg The software, which you don't see, is the most important source of your success And not the top