A-Z Pagan Challenge: Alchemy in the Modern Day – A Wiccan Tradition: S04 EP03

Good Morning Lae, it's Sunday! Alchemy is something that I try to incorporate in almost every magickal working that I set out to do Specifically, I use it when deciding what materials can work together to achieve the desired results

It is my belief that the energetic intention of things change depending on what they are included with Much like with baking, the composition of a recipe can change significantly based on what you include or exclude A good example would be blending jasmine and chamomile together Separately, each flower has energetic qualities that aid in calming oneself and finding restful sleep However, the two together change the quality of energy brought forth

In my experience, the intention of a jasmine-chamomile blend is more towards that of focus and concentration and less towards sleep and relaxation If you were looking for 'double the relaxation', a jasmine-chamomile blend wouldn't be the best option! This of course applies to more than just botanicals The energy of gemstones can also be blended to create something entirely different Don't have access to black tourmaline for its protective qualities? If you have chevron amethyst and smokey quartz, that will get the job done all the same! That particular pairing has a vibration very similar to black tourmaline Perhaps you already use alchemy, but you're not aware of it! The use of color outside the primary varieties would in fact be blended alchemy

The use of purple candles for spirituality is just the energies of red and blue mixed together! Blue is typically associated with dreams, tranquility, and healing while red has intentions of power, energy, and cosmic intervention Together, we have an energy that vibrates towards an understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and a connection to divinity Though correspondence alchemy is a lot of trial and error, there are pairings which have an obvious interpretation of energy even if energy work is not your forte If you have familiarity with the correspondences of the individual materials you have on hand, one can work out quite accurately what these combinations will create when used together for magickal workings Alchemy, in this fashion, is the blending of two things to make something different

It is what has made sense to me whenever I create recipes Maybe it's something that will call to you too, or perhaps you may see the energies of things never changing, even when introduced into a blend Whatever works for you, is your truth Let me know in the comment section below if you have a similar way of seeing recipes, or if you'd be interested in seeing a more in-depth video on how correspondences can change based off of alchemical pairings! With that though, I hope you have a wonderful day I'll see you then