Agnostic Mysticism with Aron Gammon (The G-d Project)

My approach to God I typically describe as agnostic/mystic, whereas the idea of experiencing God in a unitive kind of experience, that kind of mystic I mean agnostic as I don't have a set idea or concept that I find I can say at this point is my belief in God – I believe this, or that I believe God is this

For me, it's more of an explorative process I've found certain tools, common tools like the Tree of Life for me, if that's going be a concept of God that I find useful, I'd use that

But I wouldn't say I'm necessarily a Kabbalist, because I don't necessarily believe all of the structures of the Tree of Life and a lot of the beliefs that seem to come with believing in Kabbalah, saying I'm a Kabbalist I mean, the closest I would come is saying I'm a liberal Jew, and I don't feel bound to Halakha in the typical way But I don't know if that would be a description of God, exactly For me, God is more of a process Part of the universe, I would say

I don't want to get into talking about pantheism and panaceas and the difference between those two things I admit part of that is agnostic for me I don't know, exactly I would say I believe that there's a whole universe that I'm part of, and part of that process is what my religious or spiritual experience is But I wouldn't necessarily say right now I'm sure of a particular theology

Saying I'm agnostic isn't just "I'm not sure" So, for some people that's what it means For me, I think there are limits to what we can know about God So, for me, there are limits out there about what we can know about God I don't necessarily know what those are, to be honest

But for me, part of knowing God is knowing that as a human being I have limits, and what I'm going to know about God from moment to moment is directly involved in those limits