ALCHEMY – Full Movie

I trust you've found us without too much difficulty No, it wasn't hard

Well, here we are If you would just find a seat over there We’re gonna start by having you fill out this little questionnaire Great Take your time, but be sure to go through it thoroughly

Thanks Any questions? No Good luck! Shit Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello! The door’s locked I can’t seem to open it

Shit Shit! Help! Help! Help! Help! Hello? Have you completed the questionnaire? What? Have you completed the questionnaire? No Where are you? Having completed the written forms, we will move on to the interview But I haven’t completed there was a fire… How old will you be in one year? I’m… ah… 57 Are you now or have you ever been married? No Do you have children? Are you suppose to ask… If you have children, how many do you have? I’m sorry, I When was the last time you spoke to any family member or close friends? I don’t have any family You will now be given a series of tests Please take a comfortable position at the table Is the door still locked? … take a comfortable position at the table But? You must take a seat at the table! Okay You will now be taken through a series of test

Be sure to keep your extremities above the table or in sight at all times Well, I see you’re done

Nice work Thanks You’re so welcome