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People want to know what they do I remind you about certain matters I remind you that you are strong I remind you that you are not tired I remind you that you are a born leader I remind you that when you train, you will play I remind you that you must destroy these destructive doubts, because thanks to this you will gain power in your life listen the gym is a place where you train the activation of your will power strength of will and strength of mind works on every muscle fiber you think you have when your body gives up the mind is taking action When you undertake an iron marathon or a 200-repetition series Do not stop until the mission is complete so you will start to activate your will power and the strength of the mind I've already told you and I will keep repeating train your mind just as hard as you train your body listen should your series end when you feel that you want to put off weight? Should it only end when your training partner needs to lift the barbell from your chest? you are more than a body builder you are a character builder you understand what I say? you are more than a body builder you are a character builder you build character that's what we do at the gym if you have a strong character then you just have to be strong in dick then you have to be alpha in dick alpha- you are the leader you set your routes you are not waiting for someone's help you go, you go to the gym and you make it happen you do it at the gym, you will do it in life wherever you go people will look at you they will admire you they will love you, imitate you they will want to be like you you will be motivated only by your presence when you enter the room full of average, average cats you will be above them, you will shine they do not even try that's what we do, we build characters, we build bodies, we build our minds we're strong Why do not you want to be as strong as possible? When You you do things that make you as strong as possible your appearance it will be amazing but who would care about how it looks I do not care I want to be as strong as possible mentally, spiritually and physically that's what we do for those who want to know what we are doing we will be able to train we train bodies, we train our minds understand? another repetition Keep doing it push on get tired give repeating repeating do not put away this shit, you are not tired yet, give give push get to it, give it give repeating you are not tired, do not put off this burden yet, give for falling push through the muscular fall if you do not push through the fall, you will never know how far you can go if you do not know how far you can go, how can you go further than you can? we are talking about pushing across the border if you come across your border then we want to go beyond this limit, to eat this border NO BORDER CAN BE SUBJECT TO YOU tell it yourself YOU HAVE ZERO BORDERS SKY is a BORDER check the links in the description 🙂