Alquimia da amorosidade – Alchemy of the lovingness (eng. sub.)

Focus in the affection! Focus in the Affection number 217 Theme: alchemy of the lovingness Beloved friends, beloved beings

Alchemy, known as the chemistry of the Middle Ages And it had as objective to transform basic metals into noble metals Transform, let's say, iron into gold and so on The basic idea of the alchemy was to find a remedy against all physical and moral illnesses They understood that it was the Philosopher's Stone which is a substance or an object that was capable of realizing, wonderful amazing results in our health and our morals in our longetivity, in our quality of life I got, intuitively, the impression that this had a background of truth, that didn't came out of nowhere

It must have come from some more profound knowledge, from some ancient culture in which we lost contact Because I feel that this has a consistency, but I can't prove it I'm speaking from my heart to your heart If your heart feels that too, we are feeling the same thing The idea of this transformation of basic metals into gold was linked exactly to that metaphor that I mentioned, which is the shift of consciousness The stone would be the mind, the ignorant mind

That, by the alchemic process, would transform into gold, that is, wisdom Transforming ignorance into wisdom Personally, friends, I believe more in that The fact that is behind all of this is the idea that the alchemic process that transforms ignorance into wisdom You see, it's not ignorance in information

Accumulation of information No, it's wisdom, which is a whole other thing We create our ego, our mind, create whole lot of other things, encyclopedias, books and more books, formulas and etc You could even do that disassociated from wisdom Now, wisdom comes from within

When I get a piece that was created without the conection with wisdom, we have a mosaic of little stones, of objects aggregated according to a certain order Then I get another book or a movie, or something else that I have the same little stones grouped in a different way Like a kaleidoscope It's changing, but it's always the same thing It's fun, it's entertainment, it's kind of hypnotic

Now, the idea of alchemy is transform the ignorance of the mind into wisdom Do you get it? It's something cool And it's ancient It's from the Middle Ages So, I don't know up to which point this thing of saying that it was transforming basic metals into noble metals was a metaphor that they used to escape from the fire pit

Because the Catholic Church in Middle Ages, well knowingly, persecuted all ideas of acquisition of knowledge that wasn't through the so called sacred books I think it's brilliant this analogy, this metaphor of the alchemy as being that Philosopher's Stone, the object or element that will transform a basic metal into a noble one And, in the analogy, is going to transform ignorance into wisdom We all are alchemists Am I affirming that from a scientific knowledge? No

Academic knowledge? No Through books? No Through my intuition, my perception I am speaking with your heart If it's okay with your heart, friends, then let's go

I'm going to talk about ten basic things that we need to transform in order to produce this alchemy This alchemy of the transformation of ignorance into wisdom Follow me The first thing is to transform envy into self love I don't accept the happiness of the other because I am envious

The other's happiness attacks me because it reveals my incompetence to be happy When I rationalize like that, identity is in a level of conscience that is primitive It don't even cross my mind that I am interesting, that I can find my happiness I keep searching my happiness, because I don't have the internal reference, I search outwards for my happiness, I keep looking for external sources Then I see someone happy, smiling, joyful, a loving person, very nice

Then I think, "oh my God How can this person achieve that? What is the secret? She's not saying a word" Then I ask "Are you rich?", "No" I'm going to begin to talk the values that I have as reference that would turn a person happy

You are very healthy, 100% healthy?" "No 100% healthy I'm not" "But you has this, has that" "No" "Then you're hiding something" "How to you have this hapiness?" "What are you laughing about?"

It bothers me, profoundly because I, envious, ignorant of myself, spend my whole life searching a external way of success and happiness I can't find it, won't find it, and it's not that way If I say that I found an external source for happiness, I am there with a happy face, which is temporary That is a booze that I drink that gets me high, as soon as passes the effect, comes the hangover and I rediscover myself not as happy as I wished

Happy, as I'm saying here, its consciousness, it's perception of life, it's a nice way to be alive, it's a pleasure of being alive, it's not having things It's more about being than having What do I do with my envy? I begin to want to kill the guy One way or another, I'm going to want to kill the guy, cancel him This cannot be, I don't accept it in any way someone more happy than me, it's gotta be a problem

I begin to stalk, start gossips In this humanity still in state of biological plague, competition, destructiveness is afloat, is ahead Of course I'm going to stalk everyone that is more happy than me because I don't accept the other's happiness because I don't even acknowledge the possibility to be happy, I don't even know that I am interesting inside myself and that this could give me the sensation of happiness And that this happiness, being lived, it's way better than I can imagine by not having this conscience, which is the case of this metaphor now, this example that I'm giving now The character that don't knows about herself

She doesn't even imagine the size of the happiness that it's going to get She look for something that she thinks that would give her happiness, but she doesn't know that when she can, from the inside out, she doesn't have notion of how much is possible for her to be happy Be happy, well humorous, loving, light towards life Then I'm going to stalk, will smash everyone Then, friends, the first thing you need to do in this alchemic process of transforming ignorance into wisdom is to interchange envy for self love, by the perception of self

It's the first thing Envy exists because self-love didn't Sometimes people born with self-love done perfectly Rare, very rare this In this humanity still in state of biological plague this is rare business, but sometimes it happens

Then the person comes with self love, self esteem, healthy, this person won't have envy, won't even know what that is And is not even going to notice, without projecting, she's not going to imagine that others envy her Many times, you must have been surprised already Someone comes to you and say, "Look, Zé is jealous of you" "What? Zé is jealous of me? Jealous of what? I have a simple life"

"I don't know But he is jealous of you" Let's say it's true, not gossip You're going to check it and will notice that is a fact But you didn't even noticed because your self esteem is great

Or, in that sector that Zé is jealous of you, you think it's unimaginable for someone to be jealous of you This way, the person that borns with a good self esteem, healthy won't even know what envy is, and it's not going to notice when people envy her Which is a very good because she's always happy I prefer more healthy than happy Please, listen to me well

She's always good She's always ok then she doesn't tune with the energy, with the destructive frequency of envy Doesn't tune up with the frequency therefore, doesn't capture these envy energies This is why when you do something that has a certain highlight don't syntonize energies "will people envy me?" "will there be" They will have! There are alredy envying you they always did and always will Dont't syntonize with that syntonize with doing what you do Even when someone declares envy or don't declares it directly, but when she preys on you, don't syntonize with that, because that comes from envy, comes from a detachment of herself, from the person with herself Envy happens because self love is not caught up, self esteem is not caught up Envy can be defined as the hole left by self love absence It's what the ego does when self love is absent, when the perception of self is absence

Then envy appears Let's go to number 2: disdain in welcoming We need to transform in this alchemic process of transforming ignorance into wisdom In my perception, we need to transform disdain into welcoming Disdain sums up to rudeness, lack of affection act, negligence, an arrogant contempt

The person lacked welcoming Again, remember what I said? Envy exists because self love didn't In this case, disdain happens because welcoming lacked Then, people start to show a arrogant posture "You are inferior"

Since welcoming lacked, the person is hopeless, she is certain that never will be welcome by anyone In the way the she needs it Then, she begins to have a arrogant conduct with others because the needs it She has a hole of welcoming in her, there is a void there She needs welcoming

But since she's in ignorance, doesn't have the idea of knowing herself, perceiving herself, she can be someone who can be welcome She doesn't have this perception Biological plague state

Human beings are in warfare state Then, she's going to fight "She despises me, didn't welcome me, so I'll not welcome her too" I need to pose as superior Because welcoming doesn't exist in this person's mind

"Welcoming doesn't exist What does is: 'I don't need you' " It's like that A rude attitude, acts without affection, and with negligence "I want you to screw yourself"

An arrogant contempt Because it's not only contempt, it's a contempt with arrogance "I want lower people as yourself I'm sorry I can't do anything" There is an arrogance It's not only contempt, there is an arrogance in contempt So, we must transform disdain into welcoming

To move on The alchemy that will transform our ignorance in wisdom Disdain happens because welcoming left Left a hole Then we fabricate disdain in here

Number 3, friends, its despair Despair in piece of mind It's our third necessary alchemy Transform despair into piece of mind This despair happens because we anguish and get impatience towards something

Something is happening that we don't Once again, the lack of self knowledge and of self perception I want to control it all, I want to manipulate everything

Once I can't, I can't accept it I don't see things happen as I want them to Then, I anguish and get impatient The easiest way for me to sabotage a project, is entering in a state of anguish and impatience, because then I unfocus from the project and focus on the complaint, in moaning I'm on the emotional sweepings of why that isn't happening

And I want it to happen badly, I want big time I'm desperate for that to happen I need to understand that things have their natural fluence People that already have piece of mind get what? The perception of "things are always right as they are" Things happen with syncronicity

We already had a encounter here about syncronicity If we're sync with syncronicity, with lovingness there is no need for desperation, anguish, affliction or likewise Then is peaceful I have piece of mind I won't be in despair

That is the third thing we need to do to alchemycaly transform ignorance in wisdom This whole project has now as third item the transformation of despair into piece of mind Let's move on to the fourth item Very interesting, very common We even joke about, kid with what I'm going to tell you now

We need to transform subservience into dignity Subservient is the one who's servile, he is servile to other's wishes He is voluntarily is servile to someone or a group of people He's the truckler, the famous apple polisher That guy that dignity is an unknown artifact for him

He sees people with a dignified posture, knowing when to say no in certain situations, knowing when to say yes when doing so can be harmful, cause damage But he perceives that those people have righteousness The known righteousness of character, dignity And he doesn't have it, he's weak I mean, he's in a state of mind in which he still can't assume this more direct posture

Say no, say yes when it's the case When he feels that is the case inside health, inside harmony Then he sees these people, can't quite understand it, and he wants the same results that righteous guys are getting Because he perceives righteous people that can Also perceives righteous people who can't, seeing them as losers

But what he can catch it is that the one who couldn't, was righteous and still didn't get what was to be caught, when said no, he maintained complete, integrate The syncronicity this will approach him of a more health situation The one short-sided in vision, still in subservience, the apple polisher, the truckler, Sees when the worthy guy says no when every one was expecting yes because of this no, he is cut off of something He doesn't perceive that this guy is going to something better For this person cut off

Just by saying no is ok He thinks when saying no "If this group don't accept me as a am, what I'm doing here?" "I don't belong here" And it's absolutely healthy But the other one, still in subservience, the apple polisher is like "No, I need to get this any which way"

"What do I need to say? No? Ok Yes? Ok, I say it" "Maybe? Maybe I don't know? I don't know" And he starts to cancel himself

And this cancelation, friends, is generating emotional sweepings Relationship sweepings He keeps swallowing I mean, he's not there, he's getting further way of him He became an apple polisher for not knowing himself

So, this fourth item it's very important We transform subservience or apple polishing or not saying no, not saying yes, not truly standing our ground towards things transform this in dignity Can you see it? It's the fourth item The first is envy to self love The second is disdain in welcoming

The third is despair in piece of mind The fourth, which I just talked, is subservience in dignity Let's go then to the fifth item Fifth out of ten itens In the alchemy to transform ignorance into wisdom, in my opinion, the fifth item is as it follows

Transform contempt into nourishment Contempt is an attempt of us to get rid of the need of nourishment In biological excelence, humanity is an relational species We healthly depend upon each other I depend upon your lovingness, you depend upon mine

All of us depend upon the lovingness of all of us We get bad when don't we have a fluent lovingness We get better when we have a fluent coletive lovingness When you're in a soccer field, everyone cheering together you have an illusion of colectivity in agreement, in lovingness It's an illusion

Is it? Ending the game, everyone goes to its lair, to its trench and everyone gets fighting There you have an illusion of that cohesive energy, that strong energy, right? It's a beautiful thing Only it's an illusion People go to soccer stadions, among other things Concerts, and everything

I'm not condemning soccer, neither concerts or else I'm talking about the posture in which one goes It's something else People go there precisely to experience the sensation of a need that we all have, that is to feel included In a absolutetly relational, colaborative humanity, we healthly depend upon each other

I need to be somewhere where I feel included "You cheer for our team? Came here You're alright" He doesn't even want to know who you are He can be whatever, weird, cool, not cool, "but he's on our team

I'll welcome this one" That was to happen simply by the fact of us being humans Only that doesn't happen Society finds a way to make believe Go to the amusement park, you'll feel included there for 3 or 4 hours

You'll fell like "Wow I'm accepted I accept everybody" The internal impulse is genuine The form in which is happening is absolutely ridiculous

So, contempt is an attempt to get rid of the need for nourishment because it's there I just expatiated about it Nourishment didn't came, and that hurts a lot The nourishment that we need never came Then, I start to despise people so I don't miss them

Something like "I said I would invite you for the movies, but won't happen" The person says, "I didn't want it anyways" "I didn't want it anyways" So, declaring to the other, "I'm awful inside, I'm crying for us not going to the movies, but I can't declare this weakness, which I felt

I felt despised I didn't want it anyways Precisely to don't give you the taste that I was vulnerable to you and not give you the taste that you hurt me" Do you see that In the state of biological plague, if you hurt me, this is a taste I see this a taste, as a pleasure to you Only I won't give you that

War, right, friends? It's way distant from something called lovingness Contempt is an attempt to get rid of the need of nourishment An way equivocous one You don't get rid of this need That's good

Nourishment don't come That hurts badly So I start do depise freely That guy who invited me to the movies I'll despise the guy "Let's go to the movies?" "No, no

Don't want to" I won't even answer the phone That's contempt Friends, that is way different of what I'm always saying that keeping distance is healthy That is not it at all

Healthy distance is not contempt It's healthy distance with loving energy, or possible contact always with loving energy Even by smoke signal With loving energy Contempt is a different thing

Contempt is trying to desconsider the existence of the other The other doesn't mean anything to me Which is a lie Of course he means No one manage contempt

Contempt is a project born dead This is the fifth item in the alchemic process of transforming ignorance into wisdom Fifth item to my feeling Fifth out of 10 Transform contempt into nourishment

Contempt exists because nourishment didn't Nourishment didn't exist, left a hole The ego does what? Reacts with contempt The sixth item in this process is we transform impatience into trust We talked about impatience, but now we'll talk objectively about

Impatience into trust It's the sixth item to transform ignorance into wisdom Which is the project of alchemy read by scholars today as being a metaphor Transform metal into gold The scholars today say that they were trying to say with that that was to transform ignorance into wisdom

That's where I'm going Transform impatience into trust Impatience is not understand that things have a time More than a time, they have a processing When you're thing about processing of a project inside a public agency, you already have a nightmare, you need to take a soothing, need to meditate, because you know that this process is going to be long

It's a slow process They don't have the minimum intent to accelerate the process, althought it's an obligation They don't have the minimum intent to When we thing about processing we have this perception of forced slowness And we project this I'm talking about public agencies, but in life generally in the state of biological plague

Everyone is at war Hardly something will flow with lovingness all the time at hands of everyone in order to benefit one, or another, or several It's hard to happen It does, but it's rare So, Ii's not to understand that things have a processing

But I'm not saying that as material bureocracy I'm talking here about syncronicity Syncronicty is when you are at the right time, at the right place to the right thing Without it's just coincidence Quantum phisics said there is no coincidence It's all syncronicity

So we need to understand that we are in a syncronic symphony "I want it badly to happen I'm anguish about anxiety I want it to happen yesterday" Impossible Yesterday is gone "I want badly to happen

I want badly to happen" It's no use This thing has its moment It's not the time, it's the moment It's this coming from here, this from here other from here, other from here

Than it happens But, for that, needs to happen Each of these things has a speed And depends upon each individual involved in this process The lords of syncronicity, our unconscious, our souls, our spirits, as you like

We know exactly It's like driving There's times to stop, time to go This is too simple By the mobile's software you get to know when you're going to get there

In syncronicity there's also a Waze in which you can imagine more or less how long it'll take for it to happen Or how many things needs will need to happen before for that thing you want to occur When you start to perceive that things have a processing then you get confident You does not get impatient Because you're going to see that is nonsense ego saying, "I want like this

I want in this moment I want like that Not this way, that way" You're going to throw that away and you're to put an intuitive, a wisdom in there Then, wisdom will tell you, "It's all right"

In the right time, wisdom, "Do this Even if it's just scratch your head" You did what was necessary to contribute, to give your contribution for the syncronistic dance of that phenomemon that you want so much to happen So it alchemically processed from ignorance to wisdom In number 6 item, we need to learn impatience into confidence

The next item, to my feeling number 7 out of 10 for us to transform alchemically ignorance into wisdom is for us to transform hate into love Heads will roll on Because hate is the culture of rage, and there is so rage that you end up with hate It's not that state where you are calm and suddenly you get mad You're already Jiraiya as they say You're in hate

Apparently, you can be calm, but you're grinding your teeth You're tense, ready to kill someone You're already in hate It turned into culture From so much unlove

There in impatience In the previous item, which I said we need to transform impatience into confidence Impatience exists because confidence doesn't You put confidence, which comes from that higher perception then you won't even think about impatience you'll have the perception: things happen Here in item 7, transform hate into love

Hate happens because a hole was left here when love left And love only lefts when I start to focus on power I'll do stuff out of my mind Forget the "heart", do it by the "heart" This hate that became rage, which is culture from living wrongfully, from feeling hate, I'm Jiraiya, I'm hating all the time

It's the culture of rage That happens from so much unlove But the permanence in it generates loss of love As long or as much times you stay in hate, more you put way love, more you shorten love And that thing you want is further and further away which is love

Then, we need to transform hate in love How to do it? Obviously there's need for that perception If it suits your heart go ahead You start to practice self perception of developing love in you Everytime you feel hate, you're perceive you became hateful, someone who feels hate all the time, you need to breath by your diaphram, you need to relax, you need to do something really good for yourself

And I'm going to give the basic alchemic tool at the end Seventh task for the alchemic transformation of ignorance to wisdom is to transform hate into love The eighth is what caused the hate, the rage Transform rage in comprehension Easy to say

Transform rage into comprehesion How do you do it Rage comes from non-acceptance of a situation, because there wasn't perception A situation happens, I didn't perceive, I only saw one side of the history We only see it partially

But I wasn't capable to perceive the big picture then I get in rage "It's easy to say Someone robs you, gets your" There is a meaning in that There is a saying, before all that happens to us daily we need to ask ourselves: Where is the light of all this? Because there is You're going to find it If you keep asking it, you'll find it When you go after the perception It's much more than intelectual comprehesion

See that certain situation in a global context Then, you're in the more likely path to find an answer to it When you start finding, perceiving that all things that happen has a meaning, unpleasant and pleasant things, confortable and unconfortable, you start to accept that Its disconfort But in this planet there isn't just confort

Otherwise, you would have that pleasure of lay in bed at night and deliciously sleep You have confort and disconfort You have hapiness and sadness Now, in times of joy, you live with this perception In times of sadness, you live it with perception too

Or frustration Or aggression, a disconfort moment Looking at, perceiveing that it is within an enormous universe of events And you're in it too But how are you going to dance in this universe? Depends on what are you feeling inside

If you fill yourself up with lovingness, then you start to get into the dance of lovingness Which does not means that it's only going to happen confort things This is what happens When those disconfort things happen, your view of things is of lovingness Then you don't get into rage

What's the advantage of not getting into rage? Is that you're not going to attract more disconfort things Because the disconfort thing had to happen in there somehow If you get into rage, you get more disconfort and attract more disconfortable things Then you get out of the dance of lovingness That's it

Because it's more intelligent for you to do so, you don't let yourself get into rage, because you mantain lovingness You don't need to think of rage, just maintaining lovingness This is the eighth, the internal alchemy to transform to make the big transformation of ignorance into wisdom The ninth of ten items is the transformation of insecurity into perception For us to to the big transformation, which is to get out of ignorance and to wisdom My suggestion is this ninth item: getting out of insecurity

Transform insecurity into perception When I have a controling posture, "Has to happen in my way" Similar to what I said earlier Rage and incomprehension I'm talking specifically about control

The controlling posture that generates insecurity Because no one can control anything We control too little We can't completely control anything If we could, the bad news for your ego, and mine too, it would be a absurd nonsense, it would be the big chaos

If we thing this is chaos, which isn't, not yet then it would be a great chaos That all of our mental projects would turn out absolutely right according to our planning I even quoted in a Focus in the Affection! back there Jesus punishes us when answers our requests "When the gods wish to punish us they answer our prayers" Oscar Wilde That why we talk about co-creation because there is no prayer is a manifestation of the thing that I feel need to

So, we need to transform insecurity into perception Given up on the controlling posture How do I give up on the controlling posture? I'm ignoring that my ego by itself it's not going to do anything constructive, it'll do it half-baked Even so, it's the only thing I have, so I'll act accordingly And the wisdom is inside, quiet, silent

So, I want to control everything, and I see only baloney coming out I only do foolery When I can't control it, I got even more insecure I get lost "I don't know any of that" Then, from insecurity, comes fear

Then it's an absurd It's emotional sweepings upon emotional sweepings A domino effect So, to stop that, I need to understand that I don't directly control things I can control my ego so it doesn't get on my nerves, or it to let things happen healthly, keeping lovingness

When I'm quiet, I increase my perception I stop controlling, get less insecure You need to control this impulse of insecurity this presence of insecurity which generates fear Because it only makes us to do nonsense In state of biological plague, we made a humanity that

Wonderful, I thank to that humanity that way it is But is doing nonsense, because it's in state of biological plague Governed by fear and insecurity

So, the big alchemy, the ninth item, is to transform insecurity into perception Because if I have the perception, I won't have insecurity because I won't want to control anything, because I notice that things interact in a harmonious and joint way I'll perceived myself as part of this set and will act intuitively inside this set then driven by wisdom Insecurity happens because perception didn't As last item of all of these alchemies, these transformations that we need to do to transform, to perform the big alchemy, which is to get out of ignorance and to wisdom is transform fear into wisdom

Fear cames from the certainty of ignorance itself What I just said I'm trying, I'm trying, and I can't, well, I'm ignoring Then comes the fear I'll stay in the certainty that I ignore, that I'm ignorant

Before some situation, another or another or many things This ignorance generates the sensation of abandonment Exactly, the mind wants to a solution by itself and can't Then, the fear Fear comes from the certainty of ignorance itself

When one is certain that is ignorant, is being ignorant She is ignorant before a situation, another and another And it begins to get frightened with the size of her ignorance This ignorance generates the sensation of abandonment This brings insecurity

The mind keeps on trying to generate solutions by itself and not managing it Then fear increases So, we need to transform fear into wisdom In order to performe the big alchemy that is to get out of ignorance to wisdom It's transform envy into self love

It's transform disdain into welcoming It's transform despair into piece of mind It's transform subservience into dignity It's transform contempt into nourishment It's transform impatience into confidence

It's transform hate into love It's transform rage into comprehesion It's transform insecurity into perception And it's transform fear into wisdom Knowing that envy happened because self love didn't

Disdain happened because welcoming didn't Despair happened because piece of mind didn't Subservience happened because dignity didn't Contempt happend because nourishment didn't Envy happened because confidence didn't

Hate happened because love didn't Rage happened because comprehension didn't Insecurity happened because perception didn't And fear happened because wisdom didn't The idea of alchemy was to create the Phisolopher's Stone which would be a substance, or an object capable to heal everything, every illment from humanity

Physical, emotional, moral and so on I'm bringing here, friends, the Philosopher's Stone It exists Maybe even existed back then and people couldn't talk because of the church It's the meditation

The practice of meditation, over time, makes the this passage of ignorance to wisdom, from darkness to light Meditation does that Today is so simple for us to talk about meditation It's the so called Philosopher's Stone It's grandma's medicine

I use to joke with it when talking about meditation It's grandma's medicine, that remedy that heals it all It will transform all of those things, makes all the transformation Takes us of the ignorance and takes us to wisdom It will transform envy into self love, desdain into welcoming, despair into piece of mind, subservience into dignity, contempt into nourishment, impatience into confidence, hate into love, rage into comprehension, insecurity into perception, and fear into wisdom

It will take you of ignorance and take you to wisdom After that, friends, life gets much, much lighter The nearer you are from wisdom, doesn't matter if you meditated a little or a lot The nearer you are from wisdom because you meditaded a lot which is what ligthens life you'll notice that is more enjoyble to live, more enjoyable to be a human being You begin to be grateful for being a human being

In the state of biological plague, we curse our existence as human beings When we begin to enter in biological excelence passing from ignorance to wisdom gradually we get deeply thankful for being human Then, we notice, after all, that, without noticing, we became absolutely focused in the affection Dear friends, beloved friends In this way I end up the explanation about today's theme which, for me, was fascinating, was marvelous, which is alchemy of lovingness

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