An invitation to the Alchemy of the Body

Tena koe I am Greg Bryers from New Zealand and I would like to tell you something about the body alchemy And how we can change our bodies for ourselves to be ourselves and what we truly are Alchemy of the body is about being ourselves and to acknowledge our body as we have never been taught To create a lightness in the body and a change that gives us so much ease with us and everything around us

So much ease that the other people immediately notice the change In the course, we spend about half of our time talking We ask questions, look at possibilities We look at how we locked ourselves into this no-choice universe On the second day we learn a body process, that changes the way we see and heal bodies

How we heal ourselves Because that's exactly what we do not do We allow the body to heal itself And then the body takes what it needs from us And then

Booom! People change their appearance, their way of speaking, their gait We had women in the class who did not speak English and they said, "I understand every word you say!" How crazy is that? But that's the alchemy of the body, the alchemy of change That's the alchemy of magic

If you really want change and lightness with your body if you want to know more about working with bodies Come to one of my courses and explore the possibilities that are there The more real than the ground under our feet Be there


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