That suitcase- James Bond suitcase remind me when I was in Ben Gurion in eh airport in Israel When I had that I wanted to go washroom and shit there

I took this heavy thing inside the washroom and within one second I put the money Shekel or something in money in airport and within one second suddenly 20 people! They attack my washroom and say: "Open the door! That's your suitcase?" I said yes and they open the fuckin suit- And they wanted to explode there Blew up I open the door and what happened? Half shitting still in my Shit was in my ass and I open the door and all the soldier was there and Wants it to tell me open that fucking thing I said ok ok I open that shit and then I told them I got no money to go back to finish my shit and they put some money and I went to shit hole and finish my shitting and then rid of there and that's my fucking life