Ancient Wisdom – Majestic Ring – A Short FIlm (THOUGHT PROVOKING!! )

They say ‘the world of the thoughtful is different from the thoughts of the world’ Don’t hit hard

Hit at the right place I beg your pardon But, you are so learned, you hold a place of honor in this state Then, why do you wear such simple clothes? don’t you feel Considering the contemporary era we are living in, you should wear some presentable attire? Take this ring and go to the market Can you sell it for 1 gold coin? One gold coin! I don’t think it’s possible

At least give it a try Who knows, it might just happen! Are you crazy? Forget about gold coin I can’t pay you more than one silver coin for this This is a very majestic ring I am giving it for just one gold coin

What do I do with this ring? it is so drab! I cannot give more than a silver coin for this This young guy approached each and every trader in the market And For this ring in market no one is ready to pay more than one silver coin At the end of this road, lives a goldsmith You go there and show this ring to him But don’t tell him your price Rather, ask him and see what he says The traders in the market just don’t know the value of this ring! The goldsmith is ready to give 1000 Gold Coins for this ring

That means, this ring is 1000 times more valuable than its market price! You’ve got your answer The real value of an object or an individual cannot be judged by its appearance like the goldsmith One has to look deep inside,


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