Application of Ancient WISDOM for modern challenges

Hi, thanks for visiting You are watching Om Nama Shivaya A channel dedicated to access ancient wisdom that can help with your challenges and live a fulfilling life

To access this ancient wisdom, you do not need to change your faith are be preached to and most importantly this wisdom will enrich your life beyond belief Every week I upload new videos with different topics that will be useful in your life if not immediately, when you are in need of making a major decision or facing a challenge Its a fallacy to think our collective intelligence is evolving constantly

If that is true a baby just born is more intelligent than everyone born before it Truth be told, every era people of of different level of intelligence are born by extension, spiritual giants like Krishna, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad have graced this earth If you were to believe Richard Dawkins you are more intelligent than Jesus as your brain has evolved since Jesus birth And there is nothing more to you than your brain While Richard Dawkins' theory of brain as a physical organ evolving is true you're more than your brain thats what our saints are telling us

The saints are telling us there is something beyond this physical body they call soul are intelligent being that is setting itself in this body at conception These saints have given us so much wisdom simple but effective you can find solution for any problem we face in our day-to-day life for example here is the nugget of wisdom on success Success is not achieved but earned success is defined as ability to do what we want be blissful all the time and graceful to others Every event happens in our life is leading towards the ultimate success

Our past karma and current karma contribute towards our success So if you are wondering that in spite of your concerted efforts, hard work you don't get the results that you are expecting, don't despair as no efforts go wasted the chain of events are there to enrich your understanding of the divine Its the divine that is helping you to understand the life and the divine itself what we find in ancient wisdom is such a deep understanding of human life, they have got this down to the science So to receive life changing wisdom from the ancient scriptures in our modern context for practical spirituality, please watch videos on this channel If you found this piece of wisdom useful, subscribe to my channel by clicking on the button above or on the screen Don't forget to check on the email check box so you don't miss out

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