Art Alchemy Metallique Waxes and Distress Oxide Ink Backgrounds

Hi, it's Heather from Thicketworks, and today I wanted to share a recent experiment utilizing Prima's Metallique waxes and Distress Oxide Inks I think you're gonna like it for this demonstration I'm using cardstock panels that have been embellished with joint compound just smooth through stencils once that's dry these are coated with black gesso and allowed to dry thoroughly then it's time to start playing with the waxes if you've worked with any of the art alchemy waxes then you already know that number one they smell amazing and secondly the application is smooth as silk the tins that they come in are incredibly small and I have to admit I felt disappointed when I first opened the packet a little does go a very long way so I think that even though these are small containers they're going to last me for quite some time so here are our completed cardstock panels with the waxes applied and they have been allowed to cure overnight so I'm coming in with picked raspberry and as you can see I'm not being careful I'm just smearing it all over the surface and coming in also with a little bit of the abandoned coral part of the newer release of distress oxides I love the way that these colors play together something very warm and tropical about the mix and yeah I'm really liking this effect closed up you see the intense droplets of pigment against all that shimmer and shine it's good stuff next I want to dirty up this panel so I'm reaching for the vintage photo and just go into town also adding walnut stain another one of my favorite grunge colors let's activate that with water and see what happens when we dry it with the heat tool now I am loving this yep that is totally the vibe that makes my heart beat okay so let's add some patina colors with peacock feathers and see what happens it's so fun to activate this stuff and then tap your surface right into those droplets I love this process and oh boy this is looking yummy I do like that drying it with a heat tool definitely tones it down but I still really really like this entire treatment and it's one I'll turn to again okay now that I've seen what that can do I'm going to go for it with that first panel and use the same exact technique just activate some of the oxides and tap the surface into it and see what we get oh yeah I am loving that look yeah okay now it's really singing and those colors are harmonizing beautifully but I got to have me some grunge so it's back to the vintage photo to just dirty up the edges a little bit and bring in just a bit of darkness there's just something about these darker grungy Browns that bring the entire piece to life for me yep okay I'm about to go insane with wilted violet on half of this piece because I can and because look at the intensity of that purple salty ocean is a wonderful complement to that color and both of them just really come alive against that silvery silvery backdrop let's activate them with water and see what we get oh yeah I'll take it okay I have a confession to make I have a hard time with Pink's so this rose gold color really was just begging to be dirtied up so I'm reaching for the walnut stain and the vintage photo and as you can see I'm adding a lot I really want to get rid of that huge expanse of pink so drying it with a heat tool gives us a really nice grungy splattered background and this I love yeah I can definitely live with this pink is okay if you dirty it up and it's still a little too unadulterated for me so here we go crazy again this time with crack pistachio and let's see what happens when we tap some of that on there pink and green you know they can work sometimes but I'm actually enjoying this so I'm gonna go with it yep I like that finish fired brick oh yeah and candied apple on this rich aged brass background oh I just love oxide inks meant look at that and yeah the intensity does tone down a bit after drying it with a heat tool but I am still plenty happy with the bright blotches of pigment oh yeah that'll do so what would happen if we try to ruin it with twisted citron I don't know let's find out let's do our little tap method not that intense once it dries but it does liven it up but I just can't stay away from the browns so here we go with a walnut stain again and we're gonna live in that up with some fired brick and that my friends is the end of my experiment with distress oxides over metallic waxes a nice clear coat and here are their results oh you know there's something about metallic gleam coupled with Matt grunge that just makes me happy to look at this one is a little out of my comfort zone but I can appreciate that it's awesome I do prefer the more muted pieces but all in all I'm happy with every single one of these and I'm really excited to find that the oxides do in fact cling and create beautiful effects even over a surface as impervious to most media as these fantastic metallic waxes I hope that you jump in and give this combo a try I think you'll really like it I sure did thanks for watching bye you