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Battlebear Grimm Horton's

Published Feb 27, 2019


Toronto, ON’s Battlebear have been making a name for themselves over the past year with killer live performances, playing shows with the likes of Greber, Lazer/Wulf and Revocation, among others. Now, they’re releasing their highly anticipated debut six-track EP, cleverly titled Grimm Horton’s. The trio feature members of Ayahuasca, Guiltfeeder and Signifier, and combine death metal, grindcore and crust punk to create a massive, annihilating sound.
“Forked Tongue” starts Grimm Horton’s off with an onslaught of chaotic riffage and pulverizing drums. Then “Cowards” begins with fast, visceral punk tones before laying into sludgy, grime-filled rhythms. “Mystery Box” is crust at its finest, while also maintaining an upbeat stride before “Battlebear” brings things back down to muddy, harsh belligerence.
“Salt & Vinegar Tourniquet” and the title track, which closes the release, feature crashing abrasive clamour alongside huge heavy riffs, which provide a contrast in tones that work so well together. Tenacious and corrosive vocals throughout the EP, as well as Battlebear’s live-off-the-floor approach, add to the raw intensity of the release, which is juxtaposed by their tongue-in-cheek lyrical themes. This comedic, light-hearted aspect of the band is refreshing, while their aggressive riffs and dynamic tones define their sound. (Independent)




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