Concept Checkup: Hypatia, the Alchemist Warframe

Hello and welcome back to the Concept Checkup The point of Concept Checkup is to dive into the Warframe forums, look for a community-made Warframe concept, and talk about it

For the purpose of Concept Checkup, I will use my custom-built evaluating method known as ASS Without further ado, let's begin the Checkup For today's Checkup we have Hypatia, the Alchemist Warframe

Hypatia was created by FoxFX on the Warframe forums, who also created the previously covered Tanuki frame concept Hypatia's existence is entirely caused as a result of Trinity essentially being the only valued supportive frame Oberon is also a supportive frame, but really when compared to Trinity, he's very rarely picked over her Hypatia is supposed to serve as an alternative to Trinity, but will still function as a healer/support frame Hypatia is a somewhat squishy frame, with low health and Armor, but high shields and energy capacity, combined with an above average sprint speed

Before I begin, I would like to state that Hypatia has Augment mods, but since Hypatia has a lot to her kit already, I will not be covering them here If you're interested in checking out Hypatia's Augments, go to the link in the description Hypatia's passive is Extensive Gathering I see this passive as a convenience, but since it gives Hypatia an innate mini Vacuum effect, some of you might consider it a game changer because Carrier is not mandatory with Hypatia Hypatia's first ability is Flask

Flask seems a little bit overloaded, but let's go over it bit by bit Combustion's fine, as it functions as a simple damage and room clearing skill Acid is also fine, although I would prefer that it melt away enemy Armor instead of weapons Greedy seems a bitrandom here, but then again, Hypatia is the Alchemy Warframe As long as Greedy isn't an ez Credits gain ability, it's fine on paper, but the percent health damage that applies to nearby enemies just makes Greedy a cheese skill to use to easily clear a room Tonic is also fine, but the heal and proc removal might make Oberon pointless, depending on how effective Tonic is Despite being really packed, Flask has potential to be a different take on Ivara's Quiver

Hypatia's second ability is Discovery Depending on the effectiveness of Discovery, it might or might not make the Sahasa Kubrow pointless The addition of knockdown and Puncture damage to nearby enemies can make Discovery a semi-CC ability, which I find interesting for a supportive frame like Hypatia Hypatia's third ability is Stimulation I like the premise of Stimulation, because in a heavily mobbed map like T4 Survival or Defense, teammates will always be picking up ammo, or picking up orbs

In either case, an additional buff would certainly help, which would make Stimulation the pickup version of Trinity's Blessing, as it should almost always be active Hypatia's fourth ability is Cauldron, which has multiple effects, so brace yourself Phew The regeneration portion of Cauldron is fine, but the homunculus portion of it seems a bit gimmicky Since Hypatia is a support/healer frame, I don't really see why she has the ability to spawn an AI that fights for her, but then again, alchemy

Considering all the ammo, health, and energy regeneration that Hypatia provides, I can see her being a beast with high enough Power Strength in lategame, However, while that makes Hypatia a formidable rival to Trinity, she needs to have high enough regeneration to be a solid competitor, but not so high that she completely overshadows Trinity With that aside, here are Hypatia's scores For my personal thoughts, I haven't seen a Warframe concept appeal this much to me since Vector, but even then I worry that Hypatia might have a very overloaded kit behind her, in addition to having no defensive abilities to speak of, unless you include her homunculus So that's Hypatia's Checkup Tune in next time where I will perform a Concept Checkup on Hennya

Thank you for watching