hello my name is Patrick John Coleman I'm a Concrete Shaman now generally it's not a good idea to run around town telling people you're a shaman and I don't but if people ask me I'll tell them yes that's what I am but I am a concrete shaman and we may look different been shamans from other cultures concrete shamans are dear to a specific way of life that way of life is great it is fun it's energetic and concrete shamans are happy we are happy name is Merrick Jacobson and i'm a Concrete Shaman and here in Concrete Shamanism we don't drink or do drugs we don't smoke and we work out our urban shamans we're in your cities we're in your towns you may not call ourselves concrete shamans but this way of life that we developed is based on just good living that manners etiquette treating people kindly being nice to everyone that you meet be an example that you want to see out in the world it's not beer it's not freaky I mean we may talk to spirits or whatever but generally it's a really good time in Concrete Shamanism we have a lot of fun learning lessons we've turned work and new experience we've turned chores into activities and we've turned tasks into purpose if anyone refuses to be happy and they just keep on throwing tantrums leave a timeout chair right there Patrick you've been a very mean elder shaman and you haven't been very happy sit in the chair be happy grow up and be happy no I want to be unhappy well you're gonna stay in that chair until you are happy and that's how we do it live a human life though that means relationships sex grooming and