Confession Camera Week 1| Birthday Doll Occult Incidents

Hey yo guys, what's up? My name's Harresh, welcome back to my channel this video is gonna' be a little solemn because I got a confession to make I believe in ghosts You know why? I didn't use to believe in ghosts, but now I do You must've seen my birthday doll trailer The one about the spooky doll, yeah

During the filming of that trailer, There was some incidents, that were really freaky I'm going to narrate one of those There was a particular scene, where I placed the doll on my bedroom shelf, I went out of the room to get my digital camera and when I returned it wasn't there I asked my sibling, did she move it, she said no, she was honest I asked my mum, I asked my dad they said no

I did'nt want to jump into conclusions, but I was, I was really scared I was really scared And this took place in the night, in the night So, I'm gonna' narrate to you a second occurence The second occurence was

um The last shot of the trailer, I will be holding the flashlight, to a mirror, um

After I ended that clip, I found this this doll behind me I didn't know how it got there

I seriously, I seriously don't know how did it get behind me I'm running out of words, I'm really running out of words now I would like to end this video now Plese give a like, a subscribe, and please leave a comment Thank you

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