Connecting to Nature through Ancient Wisdom. Sungazing & Earth Connection

Today's topic is how to become–how to increase your happy hormones while connecting with nature Hello

I'm Natasha Girvan and I am here to support you, enlighten and empower your life and business Today, I share with you two of my favorite things that I do whilst connecting with nature, that is really being at one with the trees, learning to just sit here, and be calm, and connect with them And the other is sungazing Sungazing is something I absolutely love to do It came to us from the Egyptians and the Aztecs when it was the shamans and priests who used to do it

So, it is something that has been used through the ages for enlightenment But, also, it's proven to increase your happy hormones, and decrease depression, and all sorts of other things that can take you away from your happiness and your oneness So, first of all, let me just share with you how to very simply connect with the trees So, just be in nature It's good to sit down and just feel the ground, or at least lie with your back up against the tree

Then, just do some deep breathing You can sit with your fingers up if you want to, or you can just sit totally relaxed It's however you feel comfortable Just be at one with nature Just allow yourself to breathe in and out and let go

So, remember, breathe in and out and let go Let go of everything, all your emotions, everything, and allow them to just go down into Mother Earth Allow it to just go into Mother Earth and come back up to you replenished Now, the technique of sungazing–make sure you sungaze in the first hour or the last hour of the sunrise or the sunset, so each morning or night All you do is, you look at the sun, you put your hands up, and they act as a shutter

You hold your hands up at the sun and you gently pull them apart until you have a triangle coming through You look through this triangle and you use that as the way to see how much intensity of the sun you can take You simply do it for 13 seconds the first time and increase it by 13 seconds every day Or, you can do it for as long as feels natural for you You don't have to do it for that long

They used to say in the Ayurveda to do it until–as long as you would be holding water in your hands and it would leave, so as long as water would run through your hands So, take it to whatever feels natural to you Once you're finished sungazing, just simply close your eyes and feel that calm through your body Feel the enlightening, the light flowing through you, through your brain, and through every part of your being Connecting with nature is one of the great gifts we have

Nature brings us back into our center Connecting with nature brings you back into oneness, a feeling of peace, and feeling rejuvenated You can see, if you're going through anything in your life, by simply sungazing can make you feel so much more alive and rejuvenated That's what's it's here for Nature is always supporting us

So, I really encourage you to take the time, and go and sit with a tree, sungaze if you feel inclined to and see how you love it Your weekly mantra for your soul is, I Am One With Nature I Am Enlightened I Am Supported I Am One With Nature

I Am Enlightened I Am Supported Go into nature and experience this through every cell of your being Experience how it feels to be connected with nature, to be supported, be fulfilled, and love your life So, if you're enjoying my videos, please go ahead and share on Facebook, Twitter, PinIt, whatever your favorite social media, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and come on over to natashagirvan

com and join my community I have a special gift for you there Until next time, shine your light, be present, and love your life Much love


what is ancient wisdom


what is ancient wisdom

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