THE TWO MYSTICS There were once two friends with a large tendency towards mysticism Each of them sought out a piece of land in which they could retire to meditate peacefully

One of the decided to plant a rose bush to have roses, but discarded this project after a while Roses were material things that he could grow attached to and would end up binding him The other one had the same idea and planted the rose bush After some time, the rose bush flowered and he enjoyed the rich colors and fragrances which help him in his meditation and elevation of his spirit with Mother Nature But he never got attached to them

The first friend was sad that he gave up on his rose bush project He could have had beautiful roses to pamper his eyesight and smell He started spending all his time growing a rose bush and grew to be an expert on roses and He meditated less This was how his mind became attached to the roses, instead of his friend who created links with the material *The master says: "What you must give up is the sense of possession and ignorance