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Hi, I'm Lao and welcome to the next Dao in a minute okay there's a hot button topic that people ask me about all the tim,e and people have a million different ideas about It, i'll do my best in this segment to talk about it but please hold off on what you think you know If you have a full cup and you come to me saying fill me, I can't

okay the subject is Alchemy, Internal Alchemy as a Dragon Gate priest there are a million different techniques some people do what's known as the Tai Yi Jin Hua Zhong, the secrets of the golden flower another are practicing the ling Bao Bi Fa which is the complete methods right? and every sect and lineage has their kind of own secret transmission and all that what is internal alchemy? Alchemy itself whether it's Western or Eastern of any sort is about taking something base and turning it into something priceless, so we say lead to gold or mercury to gold What is lead (or mercury) what is gold? everything in internal alchemy can be literal if you're doing the physical alchemy or it can be allegorical if you're doing the internal Alchemy, but we're not talking about different things, we're talking about the fundamental same thing across many different levels of lifeAs above so below, as within so without, says the Hermetic principles of the emerald tablets ok? heaven, man and earth all three are but one, you know the Daoist Scriptures say okay lead, mercury, gold are absolutely the same thing, they're minerals, they're metals, when you try to turn lead to gold, you'll fail every time because Lead is not the base thing, lead is an expression of the base thing let me see if I can explain this

if I take lead , liquid lead, and I pour it into a mold and it's a tiger and you look at that you go wow that's a crazy tiger no, you're missing the point, it's not a tiger It its lead, the Tiger is an expression of that lead, the anger of the tiger is an expression our mind infers things and it sees things and it says oh this is a lead tiger, no it's just lead And I can liquefy that down back to liquid is not expressed as a tiger anymore This is who we are, this is the allegory you are not your identity, you're not your ego, you're not your history, you're not your credit historyAll of those things are just simply ways to function in society that you're at, but does not who you are

Who you are, cannot be expressed in the form of a tiger or anything else because as lead or mercury is a expression of something gold itself is Why gold? why not platinum why not diamonds? Gold is an incorruptible thing, so going from a base mercury, lead whatever to gold it's like going from corruptible to incorruptible this is the allgory, this is the analogy this is the concept of Daoist mysticism Daoist magic is not mysticism, Daoist mysticism is about the internal Alchemical process of going from the 10,000 to the 3 to the 2, to the one , to the not two, this is the great mystery, the great work, the wondrous mystery, the Great Dao millions of names for it, everybody has a way to do it but it can be done magic is made basically conforming the world in accordance with your will as somebody once wrote, it's totally different they have some of the same you know paths there some the same thing but in and of itself mystery, excuse me, mysticism itself is not the Daoist magic and mysticism is about getting to the mysterious what you are when you're in your original nature and then working way back to your true nature okay? I'm not gonna take any more of your time it's gone a bit long and what will explain more in detail in further ones, but until next time, we'll see you next time on Dao a minute


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