Deep State’s Salem Witch Trials. Occult Magic Horror Story no-one is telling. #Halloween [PART 1/2]

Witches and Magic have fascinated people throughout history Is it really possible for people to take advantage of these mystical arts and manifest enchantments on unsuspecting people? Why are people so fascinated with the Salem Witch Trials and does it connect to anything deeper? After this episode there should be no more questions about what really happened in the Salem Witch Trials … and whether there really are things that go bump in the night aside from Rob falling out of bed

All this and more on today’s edition of Edge of Wonder Welcome to the Edge of Wonder We’re your hosts I’m Rob … I’m Ben This all came to us while we were researching Bloodlines of the Illuminati and the committee of 300 If Satan worshipping and bad uses of witchcraft are real … what in the world actually happened in the Salem Witch Trials? In 1692, 14 women and 6 men were executed for practicing witchcraft

Over 150 people were accused It went down as the most ridiculous example of hysteria in American history … or was it? Historians and amateur researchers alike have been confused about this purported hysteria for years Some of them researched the Puritan religious aspects Some of them researched the political climate and the wars going on with the American Indians at the time And some claimed that it must be the agriculture and a hallucinogenic fungus on the rye crops called Ergot that caused all of this

If you look into the after effects of Ergot or gangrene and the amount it would take to actually cause this, not to mention the fact that it would get cooked out when baking any bread, it’s easily debunkable So then what was it? None of them could ever dream that the very thing they should research was even a remote possibility— that witchcraft or magic could be real And therein lies the crux of the matter with the Salem Witch Trials And as much as we hate to say it, all of those researchers were wrong Recently we’ve been doing a lot of episodes about the Deep State and what we found is chilling

Not only have we all been deceived about this, but what we found out affects everyone on both sides of the argument Now before we go on, we just wanted to say that in no way do Ben and I think executing people like happened in the Salem Witch Trials is good, and we also think there were some things that happened that are rather ridiculous in these trials Absolutely without a doubt, ridiculous But it’s what was going on behind the scenes that was scariest We’ve shown in previous videos that when people have good intentions … when people have compassionate thoughts, it can have an extremely positive effect, not only on people around us, but also objects we interact with

So if you identify as a witch, but you’re a good person, and your intentions are just to send good thoughts and love towards living things, this video and the things we found have nothing to do with you If you’re a good person, you’re a good person, and Ben and I support you What we’re about to say is not about witches or non-witches it’s about certain bad people connected to the illumidonkey Another thing, anyone in any profession or apart of any organization claiming to be good, can still be bad An example of this would be a catholic priest has done something to affect someone, and then the things he did were crimes, then of course he will be held accountable for those crimes

This is not about the religion, it’s about these people who are in these religion Yeah there could be many people who call themselves witches, and maybe a lot of you are good, but if someone who calls themselves a witch does something actually bad, and we mean really bad, then of course that person not all “witches” should be held accountable You follow our reasoning here? Good Now … What we’re going to get into is what really happening Firstly there has been a lot of controversy revolved around a minister and author of the time named Cotton Mather

Cotton Mather was probably the biggest name that’s been thrown under the bus all these years He wrote several books on the subject of witches around the time of the trials with one of them called ‘Wonders of the Invisible World’, outlining exactly what happened during these trials We watched documentary after documentary and read article after article, shaming and cursing Cotton Mather But was he a discriminatory bigot out to persecute “innocent people” or was he rational and trying to figure things out just like everyone else? Let’s tell you what we found … and you can decide for yourselves Like we said most of the videos we watched paint him out to be some kind of ludicrous puritan

All a Puritan is is someone who wasn’t cool with the catholic church running things the way that they were and they were more interested in actually following the teachings of Christ rather than following the Catholic Church blindly So these people were already under scrutiny for that Back to Cotton his father Increase Mather was a minister and involved in the administration at Harvard College

He pushed his son, Cotton academically quite a bit So much so that young Cotton Mather entered Harvard when he was 10 years old, becoming one of the most brilliant students in the history of the university Cotton graduates when he’s 15-16 And he goes on to write over 300 books, both short and long over the course of his life Cotton became a minister

Most people think that because he was a minister and a leader of the Puritan movement and especially with his involvement of the salem witch trials that he’d be anti-science But it couldn't’ be further from the truth Between 1713–1719, Cotton became a fellow of the Royal Society of London, the leading scientific organization in the world So this guy has a microscope where he’s studying amoebas, while other scientists of the time had their finger up their noses Also in the early 1700’s a bad spell of smallpox breaks out in Massachusetts, particularly Boston

Cotton seeing this starts to advocate vaccines for people That is injecting people with a bit of the disease, so their body can fight it and ward off a more serious case of the disease Doctors of the time couldn’t accept what Cotton Mather was advocating It got so bad that someone even throw a bomb into Cotton Mather’s home to kill him Now regardless of whether you believe in vaccinations or not, does this sound like some hard nosed religious nutcase? 900 people died in Boston because they couldn’t believe what Cotton was trying to tell them and instead they all cursed him and made fun of him

One writer even wrote a book defaming Cotton and recounting incidents that Cotton then tried to sue for defamation We weren’t there to know what happened, but it really comes down to whether you believe Cotton Mather was legit or not and by the end of this video You’ll probably think he was We read all of Cotton Mather’s Wonders of the Invisible world Once you get through much of the religious references and biblical reasoning for many things, which we’re sure most people could not get through, we were shocked to find how rational and reasonable Cotton Mather was considering the very confusing circumstances of people being accused of witchcraft

The biggest difference it seems between Cotton and other people, especially nowadays is that he considered witchcraft to be a legitimate possibility, but that people needed to be very careful in how they evidenced the convictions In fact he warned against false convictions multiple times and even grieved for families of those executed In his book, he recounts several unexplained stories and we have to say, they read like an extremely properly written episode of Edge of Wonder So we highly encourage you to read his stories of these cases One of the stories recounted that had nothing to do with the trials was about an accomplished man from Boston named Joseph Beacon, who saw an apparition of his brother, who was then located in London, visit him on the night of his death with a napkin tied around his head with a bloody wound appearing beneath it

The apparition of his brother then told him how he was murdered, who the murderer was and what to do to catch the killer Mr Beacon’s brother later found out through normal ways of communication between London and Boston that his brother indeed died the very night he was visited and the name of the man down to how it happened all checked out What?! Cool story, but before we go further, It needs to be mentioned here that the idea of an oath taken before giving testimony meant way more back then to these Puritan’s than we can really fathom There was much more fear of lying under oath than there is now because they really believed there would be biblical repercussions

So while we give you these accounts, let’s not forget to take this into consideration In Wonders of the Invisible World there were 5 accounts from the court papers that Mather pulled from to explain to the government of the time what had taken place and why these people were convicted We can’t mention all of them here but we’d like to give you a good example of how this all played out The first case Mather covered was of Rose Cullender and Amy Duny, and there was some weird stuff that reportedly happened during this trial and even weirder testimony! They were both indicted for ‘bewitching’ 7 people During these entire proceedings witnesses would fall into “strange and violent fits” especially when it came to making testimony or the part of the trial to indict the accused witches

This made it hard for the proceedings to move forward The witnesses reported that the Amy Duny, who was looking after the family's child William Durent, breastfed the child … yah weird and she was an elderly woman! This was much to Ann Durent’s (William’s mother) displeasure And when she said so, Amy Duny the accused witch “went away with discontents and menaces” If that wasn’t weird enough, the night after little William started having strange fits that went on for many weeks I mean what parent wouldn’t start getting freaked out about this? What’s almost equally weird is that a physician named doctor Jacob gave them fascinating advice

He asked them to hang up the child’s blanket in the chimney corner all day and all night and if she found anything weird in it when she was going to wrap the child in it, to throw it right away into the fire That night a huge toad fell out of the blanket A boy caught it and held it in the fire with tongs according to the doctor's advice The toad then made a terrible noise and exploded with a flash of gunpowder Basically immediately after the toad was burned in the fire, the little boy recovered

I mean, this was the testimony in the trial case Honestly, I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that the doctor knew to do this, or by the story of the toad and the boy actually recovering from this But get this guys, the next day the accused witch, Amy Duny’s niece told Ann Durent that her aunt was “greviously scorch’d” from fire Ann Durent went to Amy’s and found her in a burned state The accused witch Amy Duny then told Ann Durent “she should live to see some of her children dead, and herself upon crutches

” One day, not long after this Ann Durent found Amy Duny in her home, and thrusted her out Duny said to her on the way out that her child wouldn’t live much longer and within three days her child died, and soon after she was taken with lameness in both of her legs Uh … what?! So weird, but really guys, it’s up to you whether you believe this, but keep watching and we’ll show you why we do Later in the case there were testimonies of at least 3 other people against Amy Duny and Rose Cullender who had similar experiences of coughing up crooked pins and nails There was a search done on Rose Cullender’s body where they found numerous teets where milky white substances flowed out

I guess this is where the term cold as a witches teet in New England came from? That’s pretty gross, it sure is There were other testimonies too A man named Robert Sherringham also testified that while he was carrying out his daily work, and while passing Rose Cullender’s house, the axle of his cart broke apart of Rose’s home She apparently came out, threatened him that his horses would suffer for the wrong done to her home, and then shortly after all four of his horses died, followed by his cattle and a bunch of other extremely unfortunate things happened to the poor guy Guys, we didn’t even tell you everything that happened in the trial

The next person we’ll discuss briefly is someone Cotton refers to GB So we’re assuming he means George Burroughs, cuz that was the only guy with those initials He was so sure of his guilt and the testimony against him that he would not even say his name George Burroughs was the only minister that was tried and executed for witchcraft

It’s easier to just quote Cotton here, so, here’s what he said “he was accused by five or six of the bewitched, as the author of their miseries; he was accused by eight of the confessing witches, as being an head actor at some of their hellish randezvouzes, and one who had the promise of being a king in Satan’s kingdom, now going to be erected; He was accused by nine persons for extraordinary lifting, and such feats of strength as could not be done without a diabolical assistance And for other such things he was accused, until about thirty testimonies were brought in against him; ” In our Bloodlines of the deep state episode we retold an account of a sacrifice where the blood of the sacrificed victims were used to sign the names of the children they were sacrificed for into a book Curiously in this trial, multiple testimonies were given by people saying that Burroughs would approach them saying he was a “conjurer above the ordinary rank of witches” and would offer a book, imploring them to sign it If the person would refuse, he would inflict cruel pains on them

Another curious part about the testimonies is that several persons who themselves confessed to being witches also testified that GB had been at witch meetings and originally ensnared them into becoming a witch Okay guys we just gave you a couple examples of these trials To our surprise the court papers outline much of these testimonies

And while we’re sure some of this was a special kind of hysteria, the question remains, who cooked it up and why? While many historians and academics look to the surface to find answers Rob and I realized that if this was real it would all be about the Bloodlines and there would be a special reason behind it Do you remember in our bloodlines of the deep state episode where we mentioned some things about witchcraft? Most of the important names of the deep state are names like Astor, Rothschild, and Rockefeller “The Collins Family has been kept out of the limelight because they have more occult power than the Rothschilds or the Rockefellers” So you might be asking

“So what does this have to do with Salem?” Frtiz goes on to say “For instance, I have a complete list of all people accused of witchcraft in New England in the 17th century which includes some Collins, The 17th century was the first century that British settlers, mostly Puritans, some of whom are also known as Pilgrims and Congregationalists settled in New England In 1640 in Aquiday, Mass a Collins was accused of witchcraft In 1653, Jane Collins was accused of witchcraft in Lynn, Mass And a Collins family lived in the Salem, Mass

area of Marblehead during the 1650s when the witch trials occurred They were neighbors to the family accused of witchcraft” What we found, is that the Salem witch trials are the story of the Collins family bloodline And Salem was purposely orchestrated Wait there’s more

“Interestingly some of the last names of other people accused of witchcraft in early colonial Massachusetts include Young, Bailey, Carrington, Godfrey, Hall, Brown and Clinton You will find all of these last names on people today who are connected to the Satanic hierarchy (Illumidonkey) and Satanism However, the worst example of dealing with "witchcraft", the Salem Witch trials, was instigated by the Collins family” Pretty intense Fritz explained that in his opinion this was to destroy Christians and have them held accountable for what the Collins family did

But is that all? Could there be alongside that an even more nefarious reason? Does everyone love the story Lord of the Rings? We do Sauron was evil, but if you compare him to today, he’s not very smart Why? Because today if you mention to anyone you saw someone doing some Gandalf junk, they’d say you were crazy If you said there was magic, or people practicing magic or wizards, they’d say you were on LSD or ergot or worse yet you might be put in an institute Don’t believe it? What’s most people’s reaction if someone says they’ve been through satanic ritual abuse? It’s beyond extremely hard for them to accept

But that is very much the case in today’s world Not only are certain bad people practicing these things and performing ritual magic, but they’re simultaneously telling you it’s preposterous and training you to reject it or anyone who points to it So, what’s more evil, Sauron for using it and pointing it straight at his enemies, or would those people today be worse for using it and over a long period of time training us to not see it, reject it and even think it’s preposterous? This in fact was the result of the Salem Witch Trials— to allow the Illumidonkey to hide in the shadows and do the most abysmal things, because hey, we all think that stuff is ridiculous, right? But what do you guys think, now that we know some of these witchcraft stories (not all of them) have some proof, would you like an episode dealing with the some crazy cases of witchcraft over history? Furthermore, if witchcraft exists, how much truth is there to things like werewolves and vampires? Do you guys want to know how crazy it actually is out there? Comment below and let us know if you want episodes on this So one of the weird things that Ben and I came across is a new trailer for Sabrina the Witch on Netflix, and oh man, it was like pointing directly to some of these things Oh my gosh, did you have Sabrina witch in the 90s, it was like all these cutesy mischief type of stuff

Is she worshipping Baphomet? There’s like a thing where they are seated around a table, and Baphomet at the center It is behind her all the time Again, if you believe these stuff are real or not, that’s up to you, but whoever created these shows, they know what they are doing They know exactly what is going on They either did their research or they are trying to point to something else

I think somewhere in the trailer they say do you wanna go like for the night or light or something, you have to choose and of course she has to choose the night, the dark Which is exactly the ally of these satanists I mean like we said in the beginning, we are not saying witchcraft is evil, when you start bringing in ritual sacrifice, I mean, that’s like straight up, it’s like what is evil what is not If you are like “witch is trying to help people do good things” That has nothing to do with what we are talking about here Worshipping these weird things And then trying to create some result through it They are actually cursing things and doing things and then If you hurt anyone with anything you’re doing, you are bad, that’s all there is to it This really has even ritual sacrifice, she’s lying down there Blood signing in books… Exactly what we are talking about in the show

And I mean we get too much into this But there is a new person that’s in charge of Netflix and are on the board It just brings up a whole series of questions What is going on here Anyway guys, we’ll be watching Sabrina the Witch with you We will for sure Probably do a video on our reaction and all the crazy symbolism there Even brought in Saturn Anyway, weird stuff Anyway guys, we hope you like this episode of Edge of Wonder, and until next time, we’ll see you out on the edge Not a witchcraft

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