Elias the artist on the Alchemical Mercuries

Hello and good day this is Elias the artist I have come to share with you my great discovery

First I would like to share a poem with you called Alchemist: Master of Metallic Generation Collect the dew at Golden Dawn, Ferment with metal of Might and Brawn Seal in container Hermetically Tight Set in a windowsill Exposed to Light As the Sun travels throughout the Day, The sprites of the Mercury begin to Play

When the fires of the Distillery begin to Burn, A sum a day the Philosopher will Earn Now I'd like to begin on my theory of the Great Work I write with great industry and shall not disguise my intent nor try to deceive for the age that has come, that of Aquarius, is one in which humanity is ready to receive this work openly Evil already possess this technology and the poor deserve it more than ever It is nature's abundance and we all deserve access to it

Now let's go forth into a golden age It has been my discovery that sugar is likened to the salts of the blood Both sustain the kingdom of nature in their entirety by providing all known elements needed for biological function As animals have progressed from the sea, which originally provided all elemental nourishment This was re-created in the blood systems and is accessible through the urinary by products

For plants the saps provide all tissue nourishment on a similar level, however mainly carbohydrate in nature as opposed to mainly protein in nature, accessible through sugar extracts What is unique about these fluids is that they are de-differentiated meaning like human stem cells, meaning they do not serve one particular elemental function but rather contain an indeterminable slurry of elements that can be considered un-formed or dematerialized if you will This is the hallmark of the sought after ORMUS material or M-state matter that literally has not stabilized in our reality yet However, these materials are locked into crystalline matrices that keep these ephemeral atoms stable This brings me to disclose the procedure for producing gold – theoretically, don't take it too seriously from silver sugar media

Use a heat source below boiling, preferably a coffee maker Cover the container of sugar water and silver stock Heat with water evaporation recycling back into the container Saran wrap with a rubber band would be preferable Use a timer to heat on and off for 30 minutes a piece one month adding more and more sugar until a red liquid develops with a golden precipitate

That is all And I bid you farewell