Fairy Wicca? Fairy Witch? or a Fairy Shaman?

In this video I wanted to talk to you little bit about differences between Fairy Wicca, Fairy Witch and a Fairy Shaman I think many people can get easily confused with these different terms Fairy Wicca is a person who identifies themselves as wicca They corporate Celtic Fairy tradition with their practicehence the name Fairy Wicca Personally I'm not a Wicca There are things in Wicca that I appreciate but it's not my thing There is also Feri Wicca Which is quite different All people who practice Feri don't like to call it Feri wicca They like to call it Feri Tradition It was started by Victor Anderson in the 60's It's more about ecstatic experience in magic Feri has been influenced by Voodoo Thelema Mysticism and Druidism I guess Druidism inspired the name Feri Wicca Feri has very little to do with traditional Fairy Wicca Feri is also connected with reclaiming because Starhawk (famous wicca writer) Was student of Victor Anderson and later on started Reclaiming tradition which is more about political magic Feri doesn't have much to do with traditional Fairy Wicca I think original name for Feri Wicca was "Vicia" Italian for "the craft" I don't know why it wasn't chosen Back in Finland I knew few ladies who were very active on reclaiming and Feri That's when I learned the difference between these two practices Then there is Fairy Witch Kitty the Dreamer she has nice video about Fairy witches in history Starting from Morgan Le Fay and so on I'll put a link to it Fairy witch in history and modern days is a person who identifies them selves as a witch and works with the fairies Fairy folk, wee folk, tiny people, magical folk, fairy realm what ever you wish to call them You can leave gifts for the fairies Food, cookies, milk or start your own fairy garden Trying to communicate with the fairies That is all Fairy witchcraft I personally describe myself as a fairy witch I'm a witch and I work with the fairies Then there is Fairy Shaman I 100 % describe myself as a fairy shaman Term Fairy Shaman is interesting and bit different than being a fairy witch Traditionally shaman is a healer There isn't a magical way to become a shaman It is usually a calling At some point you might realize you were born as a shaman In the old times and in modern days shaman is often a person who has survived from a severe disease They might have had very severe physical or mental illnesses and cure has been found from nature Shamans feel it is their duty to share the healing People are drawn to shamans since they have great knowledge of the earth Healing properties of the earth, Human spirits, animal spirits and nature spirits Fairy shaman is little bit different but also very similar When I was a child and I had my first magical experiences Pretty much all of them were shamanistic encounters with the fairy folk In Finnish folklore we have this phenomena called "Metsänpeitto" which means "Blanket of the forest" and it literally means that human being when he or she enters the forest the forest might suck them in In away you blend in to the forest and people might pass by you and think you are a tree You become part of the forest It can be really dangerous It can be also very liberating people say it's dangerous because nature spirits they can trick you They can take you for forever It is little bit similar like here in the UK there is folklore about Fairy rings that if you enter to the fairy ring in midnight the fairy folk will catch you and you´ll stay there and you´ll loose the track of time So it's very similar to that kind of concept When I was 7 I had first this kind of experience within nature I literally lost track of time and space and I became one with the forest literally I saw some spirits there It is said that when person goes into the forest blanket In the old times they would get the shaman to ask the nature spirits to bring the person back but I guess since I was very young child I learned to control it I think when I was 16-17 something like that One day my sister said to me "Niina you know you are a Fairy Shaman" I don't know how to describe itsomething inside me clicked and I understood that is me yes I am a fairy shaman I am definitely not the only fairy shaman in this planet There are quite many of us For example if you know this Swedish singer Freya She has also roots in Lapland and she actually lives in the UK I don't know why so many of us ends up here Anyway she is also a Fairy shaman She is a musician and song writer teacher and I think she is also a fairy healer something like that She keeps these courses about people to find their fairy connections and how to communicate with fairies Back in Finland I also kept few courses like this I guess we all have this kind of teaching in common Then in YouTube pagan community Laura Daligan she is a fairy shaman and very good one There are some things that all the fairy shamans share Despite their cultural/spiritual backgrounds That is many times fairy shamans

for them the healing process always includes creativity and they think that creativity is one of those things that heal the soul We try to inspire people with our fairy energy to do more art, to do more music to do paintings, to really get in touch with their inner fairies inner fairy and all that That is all about being a fairy shaman Fairies are really important part of this world You know when I say fairies I speak about nature spirits and of course in all the different cultures and all the different countries there are their own fairy spirits They are all different yet they are all the same Most of the time connected with different elements Earth, fire, water and the air We also acknowledge that the imagination inspiration and creativity they are also very connected with the fairies and the fairy folk We also share this very strong interest towards fairy traditions From different parts of the world and really take actions to research them One of the things that is also very common with fairy shamans we are extremely conserned about the environment and well being of the animals That is also because in the shamanistic tradition the animal spirits are one with the human spirits We usually tend to be very much Eco-activists Traditions might have different names and different appearances for us they all are part of bigger picture These were my thought on Fairy Wicca Fairy witch, being a fairy witch and a fairy shaman If you are into fairies you might identify with some of these or even with all of these things I hope you enjoyed this Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you next time