Father Christoforos:

I try to have a mystical approach to life I try to approach life as a mystic, and it's, I guess, probably because I see the mystics as a source of inspiration

I guess we can say what a mystic is is someone who sees the spiritual life and the physical world as essentially one and the same thing – interwoven, intertwined someone who either sees or sees the potential of seeing God, the Divine, in everything And, let's say, even in nature, in a tree, in flowers, in even just the beauty of something

If the divine is essentially beautiful, even in the phenomenon of something being beautifulit could even be a rockthat beauty is divine, and seeing that, that changes the way we relate to nature around us why we, for example, would be good stewards of nature, because we're seeing this deity, this God, the Divine, that we perhaps claim to believe in in everything

And again, in how we relate to people, if we see the divine spark in others, would that not change the way we relate to them? This changes the way we relate to our enemies, those who may be opposed to us, if we see God in them And we can choose to approach and relate to them out of the same love we would have for the divine That's what it means to be a mystic: to have a mystical approach to life; to see the Divine everywhere and allow it to guide us and how we interact with the world and those around us