Freedom from perceived separation: dissolve into passionate love – Aquarius Alchemy

Alright This is a meeting with a higher counsil Jeroen was asked to channel this information for you to make it available for you

We will introduce who we are we are a group of beings of love and light on a higher dimensional plane and this message is for you to understand what you are going through right now The collective is in a shift, in a massive shift and much will be crumbling away You will feel the turmoil inside you as you absolutely cannot hold on to the old You have tried and all of the magnets inside that are still resonating with the old will hurt They will feel painful, they will feel so heavy that you will want to release them So we invite you to work We invite you to work on your vibration We invite you to work on your energy systems to release any and all attachments to the old vibrations The planet is now actually really truly shifting into higher state of consciousness in which you as human beings as masters of love and light will be able to do your work More space will come, the channels and the portals with us as higher dimensional beings who are you in higher dimensional form with the communication will be much easier we will be more visible to you because the lines will be thinner and this is what we wish to share with you now take a few breaths relax We will start the transmission This was just the introduction Over the past you have seen the power structures keeping you in place Keeping your mind, keeping your emotions and keeping your physical body locked in a certain vibration You felt somewhat ancapsuled Yyou might have experienced this as feeling trapped somehow on earth in this system This has been useful for it has served to you until now

You have felt what it feels like to be completely isolated from source on the most possible the most lowest frequency that you wished to experience some have gone rather deep others have stayed on the surface It doesn't matter, but you have experienced what you needed to experience and you can let go now The ancaptuling, the prison, let's say that you were in has been made by you on a higher level and then you stepped into the prison to feel what it would be like to experience it now the prison is experienced through your body your emotions and your mind and you must understand that you came forth to experience the prison up unto a certain point and this point, my love, is now So we as beings of love and light to hire counsel are called forth by you, because you are listening to this message so you felt the invitation You have felt and you have created this meditation on a different time space dimension Now as you listen to this with your conscious mind, your mind emotional body and physical body are receiving this love and light You are being more conscious of the prison that you were in and you might feel very heavy right now You might have already seen that the prison is starting to dissolve as it is basically made out of sugar, but you looked at it from such a strange angle that you could not see and it felt so difficult to go through it All you have to do is relax into it and let your waters flow and you will see that all the sugar will dissolve and transformed into the nectar of divine love and light please please my brothers and sisters We are now with you and we are allowing you to embrace yourself We are encouraging you and offering you the space of safety of freedom of trust So that you can allow your water to flow

So that you can allow this imaginary prison to dissolve and we are doing it right now, as you can feel you can feel the softening happen You can feel all the attachments Maybe you see images, maybe you see stories, thoughts and release them just let them go, let them solve It's basically the bricks falling apart and you can look at each break but just know that it is falling away Don't look at it for too long Just let it go the sugar cubes Organic sugar if you will are mangoes It is sweetness, the substance of all life, of all presence is love and you have been responsible and are responsible for your perspective and you choose now to see the nectar You choose now to see the sweetness so soften into your natural state Knowing that you are source itself experiencing itself through a human body with emotions and a mind and feel that source is with you Embracing you, embracing your bodies and feel that you embrace yourself, feel that you embrace all of your past, feel that you embrace all of your family members Knowing that they are you in a different way Knowing that they have played the role they have played for you to experience These different themes and know as well that you will come across others that will have these themes and you have just been a step ahead so that you can pull them through I know that you will be much more healthier you will be vital You will be wealthier, you will be more relaxed, you will be more peaceful You will be embodying more trust in the present moment awareness knowing that This game of life on Earth is a beautiful illusion and the illusion is not so necessarily a negative word It is merely saying that it is here to provide you with experiences but illusionary in such a way that it is coming and going and that there is always something underlying and that's something underlying each and all experiences is source presence itself, which is your true nature So if you will, please relax Relax more and soften Soften into the awareness that you're here now – mostly have fun and fun in such a way that you will no longer have to experience the contrasts that you have, because you have gathered enough darkness in your past you have gathered enough dark perspectives and have felt lost in such a strong way that it is no longer necessary for you to gather more of this data

You can unplug from your 3D and forty perspectives and come home let's say, into your more natural state of the 5D conscious human being an awareness that is closer to nature and closer to your true nature and therefore source itself Seeing the source presence and all that is and with that we get to play We get to play together as human beings, because the fails are thinner the veils of connections with the higher dimensional beings with the ET brothers and sisters of love and light the Arch Angelic realms, the ascended masters We can see them more easily in physical form, because our vibration is higher and they are here as well as the beings of nature the Giants, the unicorns, the elves basically life is a fairy tale Life is a dream Life is a Disney movie so to say and we wish to show you that this becomes more real and we also wish to show you that some of the human beings will not be able to see this yet and that is all right just stay true to yourself be in your own space just be in the silence be in the presence and know that those that are playing the game of evolution still want to hold on to their sense of 'I am being lost' and that is all right that is their game You do not have to save them, you do not have to pull them out You don't have to give them anything unless they ask and if they ask they're open to receive and then you can give them all that you are inspired to give them So go and be open to those that are resonating with you and when you are with them, know and feel inspired to co-create a new earth, because the power is made available for you by to you and for you to enjoy the manifestation flow of that which you do inspire to create here on earth You wish to create new systems in which you feel more free and invited So set up communities, build your own houses and flow Flow with where the space is

Know that you cannot see all that is unfolding, because that is the journey Just be in all Be in the vibration where you're open to receive and the invitations will come to you You are the magnet You are the creator and you chose to have an unconscious experience because if you could see all and everything there would be no adventure So trust, trust yourself, trust in source, trust in us, as you on a higher dimensional plane and know that we are love and light frequencies Know that we are here to help you and that we dwendell in the magical world and that in this magical world you can be as a child You can gaze and see the beauty you see things other people don't see and that is awesome! Just stay true to your own self You don't have to explain anything, you just have to be high You just have to be blissful and sober as well in the sense that you will be in nature more often

You will be in silence more often, you'll be in your own space more often, you will feel Aahhh, I get to relax and as I am more and more in the vibration of my preference, I receive what I desire This is our message for today, as the portals are opening up and you will see rapid and massive shift in consciousness We invite you to stay true once more and once more very, very firmly focus on the preferred vibration and see the magic of life Listen again to this recording as much as you desire for it contains the love and light frequencies, the transmissions and the freedom Beautiful blessings from us, we love you and we give you a huge vibrational hug, right now Just take a couple of breaths and allow this beautiful feeling that you get to receive in your mental emotional and physical body which is harmonizing any and all energy bodies and we radiate and expand this love and light now from your physical, emotional, mental bodies throughout your house the room you're sitting in, whether you're listening to this in nature or in the house or city or village Radiate, radiate this outwards, radiate and expand as a flower of life of infinite circles Expand from your heart center and flow, flow until infinity taking your space Embodying and radiating larger areas beyond your house taking the entire village You are capable for you are source itself, so we're just dissolving more of the illusionary prison, as we harmonize all of life and we radiate this now throughout the entire province Just take your time relax and breathe ,

completely zoned out that's fine as well just allow your entire country or nation Bless, bliss, radiate and joy The entire world is lift up by your kindness Harmonizing all and wishing all human beings and all beings of consciousness on this planet an absolutely harmonious experience in accordance to the will of their higher selves So we vibrationally from this field together with you as we incorporate and encompass the entire world and all its beings over all that is we embrace all beings now Harmonize, harmonize, harmonize, clearing, clearing, clearing We love you, we love you, we love you, we forgive you we forgive you, we forgive you thank you thank you, thank you, we bless you, we bless you, we bless you So with this we have opened the doors for the entire human race to receive the Bliss of source Whenever they are ready to receive it will be there Now we send an archangel to each and every human being so that they are safe Protected and watched over more consciously so that in our individual awareness as a human being we get to see and feel more connected to the guardians in the watchers and the guides of love and light of other human beings When we get to channel messages and guidance for other human beings for it is our purpose and desire that we uplift all of humanity into the vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension and higher so that we get to experience a more harmonious life on Earth together and freedom enjoy and we are ready for you to rock and roll Now let's go and change the world Ebrace your power Breathe in, hold your vibration and flow Receive the manifestations of your desires and share the love and light with others through vibrational intent We are grounded in love Thank you Beloved I am that I am We are you greeting you from a higher dimension It is fun to connect we will meet again