GARGOYL (REVOCATION / AYAHUASCA) Releases Mind Bending Music Video For “Plastic Nothing” – Metal Injection

Gargoyl ,the new band featuring Revocation vocalist and guitarist Dave Davidson and Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca are gearing up to release their first amazing full-length on October 9th, and their here to whet your appetite with an amazing new video for “Plastic Nothing”.

Guitarist/vocalist Luke Roberts comments:

“Why am I so afraid that my body, my possessions, and even my mind are in a state of constant dissolution? Why am I so afraid of the idea that every atom in my body came from dirt and will soon return?

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Maybe the tighter I hang on to being a person, being permanent, secure, the more I suffer.

Maybe the tighter I hang onto the idea of a perfect world the faster it burns.

Fear is like a bully that offers you protection in exchange for obedience.

Perhaps if I hang on less tightly, the sum of my short fleeting life could mean something more than just living in a constant state of fear right up until my inevitable death bed.”

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Pre-order Gargoyl’s self-titled new album on October 9th via Season Of Mist records.