Gideon dos Lakotas – Religion and Shamanism

I will talk to you about a subject now that sometimes really happens, I've also received an e-mail about this matter, which is about when you come to this place and then when you go back the church you used to attend Because this place is not a church

Shamanism is not a religion, Shamanism is not a religion, shamanism is not a church, it is not a doctrine, it is not a philosophy Shamanism is INTEGRATION, and that's everything we teach here It's everything and all, nothing is missing from it and so on, when you integrate with all Well, it's common when you participate in a work here and when you return to the outside world, sometimes to a spiritualist center, sometimes to any church you used to attend, and the people find out that you came here, then they turn to you and say: YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE! BECAUSE IF YOU GO BACK THERE YOU CAN'T COME BACK HERE That's what I want to talk about

Recently I've received that email mentioning about a Spiritualist Center, where this person has being put on this situation of: OR YOU STAY THERE, OR YOU STAY HERE An emotional blackmail, you know what i think about it When anybody at any place tell you that, any church, any spiritualist center LEAVE THIS PLACE, LEAVE QUICKY! because it already has demonstrated the lack of light that it has he no longer respects your free will And that's not what the master Jesus taught he gave free will he respects your free will Master Jesus preached about God, about Love, he didn't preach about churches Men are already born as a living temple of God Churches comes from men, men comes from God

When somebody try to put halters in you, leave, leave that place, because it already has demonstrated the amount of ego that dwells in that place, and where there's ego there's lack of light This email I've received, about this person that used to train on that spiritualist center and then he came here He told them that what he lived here in one night, he did not learn in 15 years over there And the people were angry about the fact that this place really accelerates spiritual growth And they told him: If you go there again you cannot come back here The person told me this through this email, that's why I am sharing it with you

I have to say that: the brother Allan Kardec (the systematizer of spiritism) his name when he was born wasn't Allan Kardec It was Hipollyte Rivail, wasn't? same way as my name is Emiliano, but my spiritual name is Gideon Hipollyte Rivail used that name from the time when he was a Druid Do you know what a Druid is? A Druid is a Celtic Shaman That's what it is

A Celtic Shaman Is the one that teaches the Universalism, that teaches the truth without any taboos, without dogmas, without paradigms Teaches the truth with detachment, teaches the absolute truths, so you can break free of the ephemeral truths because the ephemeral truths are made by men and in most cases they aren't part of the principles of the creation made by the CREATOR So he adopted his own name of his last incarnation, Allan Kardec, who is a Celtic Druid And then somebody from a Spiritualist Center says: You're going to this Shamanism, if you go there you can't come here They against the principles of they own master Allan Kardec So when anybody say that to you in a Spiritism Center, in a yard of Umbanda, in Evangelical Church, in a Catholic Church: Leave, Get away, get away! The Bible is very clear in what it says: God does not dwell on anything made by human hands And Master Jesus made it very clear: Men are the living temple of God

If you want to find God he is INSIDE YOU if you go to a place that is doing GOOD FOR YOU, who is your neighbor to tell you can't go there, but I am talking about somewhere that is doing really good indeed not putting you in a illusion doing good You know well how much Ceu Nossa Senhora da Conceicao and I we fight against the use of Ayahuasca (=daime) with drugs And that's where CEFLURIS comes in Which is the false Santo Daime founded by Padrinho Sebastião Mota Melo However, I never forbid anyone to go there

Unlike it, when many people came here, how many times I've said that if you think that you will find something good overthere, because they make use of marijuana naming it as Santa Maria, and cocaine as Santa Clara, this kind of nonsense, dogmas, and taboos This is lack of light, this is called EGO If anyone thinks that it doesn't happen over there, just go there and witness what I am saying! I will not forbid anyone to go where they wish to go You can go Today there are a lot of padrinhos here, that before they became padrinhos I advised them to go there and get to know it

And they did They went to many churches of CEFLURIS and confirmed what I've told to them, including the lack of light Do you understand? So

If anyplace forbids you to follow your own path, try to put halters in you, leave Leave You already have your internal Christ, you inner self who is your own master indeed, who's going to lead you, to guide you

Don't let anybody put halters in you These are things of churches Usually the men use churches as tactics to put brakes on you Put halters First he explains that only he has the truth

Have you noticed it on churches? The Minister, the Priest Spiritualist Centers as well, that chief over there Umbanda centers I am referring to the ones that use these names in vain, because they do not represent it If he was a truly Umbandist , he would be the same way I am here Do you follow? If they had the gospel inside their heart, really, they would be on the same way I am here

Detached, speaking truth Fearless, fear comes from the EGO Because that's what they do over there, first only the leader has the truth, you don't have it, only he has the truth, that's what they try to pass first Second: Only going to church you will have access to him Third: Only having access to him you will get to know the truth Do you get the idea how they set aside the son of God inside you? And these are one of the main tactics used in churches

I graduated in theology and I know these tactics very well I know it deeply They put it this way: if want to know the truth, you have to listen to the Minister, to the Priest, to what the church stands for They make you deny your own inner self that is inside you Do you follow? Guys, if anyone forbid you to go anywhere, leave this place that try to forbid you, set it aside, it doesn't come from God anymore

Not from God Comes from the ego, from the rational mind And then it becomes a poison I hope I have been very clear in saying that I would like to say that there are excellent churches, excellent Kardecists Spiritualist Centers, excellent Umbanda Centers, of Candomble and many others I am referring only to the ones that use in vain, the name of the Kardecists, of Candombles, of Umbandists and other churches

And that's not missing out you know! There are more of the fake people, than of the truly people