Wax Alchemy (WA): Keep pushing it with A is for Yamaha and B is for this monitor GOTH-TRAD (GT): Alright

GT: This sounds very enough WA: Yeah, it’s sounding like full range witha Yamaha 10M monitor WA: This is so dope GT: Yeah it’s much better than before WA: I feel the High frequency is breathing

GT: Yes, can I listen to the previous cutting? WA: You really like to compare with previous one haha WA: I sometimes feel like “Please don’t listen to worse cutting!” haha WA: This is the first cut, I still like this one But it's like very analogue sound GT: Ahh, the range is narrow

WA: We expanded it, though GT: Yeah WA: You are right… GT: Very narrow WA: High frequency… GT: So, we don’t realize it with this monitor, however it is very clear with this monitor WA: High is not enough So, with Focal monitor, it's easy to find well-balanced sound with super high and low

GT: Yamaha monitor should have more distance like this monitor WA: Yeah GT: Can't realize with this monitor WA: No, especially for full range sound GT: I can realize if the monitors have enough distance like this

WA: It is not enough with high frequency through this monitor GT: But it is, WA: I thought it sounded clear but, GT: I don't think high isn't enough, it's just the side range is narrow, isn’t it? GT: When cutting on the dubplate, the range became narrow and MS balance had been changed WA: Yeah, yeah, GT: So, the side range was getting narrow GT: Did you expanded the stereo image? So, we should change the point? WA: After all, I didn't change the stereo image The range was expanded by EQ

GT: Yeah, you are right GT: But we didn’t change it too much WA: We didn’t change the sounds very much We didn’t do EQ very much, too GT:Yeah GT: Oh, why doesn’t this work? WA: Master volume of monitor

GT: The range of sounds like this width WA: Hahaha GT: The range of the previous version is like GT: I can hear only high frequency around here WA: Yes, GT: Only high sound are in here WA: The sound image like this? GT: Yeah, yeah, WA: The shape is like this GT: Yeah WA: Yeah yeah

GT: I feel the new cut is sounding full range around this area I felt something weird with the previous version WA: Yes

GT: When I listen WA: Only high frequency GT: So, I think that was still stereo image GT: But I hear unexpected part is sounding narrow WA: Ah

GT: So, I guess that middle frequency which we pushed a little bit caused it WA: Yeah GT: When cutting on Vinyl, the M/S balance was changed WA: That’s wide GT: Yeah, wide, very wide

GT: Sounds are dispersed WA: Yes, it’s clear Dispersed clearly They don’t collide GT: Is this

WA: Yeah GT: If we push more louder, will they be distorted? WA: You mean sound level of cutting? Will we go to next level? GT: Impossible? WA: We can do it Please wait

GT: After all that will be same situation as we do as usual WA: Yeah GT: About High frequency WA: Something like that WA: Maybe, we can push 0

5 db more WA: So, it’s going to keep this loud on this LED meter GT: Ah, maybe we should not I like this cut Because, I don’t want to lose the dynamics

WA: Well…You mean do it with compressor? On vinyl? WA: We can do it WA: Let’s compare 2 cuttings WA: If the fuse blow away, that’s the limit GT: Yeah, WA: If so, we have to turn down high frequency and push total level GT: Umm, I don’t want to change the balance WA: 05db

GT: That would be great WA: If we can make it, both of sound quality and loudness would be awesome GT: Well, if the sound balance had been changed, we should not

WA: Anyway, I just want to try, and how can it keep the balance when we make louder WA: Well now it’s 76db, we can do by 8db WA: I hope the fuse doesn’t blow away WA: You are trying me to break the wall again WA: You always say, maybe we can do it and let’s do it

haha GT: Yeah we can do it more If the fuse may not blow away Please wait

WA: DeEsser doesn’t swing, so we can do it GT: Yes we can, that’s good WA: We can do it

I guess the fuse may not blow away WA: If it blow away, the problem will be around 8khz, not top end GT: Yeah, I think it doesn’t include more than 15khz very much GT: Maybe, higher than 11khz or 12khz WA: You mean Original file? WA: Yes, it's sloping down on top end

WA: Push a little bit GT: Hahahah WA: Oh Oh Oh GT: We did it WA: Yes, we did it

WA: That’s shouldn’t be the average level GT: hahaha WA: Absolutely GT: This is the first time you could cut like this loud level WA: Yeah, I wanna compare with pressed vinyl GT: What are we gonna do? WA: What are we gonna do? GT: A little bit… I feel it’s the limit of vinyl a little bit

WA: I feel Dubplate is giving a shriek GT: Yeah WA: The format of vinyl GT: It’s like saturated WA: Check this swing of a groove GT: No problem, right? WA: That’s no problem but I never seen before such a swing groove

GT: Really? It might be better we go back and cut the previous version GT: That would be better for the standard WA: The cartridge of portable player might be skipped GT: Ah, understand WA: The groove swings like this GT: Let’s try to listen with the Shure cartridge

WA: Oh, this one is exhausted, this one is new needle GT: Let’s try with exhausted one? WA: Ah, purposely, GT: I guess many people may not use new one WA: I see, try in bad condition GT: And also just adjust needle pressure, roughly GT: I do it

GT: I guess some people do like this WA: It’s very important WA: Many people don’t know how to tune, exactly WA: Let me listen GT: That’s no problem

GT: Sounds nice with this cartridge GT: It’s cool isn’t it? WA: Ah GT: That’s nice listening with this needle

WA: Well, I hear only good elements for the vinyl GT: Sounds very Hiphop WA: Yeah, yeah that’s rough GT: It may not be hi-fi sounds but, GT: Is this Shure 44G? WA: Yeah, same as you lost before haha GT: Ah, which I lost somewhere… GT: Listening with this one, sounding very good Hip Hop

GT: This cartridge is suitable for this track WA: I want to listen from that breakbeats of 2nd drop with this cartridge WA: Should be great, that break GT: Well but WA: This is great sound with this 44G GT: Maybe too much? GT: We will cut many dubplates with this song, so the previous setting is safer GT: But cut my dubplate with this setting haha WA: Yours is super loud

GT: Yeah yeah WA: That was awesome GT: We could make it WA: That was awesome GT: That’s great

GT: Finally GT: Loudest one