Greg Bryers – The Alchemy of the Body

Hi Greg, I am so happy to speak with you today Hi, how is Gabriele? I'm fine and I can hardly believe that you are coming to Vienna for the first time! You come with your special course "Alchemy of the body" What is this alchemy? What will we turn into gold? Our bodies, and the spirit, and their way of being When you look around the world, for example, when you watch people in a mall, then they look leaden, hard

And then you see a person, or maybe 2, who are just different And they go by and you ask yourself, "What is that?" They are alive And they are alive up here and in their hearts too It's funny that you say that, because that was exactly the impression I got from you when I saw you in Costa Rica You walked by and I thought, "Oh my god, what is that?" And in this course "alchemy of the body" – what will you do with the people there? And there are so many! I think there are already over 40 registrations! So what will you do with the people? Play

And show each other how we can explore the possibilities with our bodies We have been so much taught in this world that we have no choice in terms of our health and our bodies And that is such a lie As if we had no choice with our mind And Gary teaches that in so many wonderful ways

And it's about choosing something else To choose to let go of the restrictions And to choose to be what we choose to be And to really choose it Not to wish, but to really choose it

And then to do things to really create that When I was in a wheelchair, the doctors told me "you'll be in a wheelchair forever, you'll never get out of there" Until you die and then you come into a coffin And I thought I had four kids, I do not have time for that I do not have time to sit in a wheelchair

5 ½ years later I ran again Run 10 years later And now I work with the chainsaw again, play with Access, can sit on the steering wheel for 12 hours, just because it's fun So you have your own experience of choosing something else What did you create to be here now? If I'm really honest, then I was deeply unhappy with my life

Deeply unhappy with my relationship My efforts have always been rejected, why should I have stayed there at all I grew up in an environment where you had to stay married once you got married Divorce was frowned upon Which was totally crazy, considering that my dad divorced three times But that had settled in my head

A friend, a university counselor, pointed out to me that I had chosen to die And he asked me why I explained it to him And he said, why do not you choose to live? Your children can choose to have you back in their lives And that was the first time I realized and that I was told I really did have a choice

And I thought – Wow! I can choose to live? And from that moment on, I chose that And is not it crazy that we almost have to die to come alive? Well, you know – some, like me, are a bit slow We need a little longer to get there And if you look at the people we meet at Access – so many of them have come at this point Where they said "this does not work for me anymore"

If that does not change, I'm out of here! And then suddenly everything changes – because they have actually declared that it does not work that way That they are not happy and that they would disappear from this planet if things do not change That was not just a wish You actually meant it that way Many tell me that they would like to be healthier, and I think I am 15 or 20 years older than you and I have more health in my body than you in yours

Who are you? And I tell them that and they ask, "What do you mean?" And I do that beyond the massage table I'm agile – you can not even get your leg over your motorcycle What shoud that? You are not old, just lazy This brings them back to them and shows them that they are only old in spirit Gary always says that every choice is made and every choice you make has brought you here

To the being that you are now Yes / Yes And every choice I make for myself now will change me even more On my Facebook page, I posted a picture of me on the weekend, which is 2 ½ years old When I came back from Melbourne

And then I posted a recent photo And people said, "Oh, that's not the same person" And how much more can we change? Yes exactly And the funny thing is, when I met you in Costa Rica and invited you to Austria, I had no idea which course you will give Neither do I! And I knew that I wanted this energy here

The fascinating thing about you is that you are something that is so different and that's the wonderful thing about you Do you still remember how I wrote to you when I was back in Austria I was in the woods, sitting under the trees and enjoying nature And suddenly it came to my mind – Wow – that's exactly the same energy that Greg is! And I wrote to you, "You are a tree!" That was the message I needed so much back then! There is a book by Paulo Coelho – the alchemist And in this young man has the dream of a hidden treasure in the desert

And he finds the treasure in the desert, becomes a better person, becomes known as a healer, etc And people are challenging him, "If you're such a great wizard and healer, show us your power Become the wind! " And then he realizes that he has to be the wind And he feels the breeze and the wind and asks the wind to blow And to get stronger and stronger

And when the howling wind sets, they were on another sand dune And they fall to their knees and look at him in awe And to become health and well-being, you actually have to develop a new mind You have to be that well-being It's about being you – no matter what your body is dealing with Your body is not broken – it can only handle something He does his job wonderfully

And it's about being in permission for him instead of beating him Then we become well-being – then we become the rhythm that attracts people One of our neighbors always comes by and just stays awhile She says I'm sitting in this room of peace, because whenever you're there, I do not have to do anything My mind settles and I sit there

Like a tree! Yes! And that's the energy that I felt so strongly and it changed so much for me Through the session with you My body has really come alive And thanks for that and I know we will have too much fun in your course And you know – the people who wrote to me after registering for the class

The joyous excitement that came in their emails The joy and they do not even know me

And they tell me, wow, that will be so much fun! The energy of this course – I can not come! I feel humble because all these people choose the course And I'm so thankful for creating this course The invitation that you are personally, Gabi to invite to this course And you do not do that by your words, but Through the space and presence you have created since Costa Rica

Thank you And you have invited me to this room Thank you so much So much I just want more people to feel that and that

And I know that they will become that when they come to the class and I know that you will – literally – touch them I'm so happy I have just given two taster courses and the energy of this course is already there I looked around the room and people had tears in my eyes And they did not even know why they were crying

I was at one of the biggest health fairs in New Zealand People come from everywhere and I gave a talk I asked her, "would you acknowledge that you are healers?" And would you acknowledge that you are seekers and that you are still searching? And if you did not, you would not be here in this room And I gave them some tools that could be useful to them And we talked for a while

And this young woman came to me and I worked a little bit with her, and everyone in the room had tears in their eyes because they could feel the pain in her and then they could feel the joy when the pain disappeared People came up to me and asked, "How did you do that? I could feel your hand on my neck " I said, "No, you were By keeping this girl and perceiving everything that she felt and has been in this moment " So how phenomenal are you as a healer? I had to eat something first, because I was quite shaky

because it was so intense And then I went to our Access booth and the girls there saw me and said, "Greg, you need something to eat! And then I hid behind this booth, because people wanted to ask me so many more questions But it was the energy of this course

The energy of alchemy, the energy of the possibilities of change The energy of knowing that we can change The energy of knowing that it will be Thank you and I am so looking forward to this course and I promise you that I will feed you! Thank you! My partner Karen reminds me: you have to eat! And I always say, I do not have time! And she says, "Sit down and eat!" Thank you for this interview and see you soon in Vienna! I am so happy and I will land at 7 o'clock in the morning on the 30th Then we can practice one day to talk to each other

Thank you so much, Gabi I hope it's ok that I call you Gabi? Gabriele seems so formal at the moment! Everyone calls me that That's totally ok Have a wonderful day and see you soon