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Hello guys, this is Doronsmovies and today I will be talking about the shamans and how powerful they are in the lore Going through their history, abilities and how they would fare against other classes

So without further ado, let's get into the lore! The elements are the basic building blocks of all matter in the physical universe There is fire, air, earth and water and they are all crucial parts of a planet On top of this there are also forces known as the spirit and decay and they are instrumental tools of a shaman The spirit is also the deciding factor of the elemental behaviour on the said planet By nature they are very chaotic but when this spirit is abundant they can become very passive

However on Azeroth as the world-soul was extremely powerful, it had consumed so much of the spirit that the native elementals became completely erratic and destructive Soon enough embodiments of the elements known as the Elemental Lords ruled over the lesser ones and the world was in constant war and chaos Aside from Azeroth, almost all worlds have these spirits, so many of the native races learn to adapt and live in harmony with them This means that shamanism has existed for a very, very long time On Draenor the orcs were the main shamanistic race and usually the wisest of the clan would become shamans, constantly in contact with the elements in order to guide their people

However recently this ancient tradition was almost entirely lost as the shamans were cut off from the elements due to their demonic influence With Thrall many of the orcs managed to get back to their roots recently but things would never really be the same On Azeroth most of the races practice or have practiced shamanism at some point in one way or the other, although there are certain ones that make it an important part of their society The tauren and the trolls are some of the oldest practitioners but there are newer additions that realized how important it is to have a connection with the elements Probably the most interesting of the newly introduced shaman races are the goblins who focus more on their bargaining skills, even though they are definitely not the deeply spiritual types

So what exactly is a shaman in the first place and how do they work? The most important thing to keep in mind is that even though shamans can be very destructive they're not primarily a class meant for war Usually shamans would be the spiritual leaders and the ones to keep harmony of the elements and the world around them A big difference compared to the other classes is that they commune with very chaotic forces that constantly rage against one another So the shamans usually work as moderators and try to bring balance to all of this never-ending chaos Their relationship with the elements is very unique and it is a relationship of mutual respect and dependency

The elements are not these gods looking out for everyone's best interest but instead they provide aid for those that aid them However demanding power in return could anger the elements and completely cut off the shamans, pretty much just rendering them useless On the other side worth mentioning are the dark shamans that enslave and force the elementals to serve them and that practice is definitely a lot more destructive and reliable but in the long-term it is just not sustainable and can potentially backfire The abilities of the regular shamans vary quite a lot and can range from healing, enhancing their weapons, using totems and calling down powerful spells The last one is the most destructive as calling for massive earthquakes and turning winds against their enemies can just do a lot of damage

On top of this they could also collapse sides of a mountain, cast thunder, create massive waves and various other colossal feats The downside of this is that the power of the shaman would heavily depend on the elements themselves and the environment they are fighting in As opposed to the in-game abilities, they can't really cast spells all the time and if they start abusing their powers they can very well be cut off from the elements Nevertheless when they are in their good favor, they can be a serious threat and very few could rival their full potential So with all of the different varied abilities, how would they fare against the existing classes? When compared to the melee ones usually the shamans would be the winners

Basing this off the Garrosh-Thrall duel, there really isn't much the melee classes could do to defend from the shaman A hand suddenly emerging from the ground itself or thunder striking from the sky is very unexpected and could catch the combatants by surprise The two melee classes that could definitely fare a bit better are the death knights and the demon hunters The reason is because of their superhuman abilities, and the death knight's saronite armor but it still doesn't mean that they could defeat the shaman or even have an easy time against them The increased speed of the demon hunters could break the distance and prevent the shamans from being able to cast any spells or they can dodge their spells, but still it really depends on the case-to-case basis as well as the environment

On the other side there are the users of the Light, such as the paladins and the priests where it is just really hard to determine what would happen The reason for this is because the Light and shamanism are very different practices so putting one against the other makes it very hard to compare Without a doubt the paladins Light shield would definitely be of help but even the best shield can't protect against a spell powerful enough Next to them there is a class that is almost equal to them and that would be the druids Druids are extremely similar but also very different at the same time

They call upon the powers of the nature in an indentical way to the shaman, but the biggest difference is that nature is not as chaotic as the elements and they don't really bargain in the same way Nevertheless their spells are extremely similar and in some cases are even exactly the same On top of this both of their powers are fickle and are not exactly something they can just demand at any moment Because of this, the druids and the shaman are very much alike and every duel between the two would have endless variables Lastly there are the warlocks, mages and the shadow priests who on average are stronger

However as compared to other classes it doesn't necessarily mean that they are more destructive than the shamans, on the contrary shamans could potentially cause more damage The biggest difference though is that the magic of these classes is just so much darker and also more reliable A mage can just cast a spell at any point in time and he doesn't have to please some outside force which definitely plays an important role Plus in general magic like fel and the void are more powerful than elemental The elements are very impressive but there are stronger forces out there in the universe and we have observed the orc shamans turn into warlocks in order to get more destructive abilities as well as more reliable

Still, even though the other classes are technically stronger, it doesn't mean that a shaman wouldn't be able to hold his own in a battle In conclusion, when it comes to the power level I would say the shamans are somewhere medium to high, on average medium but with great growth potential The main thing to keep in mind is that they as a class are not really weapons and you don't become a shaman in order to deal with enemies Instead in most cases they are spiritual leaders that work with the elements in order to sustain their people Of course if they need to go to battle they have very powerful backup but the elements do have minds of their own and if they don't like what the shaman is doing, they will cut off their support

So all in all, the shamans are one of the stronger classes in the Warcraft universe that have a use both in war and in peace Alright and that is all I have for this video Do keep in mind that this series is just my own opinions based on the available lore facts and feel free to leave your thoughts on the shamans in the comment section below and how powerful you think they are Also don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like this and like the video as it really helps out and keeps all the content going Thanks a lot for taking the time out of your day to watch this video and see you next time!





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