hey welcome back and it tastes video viewer videos that's right some Sunday I asked you last week I said what did I say I said hey fam I want to pick your videos so please if you will comment below all the kinds of things you would like to see me make a video arm I think I will start doing this every week I have a lot of great suggestions coming in rip squad you know I have had a lot of suggestions come in if I did not pick your video for Sunday then don't worry I have I have them all written down right here and if the topics of greatest value then I will I will pick them this is the first Sunday viewer videos I think I'll make a playlist on this in the first video comes from vegan movie guy he says Shane please do a video on singer-songwriter Janelle Monae new 40 minute online movie special called dirty computer available on our YouTube channel you will find it overflows with Masonic Illuminati mind-control imagery much of which is similar to that what you've highlighted in poppy videos have fun I did check this out it is freaking awesome Janelle Monae Robinson is an American singer songwriter rapper record producer actress and model she is signed to her own imprint Wonderland art society and Atlantic Records she was born December 1st of 1985 making her 32 years old she's from Kansas City she is 5 foot tall and if you guys want to know more I'll go ahead and post the link to this wiki page in the description so you can know more so supposedly she released this I guess it's like a emotion picture it's got a lot of Illuminati symbolism and just a lot of other just really weird things and as seeing his you have guessed that I am the expert on this as the Internet's adventurer it does seem right up my alley so let's look into this a little bit and see what we can find so it looks like there's a flying car Janelle Monae dropped the new album dirty computer this week and with the visual accompany it I don't know I can't spell she's calling an emotion picture she's it's not a motion picture it's an emotion picture in a memory flashback within the film Monnaie Jane five seven eight to one drives flies this early 1970s Ford Mustang shaped flying car I'm guessing she's some sort of Android I guess that's the synapses I think it's time that we look at the video oh wait wait wait wait wait how long wait take it what is that go back is that boobies you were dirty if you look different you were dirty if you would be used to live the way they dictate you were dirty if you showed any form of opposition at all I like the way it starts off because it's basically saying if you are different in any type of way then you are dirty you're not accepted into society and I'm gonna be completely honestly that's kind of how it is for real if you if you stand out if you are weird or this or that it's people just kind of like give you that they give you that look you know that look and you just people feel I'll be honest with ya I am all for you being yourself and I think that you shouldn't worry about what other people think try not to be externally validated don't get your validation for other people become internally validated know that you frickin awesome moving forward so right off the bat I'm already seeing this is like Ana ritualistic ceremony as it starts on I want to go ahead and point out the headsets remind me of like some sort of like sacred geometry made up of triangles made up of shapes every even the bracelets are made up of shapes don't know what's sacred geometry is I will show you sacred geometry ascribes symbolic in sacred meanings to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions it is associated with the belief that God is the geometry of the world geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures seeing as how this this is like a religious ceremony in like ritualistic in that way we even have the fire and I'm pretty sure the fire symbolizes the torch is a common in bloom of both enlightenment and hope crossed reverse torches were signs of mourning that appear on Greek and Roman funerary monuments a torch pointed downward symbolizes death while a torch held up symbolizes life truth and regenerative power so you can see this is a religious ritualistic ceremony we have the sacred geometry we have the torches pointing upward clearly symbolizing new life and I'm guessing she is like being born not so much different from the poppy project and how they like to play the persona of handlers it doesn't like there are people watching building constructing pulling the strings from behind she sounds like I do perhaps maybe she has a southern accent I'm a dirty computer yeah I would feel the same way kind of reminds me a little bit of what was that movie was called what was called where if they were different Oh divergent so she does sing in this emotion picture there's dancing singing as well as good theatrics I think this cars flying I totally want to party hard I like how the the pink sim is a very symbolic throughout this scene pink is a simplistic meaning as well you have to always pay attention when people do make these sorts of movies and stuff everything usually points to a meaning the meaning of the color pink a delicate color that means sweet nice playful cute romantic charming feminine and tenderness is associated with bubblegum flowers babies little girls cotton candy and sweetness basically the color pink is the color of universal love and oneness so this is pretty much probably what the scene is targeting so it's a universal oneness and popsicles oh so we have Illuminati symbolism right here with the triangle so Illuminati symbolism we even the dress reflects sacred geometry and the red and black checkerboard seaming pattern in the background let's see if we got a symbolic meaning behind that so chorus says black is powerful sophisticated and edgy red passion importance and attention though I can not disagree with that look at this scene right here with the the red and the black of Star Wars and we have the Darth Vader definitely symbolizing a very intimidating scene here I'm thinking that this is meant also to be a very intimidating scene maybe the Illuminati is trying to intimidate us you see those doves doves appear in the symbolism of Judaism Christianity and paganism and of both military and pacifist groups now it's very interesting that it's in Christianity and paganism because I did see some occultists tie-ins some occultus reference symbols in this video so as they're moving her through the hallway here I'm gonna show you I'm gonna point out some symbols from the occult paganism almost satanic references so right here's one this is the upside-down cross the upside-down cross references its origin begins with st Simon Peter one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ Saint Peter was crucified upside down as a sign of humility that he was not worth of the same death as Jesus so to me it's this is like a rebirth saying we know that it's it's very with this sacred geometry the Illuminati symbolism it's more of like a rebirth and that tattoo is to me it's saying that she is not worthy of who she is so she's being reborn into something hopefully more worthy there's a massive amount of of symbolism within this video definitely stuff that I missed but probably stuff that you saw so if you seen anything let me know in the comment section below because one thing we do know is as interesting as this is there's something that's way more interesting to me that's right you guessed it I want to know what you think's go ahead with your creative and or interest in responses in the comment box like this always brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video so I like doing these viewer videos I like doing things that make you guys more involved definitely gonna probably keep doing this a weekly probably every sub Sunday I like that I also like the fact the sub Sunday it kind of roms is a little bit or something I just makes me feel really good because I know that you're ripping if you're not reppin your Gregor and how do you become a member of the red squad community all you're gonna do is subscribe with notifications turned on be in the comment section after every single video cuz I'm gonna be there Greg the cat's going to be and the entire rep squad community is going to be there and I better see you there too because this channel loves you

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