Jewish Tradition and Yogic Tradition – Discovering the Links in Ancient Wisdom Traditions

Now you can ask me why the comparison between the Jewish tradition and the Yogic tradition; what about the other traditions? The reasons why I have picked up these two traditions are: Number one: I am from the Yogic tradition which I know very well; the Jewish tradition I learned in graduate studies, and also later on, when I became interested in Kabbalah and went to Israel to know more about it and with the Rabbis And these two traditions I know well, or reasonably well, particularly from the mystical standpoint, not from the linguistic standpoint

Also, I want to add that I know of other traditions too and later I will pick up the studies of these other traditions and they are good as the Yogic and Jewish traditions too, so it is for everyone I plan to do more practical sessions and google hangouts on this topic You can go to my websites and look at what I am going to be doing in the future and I plan to host a lot of material on that website on the Jewish and Yogic Sounds