Let’s Play UNCHARTED 3: DRAKE’S DECEPTION (Part 3) Nate, Sully and Alchemy?!

Hello everybody, my name is Katja and guys welcome back to miss guess wat and welcome back to uncharted drake's Deception Alright guys, so let's sum on uncharted drake's Deception number three in the amazing Uncharted series this happened I don't know We'll figure it out

We burned that bridge when we get to it Eh exactly What do you say? Go ahead What the hell? Yes Let's do it So guys as we know Chloe baby is in this game, I'm so excited I'm also excited to learn more about this Charlie character He seems funny

He seems like he's the comic relief of the knee I mean again why I love Uncharted so much is because Nathan Drake the great this is of Nolan North wait I have to get him hold on Oh Yeah Yeah All right So that's you guys to know here a special guest damn off the nathan drake eyes You just know I do have a cardboard cutout of it Why cuz he is one of my all-time favorite characters That's what I don't you guys? I'm so excited to see what what's happening us because we finally figured out one step closer to our goal

That's right to our Goal, boy I know you're excited, but don't fall Anyway guys, this is some curiosity Cola and And usually you may have noticed as well my favorite colas real time So I'm just gonna drink it throughout the gameplay of uncharted 3 That's about it tasty Anyway know we are in France right now Which is really exciting because I love the Uncharted series why? Well guys because you get to learn more about culture and I'm a big culture nerd I want to learn about all different types of culture because it would be awesome to travel the world run X That's one of my goals Like niska's go out on tour

Let's make it happen But every guys let's get started because I'm so excited to see what my baby boys and my girls Go next where my children go because my boys be always the boys back in town But the boys are always getting themselves into some kind of trouble So let's start Boy With you I never know if that means a quarter-mile at 20 Get us lost in Peru Oh You really want to bring up Peru Yeah, I'm not still holding that over me Dean Sully should have known when I met you that I'd be in prison within a year Oh That way all on your own Oh Besides I got you at midnight Oh, I always get you out I always get you out

That's true He Oh Someone always get how lucky is Nathan Drake? Okay, how lucky is this man? He someone always gets them out of prison if whether it's a Sully I'll pay the girl Lena who has yet to show up Hey boy back back slowly Beck Sullivan Wait, I can't shoot Oh, I can't shoot damn it Back boy back That's right Yeah, he doesn't wanna he's good But um, yeah, he was 15 when he went 15 year results boy You gotta take care of yourself fifteen years old and being in prison Who the heck do you think? Yeah, uh-huh Jeez

All right Let's go Oh, my little nugget was an actual nugget where we someone's gonna pound it Something's bound to jump out it always happens this way Mushrooms Why why would that just be to beat me there? Oh god am I gonna lose my direction here Sullivan Victor Dec damn Sullivan, where'd you go? Oh, I feel like the characters just end up like spawning randomly if you get lost Oh Boy he Badou I'm not going down there Sullivan Sully Sully just I can't even consider his name Victor He just looks like a soli Okay

Let's Pete Let's be honest this way Right, aha we got we got the antique wax you'll stamp for You doing Let's keep going let's keep going up Oh, I know he's away Okay, I'm not gonna make that that's yes, that's right Oh Yeah, I actually made it let's keep going come on through here what Oh is this just like in Lawrence's no more faith in me Sully Cheers to that Remember this ravine being on the map? Hey, mister, just put that in Hmm

Sorry Come on, we'll find another way around of course And then you know what's gonna happen I've been playing Uncharted for a very long time now folks Somebody's gonna jump out and hurt my son Because it always happens like that What's that? I'm not jumping that thing We go this way first Solely you were getting in my way boy, I love the hella camera shakes all of us very nice Man look at him walk the model That's not a pan-flute We're not jumping down there we know what happens every five seconds when there's water I mean if there's a bridge show God if there's another bridge with me and Elena, it's official that their bridge ship Okay They're the Oh God Oh we got the gold inlay cameo bangle 4tt back boot package, it's so hungry actually No, she's actually really full now because uh the booty pack be getting less The Treasures no cheese boy

Oh Don't go down there We go down there, you know what's gonna happen? You're gonna go with Chris flanger Chris Okay, I like these mushrooms Yeah this way watch your step yes soli be careful boy, oh I don't know kid you sure were in the right place? Faith in Him Renaissance to me you haven't been reading my books again Have you Sully? Now Lawrence says the original castle was built in the 11th century The rest was added on later So Lee do your homework, oh I almost fell wait don't have to go over there Oh this way No You expect me to jump that oh my god All right, let's do it I Can have more faith in my son I gotta have more faith

It's just the motherly instincts kicking in Oh jumping Wha Ooh Now this looks sketchy Oh God This is the tip of the day folks never And I read never Go someplace That looks sketchy Why because it will always lead to something bad That's my adult tip of the day my friends But yeah, we're still gonna do it anyway, because we're curious Curiosity killed the cat Am I right? Let's go Oh, jeez, just jump it

Dang it Sullivan, ah, what are you waiting for? I loosened it up for you So that's the problem, huh? Sully get your butt over here like Sully your first car That's a 1927 Auburn whoa He's dead but he's literally called Sully Yourself Over here This card, it's not at all Hello, the solely that's my question How old is soli you guys said that nicks in his thirties It's like 31 32 What's sad you overdo? What's down there? Jump it yeah, what's this? Mr Wizard? Yeah pretty tacky The relationship is so cute father

It's son that's the one yeah Oh Night Oh own this castle Lord Godfrey returned from the Crusades in the 12th century according to Lawrence All that's left of the original castle is the square keep in the gardens Godfrey brought any secrets back from Arabia That's where we're gonna find it Yes Yes, we are but anyway guys I would love to know who is your favorite like father figure and son character in video games like they're one of my all-time Favorites because look how cute they are Like I just learned about their backstory now I understand why they're so close These little movements that means everything Hoshi capture on point Let's see Nice nice way to keep the enemies out

But hey, hey, hey, we're gonna go in anyway I'm getting so many less of us feels right now What so loving? But dick got Deb Sullivan get to it got that butt back over here It's no good this way hey Baby, I bet I can climb up through that hole but you can yeah, we'll sit tight smoke a cigar again Don't burn the place down What if he did it's like dad don't do it now dad So many less of us feels right now Let's see You gotta climb that thing How the heck are we gonna get up there Sullivan you stay put like he said smoke us again We gotta get up there But ah Ha No, ha ha No, maybe you guys ding huh? Oh Well, let's just let me do it climb it

Yeah boy That's right Shove it Up so Daisy you get this Nathan you got this boom which way that way now, but I Mean after it's the 3rd Uncharted game and I'm still continuously asking can we boy naked can my boy naked? hmm What do you do bitch in his armpit boy was he just doing ah, can he make it let's take a bet and then three to three to go Yeah, man who made it let's go Doctor doctor, doesn't that window above you? All right I don't want to cut myself Oh, yeah true, but let's do it I wait He doesn't want to do what guys so Lee actually came up with a good idea but he's being too Snicket about it Don't shoot windows There we go, right

Nice going kid Yeah right back I Love my calls, I'm kid Ah, oh Let's see Sully guy That is one fancy Schmancy Oh my God

My grandma would've loved that she's We got here Oh Don't do it Sleeping Beauty, you know what happens? Let's see Can I shoot this? Let us feels delighting everything oh my god Oh A hole well, I don't want to go down there yet There's still more to explore over here Now those nine I thought there was that's where I came from Why is the music getting creepy Let's go down Shibu boy, boy boy boy Yeah crowd boos All right back up fuck off Hey I said lock Either a my mind is in the gutter or they just made that type of reference Oh Okay, let's keep going Let's see, where do I gotta shoot off? Where do I gotta shoot off? Do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do da da da Ya Know that's just what? Well, that's like, what is that called? Barricaded? That's the word Sullivan Sullivan Sully, where is he? That's the door There all right over the window through the window No Get up there Hey, aha, there we go Back up Sullivan

I see you I see you back up That's right We could squeeze through me we do extra work That's right Dad You gonna fill Okay, we gotta make our way through the chateau to the gardens That's where we'll find the old keep

Yes, let's go dad Whoa back up or what the heck with that nice books Yeah, we got to get some leverage good try Yeah, because who else is gonna do it AHA no Do it man Hey help me lift this huh Where are you boy? Dad there let's go dad Oh Is that a piano wait, oh no, I thought I could have a little west of us right there Yes, that'll do it Yes Let's go time for me to show up to my daddy Doug Did it thought it took dad look at me dad? Yeah, be careful son it's like those shared the leaders are on some kind of pulley system Hey, there's some kind of mechanism over there learning mechanism gotta get to the Mechanism that thing that I was just trying to jump on I can't jump on it

I gotta find a way across Yeah, either we jump that way or we go this way Is that a shiny No, that's that's the beautiful lighting You know what I really love about naughty dog is their sense of lighting everything about it It's its beauty this they do that so well, so so well on their strengths Unless you guess for those talents Let's see what is over here Well, we can't make a car ha they're trying to trick me because they don't want me to jump up here Okay, so that board is there for a reason to tell me that I got a job, huh? I'm playing Uncharted enough to know how to play doo-doo-doo Ready Steady and Boy Have more faith in your son lever I have an idea Oh nice

Yeah Yeah, love you, let's see it was cool any Any treasure I feel shitty treasure Aha now I can jump across that way Oh Hell no jumping Sully yes son is crazy Okay Yes son is crazy jumping Oh No, oh yes, here we go Oh god why I'm scared dad don't we go in it's not a popcorn machine Wait, is it a popcorn machine? Oh My god how many people say that sure t3 is not as good as two or was like, this is awesome Bumping into everything board bumping into everything, huh? But I've enjoying it so far Okay, let's see if we can find a way to that Tower there's border that's not a good side Just jump through the whole entire game just continuously jumping non-stop Thank you, oh You know another thing I love about Naughty Dog's games the greenery I always say that something about their how they do like plantation everything about it That's all each like that beautiful Haha, right, yes It's right boy nice couch Dude saw wood

Oh My god so many less to us feels oh I am overwhelmed I love it I'm just scared because you guys said that in on the bar There was a Easter Egg for it to reference The Last of Us Oh My god, please tell me that they're all okay Yeah, if their universes are connected, please tell me that they all made it out with the virus that they're that they're gonna be Okay, I won't be able to handle that Actually how old would they be? Yes, that's a good question How old would they be a Little bit daddy wait wait for me Camera shot love it Hey Nate, what square tower Looks pretty old, huh? Yeah That matches the one in lords's notebook That must be it Yes

Thanks Oh I'll see you know, I like about them – they always they always encourage each other like um, like yeah They may they may be snarky with their nice four marks It's just because they're close, but I love how they complement each other It's never like it's not like all for one It's one for all that's what I feel I get that feel out of that for a lot of Uncharted games then the end comm is always for Sharing it with everybody Thank God for one one for all I'm always for one for all Oh We got we got we got the Lewis, yes Back That's right Good Wow, we found like how many treasures is that? Like number four and I haven't died yet

Yes Wait, didn't we just come this way herp a derp and think dude Wha-wha-wha, I know I know I know Six board, just black me some exploring That's right Shibu Shop out the window look badass is Gorgeous gorgeous, that's right Enjoy doing that going Let's try to go to the tower let's try to fudge it so piano Oh No, yes, sweet, yes Oh My god, yes jab boys no J go that way I have so much appreciation for nighttime light is shining here So that must mean we got to go this way nice pictures Wait, but that's the only way aha Hmm Use your man strength They care about each other that's what matters that's what matters folks carry a sherry Isn't this the same symbol that was on the tower, yeah That's got to mean something right maybe a secret passage in a fireplace Got out on the nose Don't you think? Yeah, too simple See was anything in the journal? Yeah Turn these guys a certain way, but hold on Now I feel like there was something else something Weird about these suits of armor

Come here Check it out What's up? Bases rotate interesting anything in Lawrence is notebook about this hi check Yeah, here we go here see, oh now for Knights Point annex a shield a sword and a Morningstar Okay, just like the ones in this room So They're all facing the same direction though Maybe we got to turn each night So it's facing the right way What's the right way? Yeah This way like they're facing each other let's try it I Know like how old Knights are The Right way Baba no, I was wrong

Huh? And we're gonna be here for five hours folks All right Oh, Hey note that way oh Okay, I guess wait So the night with the shield faces the guy with the ax and so on I knew that oh Oh my god, wait, wait, so the guy the night with the shield Faces the guy with I am so stupid Oh my god

Let's see here Yeah, I knew that No, we did it Let's admit let's admit defeat So shield guy faces axe guy Shield faces axe axe faces shield Oh my god I'm so stupid that guy faces shield Slowly u

s Smart big dick goddamn Sullivan get so smart Okay, you face the shield Okay, and then oh my god and then sword guy faces axe guy Okay, there we go There we go, are you Fay well a Secret passage Yeah Gotta hand it to you Sully Huh seems to be stuck Let's unstick it Right That's right

Okay, I'll push you pull on three ready Yep, wait want to pull or one two three I love that just pull People always ask that go Yeah There's no way I'm getting back up there I'm gonna head this way just meet me on the other side Right, I mean we could find something for him to climb up on there's another side oh Okay Since we aren't we know that Uncharted has them Whoa, we got we got we got what was that arch? Your never that belt it buckle Doubleday back So yeah, we have yet to learn what creatures are now going to be on uncharted 3 Oh God sake we know how this has been your hoses

We know How is this Dad dad, where'd you go? Dad? This should be able to get through here You should I mean your extra thinking this this gameplay Hey, hey Hey, let's keep going Oh, Spider webs why there spider? Sure got to be a spider creature, please don't do that No Go yes

Yes, go go go Yes, let's keep going Let's keep going Oh, My god me Yeah, yeah, but up Get oh geez There's spiders guys, is there gonna be a really big spider? I'm not ready for that if that thing fell on me I don't know what I would do Like this so many Indiana Jones feels on this one Do-do-do-do light light I see right Yes, it is a good sign It's heaven you have died

Oh, yeah, that's not a good sign I want my son to die up But he would definitely wouldn't happen cuz he's a good man Doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo Yeah Oh my god Oh my god

Alright, I should be able to climb up through there Okay Go go to Going keep going keep going I did my also get stuck down there I'm sorry Where are the people why they're here somewhere hunt them down Gareth glasses Yes I Got Warren Sally Hmm Sullivan, oh crap No dick Did I just do that, okay des, I don't know what number that is great

Great It's my kids you always bring walkie-talkies From stealthy, I mean I could just throw that Away this always happens Ha hipster wait Why Shippo Shippo always make this damn mistake Get over here That's right Oh, that's the scary Well, that's one way to do it Oh Where is he, where is he? Where is he? Where'd you go? Where'd you go? Hey, man, where are you? Hey, I Don't see you I see you Son of a beyotch Yes, you know, hey, where's this guy where's this guy ha We're in wrote in confidence confidence level hide A smaller Okay Great Great Ha ha ha ha That's right, that's right Down said you've done

Okay Well, if I go down it no, I don't wanna go down there Hey, where are you guys? I Think I got him take it Thank You Holly great great for Sullivan He doesn't know what's going on I don't want you to die Sullivan Ups-a-daisy up so doodles up Sidhu Dang it boy Oh Trust to be badass and knock down the door Just give boys Yes Yes Help – OH – what threw the grenade? Okay, l2 and tap l1 Yes I got him Let's go move it up up up Okay, so Lee they're coming after us dad we're not safe it's never safe here Do-do-do-do-do do-do-do-do-do a still time You see a hair chap Let's play

Oh yeah, man Oh geez Hi-yah Fit Yes-man See that coming I know you either did I son you do that doors locked what have to find another way in climb it Oh Hey, did you hear All there they're coming for me all they're coming Not hurt my father That's right boys, that's right Oh god I have to watch my butt from there Hey What I'm gonna go in no more playin, uh, did you did it So so you're good you're good They must have followed us probably wait that's usually the case Nate What the hell he was literally right there dang it you Go, where'd you go boy Oh Guys with the Canaan not good

They must have followed us That's the only way Your gang neck Waldo throw back we can throw back Wait to throw the grenade, press add and use the borrower Throw a grenade geez that guy just you just Quaker squirtles Oh You did it's funny The back is going on What the mother just happened yes, he was already dead but you had to show off like that Where the chute where the shooting where they sure would keep on going we got this my boys If some boy There we go, well only died once improvement that's right guys go into the tower Thank you solbin I can't go in that way aha Up this way, that's good So you don't you don't have to be extra about it likewise on oh Thank you very much Yeah Mud smell give me some help with this door Let's do it boy Let's go Dad Dad

Come on dad dad Dad turn toward that Muscle man strength, that's right Well Well, which way now not really sure try going down I'll try doing that Okay? Hey, look at this Oh What the hell What happened it's one a Talbot's man was What happened? That's impossible? They just got here why what could have happened to her have no idea but I sure as hell don't like it Oh, yeah, what do you mean Let's go down Just happen they just got here Oh god, what's up them out I love a god

What's up them out? Hey Tires Hmm So being script Oh I'll stand over here so I don't step on any boxes good idea Did Lawrence make any notes about this, let me check that's a boy Oh No, no, no, no, okay The Viking guy hat thingy is up here Okay, so All I have to do I have to walk on them a certain way Oh God Jump it hmm Okay

So first and foremost, maybe you got to walk across on this I knew it Oh, did we start down there first? Xx and then yeah, I think we have to start down here first, okay That one's first, so we're going to go bottom Huh, it must be a path Nate, you know, if you step on the tiles in the right order Okay, there we go What the heck I am though, wait, wait, wait, wait Hey, um, D Wait Okay Where's the axe Huh, oh No, no, it's not that simple How do you get to the DMX It's gonna take long smoke a cigar doing doing my best Sully Huh how many how many of those guys four? Or okay, okay and now the two exes which would be these guys Okay Uh-huh, and then and then Oh mister was there Oh heck heck in heck this one Too Yes, I did let's go Do you? That's pitch dark in here want to give us some light Yes Yes cigar, or is it gonna be if he's lighter or is actually gonna be a flashlight? Yes Looks like some sort of laboratory, isn't it? Yeah, this has got to be at least 400 years old

Hmm Oh Great Oh great Hey little more like something months off, huh? Get your butt in here Yeah, Sullivan Wait, there's a laboratory Seems to be an alchemist

Oh, yes Wait a second Does this place remind you of anything? Yeah, Marlowe's creepy hideout Sully Sully this is John Dee's lab Oh God anyway out here in France Well, he must have traced the clues back to the Crusades just like Lawrence did Hmm Oh God, Hey, look at this What? So being script again it's going on but what are these symbols? Looks like he was trying to work something out Why there's some sort of message written here in an Akiane script? Thank You Candice Accola, I'll try Here we go with this let's try let's try the altar guards the entrance to the underworld, huh Well, he did use magic to conjure spirits trail or the altar could be hiding a secret passage Oh God right nobody push Oh my god, why is so you really something solely is rendering everything out my friends? The old bastard, oh My baby's father Okay guys, so we're gonna leave off on a cliffhanger right here Wow Okay

So let's let's review what just happened We're in an alchemists lab Okay, nothing good can happen to my poor innocent child victim drink Nothing good can happen because this but I want to talk about this guys the puzzles This bump and cheers to you guys We're able to figure them out and lickety split those puzzles are insane Uh, you guys are actually warning me and uncharted to you That in charted threes is filled of puzzles, but it's good because it makes my mind think and I need to think that's right I need to think but what is going on like What's gonna happen? Like there's there's like reference to alchemy I mean, I watched full metal alchemist I'm a big anime nerd here So I mean, there's some weird things going on I feel like us with every single uncharted episode and journey that we go on We always realize that one thing always leads to another thing Because we're like the thing is like they go this is the thing with eternity They they always try to find one thing like yeah, we're gonna find it

It's gonna be great we're gonna do our best and we're gonna discover things and then suddenly as you guys know, It leads to a totally different journey and then it's like oh no we're going to die So hopefully throughout this whole thing Maybe Kate's trying to find something else I'm not I'm not sure what she's trying to find but if she's anything like lazarevich, I Don't trust anybody because literally if she ends up being like was Aramis trying to get power so, you know, it's always about power It's always about trying to find something She can be more powerful than anybody else in the world But if she if she's anything like him I'd be too scared I mean I for one would it be fun? If one day like all of Nate's enemies came and attacked him like how great would that be? I mean, you know, please don't hide you there for hours Just trying to defeat that but I'm what I'm what I'm really interested in learning more about is why? one thing leads to another like if it started out and they would just want to figure out what was going on with Sir Francis Drake and now it's turning Into alchemy and it's like oh no, but there was use a person it was huge So if there's huge bugs and spiders on this game, I'm not gonna be able to handle it But I want to talk about this too

I love I absolutely Adore I'm a boy named and Yeti solely But how the relationship is how it is like father and son and how it was hinted in the first and second one But now I totally see how the relationship is and what I really appreciate in This game is how you get to learn more about Nate's character It's not all about just shooting at the adventure or the action It's just about learning about who he is as a character Which I hope it in charted for will we will learn even more about him because I love games where there's action and adventure but I Am the type of person that loves even more games when it's about the characters and learning about them from their perspective or from buddy Else for or from somebody else's perspective because you're learning a lot You're learning a lot about me through so And you're also learning about solely through Nate So it shows how the relationship is as father and son and ah, I love it I love it so much this vibe so attached to these characters because you learn about them and again, you know Any dog is an awesome storytelling video game studio But anyway guys tell what you think down below give a like if you want more in charted per week and as always miss cats Until next video embrace your to fangirl and what a fanboy every single You


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