LHP Occult 005: The Meaning of the Lunar Cycles

Hi My name is Jeremy Crow and in this video I'm going to explain a little bit about the meaning of the moon phases in magic, the occult, and daily life

So there are four phases of the Moon Starting from the new moon, which means you can't see the moon at all First Quarter (Waxing): It lasts until you can see half the moon so it's increasing or waxing, first quarter and that is a good time for new beginnings, for starting new projects the entire time that is waxing Waxing Second Quarter is a point where it's halfway to full

That's also a great time for new beginnings As you get closer and closer to the full moon you get more and more creative energy and any type of magic will usually be enhanced by doing it on the Full Moon itself Then you have Third Quarter and Fourth Quarter Waning (which means decreasing) So the Third Quarter is from full until you can only see half again and then Fourth Quarter is from Half to the New Moon again where you can't see it anymore Now this is a good time for finishing projects and doing any kind of magic that will remove something from your life

Also the New Moon, when you can't see the moon at all It's another great time to explore some of the Shadow aspects of yourself; to kind of delve into and look into the parts of yourself that you maybe have been denying or trying not to look at So it's a great time for introspection in general The Full Moon is more social and extroverted and the New Moon is more introverted and contemplative And you can apply this not just to magic or occult workings but to any kind of endeavor in your life

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