Living a Balanced and Spiritual Life with Mystic Michaela

(music) – With no instructions or a road map, life can be tricky at times But, what if living your most authentic life could be made easier? This morning, celebrity psychic, medium, and aura reader Mystic Micaela is joining me to share tips and tricks she provides to some of her A-list clients

Good morning – Thank you so much for having me Olga – Oh no, thanks for being here So let's talk about that A-list, some celebrities you've been with – Right

So I have read Jenny McCarthy and her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, and they were really interesting Kelly Pickler and Ben Aron, a lot of the Housewives, different Housewives from the different franchises – So what did you get out with Jenny McCarthy, her aura? – Jenny's great, she's yellow and purple I was a little nervous to meet her, because she's a little feisty, you know, but she was so nice to me The yellow, she's curious, she's intelligent, she likes to read up on things, that's yellow people, very in charge

The purple is, I mean, she is artistic, she's a little out there, she'll say it Purple people aren't afraid to make a splash And that's Jenny And her husband was just great too – So what's an aura exactly? – [Michaela] So we all have an energy around us, and I just happen to see it in color

You are about, everybody has at least two aura colors And it's important to keep them in check and in balance, because when one is out of balance, you're life is going to reflect that in an equally imbalanced way So for things like career, relationships, how you raise your kids, even your health, can be out of wack if you don't get yourself to a place that's authentically you and in balance – And you've been very busy, you've been on national TV shows, well, you just said Pickler and Ben, the Real Housewives of Orange County, wow So when did you find that you had this gift of reading aura? – So I'm from a psychic family

– Oh okay – So I've always– – So it's genetic (laughs) – Right, totally (laughs) I've always seen colors around people, it's been my thing I mean, even in my family I'm the only one that kind of does that in the way that I do it

And I just remember always kind of, okay, that's a red qualities, that's purple qualities, that's yellow Associating people and energy But I had a normal life for awhile I was a spanish teacher – Oh (in foreign language) – (in foreign language)(laughs) – I'm a little out of wack, a little out of practice there

But I would organize the kids based off their aura colors And what was interesting was, I would see when they were off balance, and then I would have parents come in And I wasn't able, because it's not super professional – Your child is gray (laughs) You can't tell that to a parent

– They would look at me like I was crazy, they would have locked me up So I was in my own inauthentic journey, because I couldn't do, and use the gifts I was given to help people – Which is what you are doing now – And that's what I do now – You help people with their aura

– Yes – To benefit their lives – Absolutely, and try to get them more nurturing of a color that they're perhaps not so comfortable with in life – So you know where I'm gonna go now, right? I mean, it's only natural to ask Okay, so what's my colors? – Right, so you're indigo and purple

So there's five main aura colors There's purple, blue, yellow, green and red You are indigo, which is like a rarer aura color, you don't see it as much – Really? – That means you're emotionally psychic So what happens is you go into other people's energies, this is what you do for your living

– Is this why they say I'm a nuisance? – Right (laughs) – You're invading my space – In an empathic way, that's what you do, 'cause that's how you get the stories, it's how you ask the questions You can literally walk in other people's shoes energetically But then you're purple too, so that's your, like, I think we were talking about your feisty side– – Feisty, and what you say about Jenny McCarthy, the splash? – Yeah, oh, that's you, you're like, fun and feisty

– Okay – There it is, right there, like see? So purple people don't mind a little bit of here I am, I'm gonna talk, I'm gonna be seen, yeah That's purple, right there (laughs) – Oh, my gosh So where can our viewers learn more

I mean, a lot of people want to know what's my aura? How can they find out? So, MysticMichaelacom is my website Also, on my Instagram app, Mystic Michaela I try to put general, this is a blue, this is a green, this is a yellow If you kind of get an idea of who you are, and also the parts where you're not so comfortable with, you an nurture those and raise those up to find more of a balance, and then let your life reflect who you are authentically, whatever that is to you

– Fantastic Indigo and purple – Thank you so much – Thank you Olga – By the way, what are you? I'm indigo and purple too

It's like we're sisters – And look, we have the same shoes on Show them – Yep, right there – Forget it

And, she's an Aires, like me – Hello – Forget it, we're connected, this is great – Forever (laughs) – For more information on Mystic Michaela, go to our website, and that's TheBalancingAct

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