Medicinas Xamanicas / Shamanic Medicines

Shaman is speaking pay attention SHAMANIC MEDICINES They have a purpose as we have always been repeating to people of self knowledge so people may strengthen and perceive their inner power power not as a way of manipulation but power as a way of deep perception of what has been given to us of what we have of what we can liberate ourselves from of what we can do on this Earth It is an instrument of the consciousness that we are dying and being born every instant it is to enter the womb of the Mother enter the womb of Mother Earth enter the womb of Pachamama and leave a whole being have your visions to support and strengthen every time more your inner gifts such as clairvoyance such as intuition such as deep perception and value more and more the five senses that were given to us as portals so that we may enter more and more in what we must entre in what we must know know ourselves and the Purification Lodge promotes this we work with the four elements inside the Lodge so when we leave we leave more purified and more ready for our daily lives She is a spirit, not only a plant it's two energies two mysteries that unite through this donation of grandfather fire of this magical alchemy creating Ayahuasca we have Mariri which is a vine that in this union represents the power and we have Chacrona which is a bush plant they are the leaves and in this union they represent the light look at nature's fantastic wisdom it unites strength and light it unites earth and light in this way Ayahuasca works on those who seek her to commune with her spirit an incarnation to bring people to earth leave the sky and incarnate in order to touch the higher mysteries that are above that are below and everywhere she doesn't have a two-dimensional plane nor a linear plane Ayahuasca works in a spiral she is a double spiral it's like our own DNA in an evolutionary and cosmic process and circular and rising, rising, rising We do the Vision Quest during a few days and a few nights in silence in a circle meaning our circle meaning our world where we enter and then we silence or at least we try to silence our mind, our body and we try to listen so there we start learning with ourselves how we can have so much inner power the most important things the deepest wonders we have inside us to value these wonders and also value our food the water that we drink because there you don't have anything you don't drink water you don't eat so you start imagining how is a being that lives without this you start connecting with your own humanity and for that you touch your consciousness not only your individual one but the planetary consciousness Wachuma is a cactus used for thousands of years by the shamans and healers that risk themselves that dare touch the consciousness of themselves of self knowledge it's used as a powerful instrument of shamanism so that people may expand their vision leave this lower vision of existence and move to a higher vision of other levels of other dimensions it works on the physical body it works on the emotional body on the mental body on the spiritual body so it provokes each one to review their concepts and remember their own destiny that which they came to do on earth what they really came to serve serve who? for whom? and what? If you come come conscious that you will enter a process of knowing yourselves your shadows included the parts that you hide because if you come to us after an experience of seeing worlds and everyone leaving happy and singing as if nothing has happened don't come because there will be a consequence your consciousness will expand you will need to be ready to see yourself and by seeing yourself, consequently you will need to change your concepts in your daily life and by changing in your daily life probably you will become a much better human being than you were so if you can bear this different being this being that will need to renounce many things come but if you want to continue with your same things your same beliefs your same prejudice thinking this is a game, it's better not to come and search for other medicines that may exist and we don't know about I feel extremely blessed I also feel that XamAM is very blessed for being able to share from this altar with each person that seeks us each soul that is thirsty to know themselves to heal themselves because as we share this altar we are also healing ourselves we are also growing, evolving inside this spiral that we commune this evolutionary spiral constant, constant, constant and this is how we go


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