Modern Nazi Influence in the US – OTO Occult Mysticism – Eugenics – Hitler, Himmler & Crowley

okay before getting into this discussion about the Nazi breeding programs in the United States I just wanted to kind of go over just briefly the occult connection between Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Hitler and some of the rumors that there was also a connection to Aleister Crowley I don't know how true that was but you know just for the sake of argument here I think we can – most people who studied the Nazi Party do understand that there was a high level of occultism at the highest ranks and whether or not that originated with Aleister Crowley I can't tell you too definitively I wasn't there but I do know that this was something that was practiced and it was very important to Himmler and it says according to Wikipedia at least that Himmler was interested in mysticism in the occult from an early age and that he tied this interest into his racist philosophy looking for proof of Aryan and Nordic racial superiority from ancient times and he promoted a cult of ancestor worship particularly particularly amongst members of the SS as a way to keep the race pure and provide immortality to the nation

And I think that last part about immortality is key because that does seem to be something that in in addition to being interested in the esoteric societies it seemed like the end game really was immortality I mean you know what's the ultimate weapon and if you're looking for the ultimate weapon, immortality is going to be it right? So if you're thinking in terms of what they were trying to accomplish with immortality and weaponizing that how that would integrate into esoteric concepts like sex magick which was practiced by the OTO otherwise known as Ordo Templi Orientis which has a lot of history here in the United States and so that's important to remember here because as we're talking about the influence of Nazism on cults in the United States we need to think about you know who came over during Project Paperclip ? What kind of values did they have and what would they have been promoting? Because Hitler was trying to create a new like world religion that would be rooted in Paganism you can watch documentaries about Hitler and the Nazi Party over and over again I've watched many This is a common theme is that he was trying to create a religion that was not based out of Christianity or anything else like that it was actually about Paganism more specifically the changing of seasons it really just boiled down to like, ley lines and changing of seasons and things of that nature but that also falls into line with Paganism and things that are involved with OTO Sex Magick And once you also understand that some of the earliest practitioners of OTO sex magick in the United States were also connected to our early NASA project people like Jack Parsons and the Jet Propulsion lab which you know the research from the jet fuel that was developed there went on to you know drive our missions to the moon and things like that so you can see a lot of Genesis leading back to specifically to sex magic and Nazi breeding programs so before we start talking about you know how that transitioned into cults here in the United States I just wanted to put this out here as a brief primer encourage people to go out there and look up these things involving the OTO, Thelema, and the connection to Adolf Hitler Heinrich Himmler in Nazi mysticism because it's all going to play into their theology and the breeding programs as they've been implemented in United States as I hypothesize here and what you're gonna find is there's been a common model here where it wasn't just that Hitler was trying to move things into paganism like transitioned them from other religions into more of a cycling of seasons he was also a very much interested in polygamy and you can understand why that would be necessary for what they were trying to do or why they would see that as necessary if they're trying to weaponize basically breeding for the sake of immortality then yeah that selective breeding is going to be a critical part of that so what I'm trying to get people to think about in advance of the next presentation that I do is how that ideology would have played into the development of cults and how they've developed different shades of method of integrating polygamy – a new world religion – but not so much as a way to hoodwink, well, part of it's for psychological warfare, but really when you get down to it it's because they really want to be in control of the breeding in any given area and this is one method of doing it and as I move into the next material and want people to understand I'm not going to suggest to you that every single parts of these groups that I'm going to talk about have Nazi roots I'm just merely suggesting that you know discussing [it] as a template of how Nazis were into eugenics and selective breeding that that plays into their influence after they moved into the United States during Project Paperclip or Operation Paperclip and how those Nazi scientists had this as an ideology and when they were joining Freemasonic lodges, when they were joining the Odd Fellow lodges, when they were integrating themselves into our society, they were bringing with them these values that did encourage polygamy – that did encourage moving religion away from things like Christianity or Judaism and into Paganism and OTO sex magick was a part of that so understanding that these are people that would integrate sexual practice and 'grid energy' meaning like hilltops, ley lines, it would be important for them to do some of their magick work in specific locations, specifically hilltops and mountaintops and things like that – Himmler's castle in Germany was another location it's also been rumored that we had some US

[military] members who are trying to recreate some of those Heinrich Himmler rituals in that castle I don't know if that's true but you know we've had a lot of history that dates back to these methodologies that were used by the Nazis so i would encourage people prior to me getting to this next bit of material which i'm going to be getting into soon in the next couple parts is to start studying these topics involving the theology of Hitler and Eugenics as a way to take over nations and think of it less as racial purity because even though the SS, they obviously had an ideology in that direction I think what you're going to find was it was more about gaining control and it was probably more about what they had learned about life extension and what they were trying to do with immortality that motivated their actions so thank you for watching and I'll have the next material out shortly Thanks