Mysteries of Siddh Alchemical Parad – Neeta Singhal

So Today we'll start with Parad OK! In the second half we will have our workshop on Karma

People in Chakrayog have been asking like "Ma'am have a workshop on Karma" So we'll have a discussion on it So first we'll talk about something very interesting Because this is the month of 'Shravan' This is the month of our 'Mahadeva' and right now nothing can be better than remembering what things are really dear to him So out of out of all the items which are dear to Lord Shiva One is Parad What are the other items which Shiva really loves? One is Rudraksha at the same time, he's the one who loves Bael fruit, Bael leaves and everything has got a significance May be one day we can have a workshop on all the items that Shiva loves, and what is the meaning of it? Why does he love those items, and what do they signify in our life? Now to talk about Parad, We all know Mercury, Right! It is a liquid

Metal It is the only metal which is liquid at normal temparature In its liquid state it is very poisonous Right! Its very poisonous If you just keep liqud metal even the vapours can you know enter your lungs and cause lot of deseases

There were times where you know people used to use mercury in dental fillings But sometimes it used to come off and lead to lot of poisoning and people used to suffer life long So that is why Mercury was banned in many medicines and fillings etc But see our ancient Ayurveda has discovered that mercury is processed in a certain way if processed in a certain way becomes 'Amrit' They have discovered that Mercury can be a very very powerful medicine also and not only medicine, its a very powerful spiritual item also So this we're going to talk about in this workshop Now mercury which is in a liquid state, it is very poisonous You can think like this that, in the start of human evolution a jeeva (creature) is very poisonous, Right! A person who is very raw he's ready to kill anybody, he's ready to do any kind of bad deeds, He's so poisonous But when he goes through the challenges of life it is like, you know, he's churned He's churned When he's churned through so many problems in life He becomes pure, pure and more pure

And everytime he becomes more pure his brilliance increases And after a lot of churning After many many births of churning He suddenly realizes Ohh Shivoham I'm Shiva So this is the journey of Parad becoming, Shivalingaa that from a very very toxic state You can become so purified that you realize that you are a Shivalinga itself You're a Shiva swarup itself So we'll just look at this PPT about Parad

First you see that what ancient text talk about because we all know that ancient text will always tell the truth So let us see what they talk about Mercury So first is The text Ras Maartand says about the Shivalinga It says that a million times more fruitful is worshipping a Parad Shivalinga than worshipping a thousand Shivalingas Just looking at a Parad Shivalinga neutralises the effect of sin of killing a thousand brahmins and cows Touching a Parad Shivalinga without doubt makes one free of all problems and quickens one's spiritual progress

These are the words of none other than Lord Shiva So Parad Shivalinga is so powerful that you know that how do we worship a Shivalinga? By doing Abhishek As you do Abhishek on a Parad Shivalingaa you come closer and closer to your soul this is the meaning of this verse Then there is another text which says A person who worships a Parad Shivalinga just once in his life surely gains Dharma (righteousness), Arth (wealth), Kaam (Pleasures) and Moksha(Spiritual Progress) By daily worshipping the Parad Shivalinga a person even while enjoying all the worldly comforts gets freed of the mire of the world, and when the right time comes he attains total realization The spiritual benefit and merit that one recieves by performing 100 Ashvamedha Yagnas, and by gifting 10 million cows by giving tonnes of gold in charity and by performing the pilgrimage of all the four divine seats is got easily just by acquiring the glimpse of a Parad Shivalinga

See one thing We've to take everything with a pinch of salt because all our ancient text they extort the virtues by saying like a poetry See when you say things like a poetry you are allowed exaggeration But this what they say what they mean is if you want to attain spirituality Right! Why do we visit all these different Teerth (Pilgrims)? It's basically to become spiritual If you want to attain spirituality the best way is Parad Shivalinga Worshipping it or doing darshan (paying visit) of it is what they want to say

Then another text Samhita says, Longevity, good health, prosperity and all desired achievements can be had through the worship of Parad Shivalinga There are so many verses and so many texts There is a very famous text "Parad Samhita" which talks about how to prepare Parad and what are the benefits of Parad Now The medical qualities of every metal are actually its innate qualities And this verse says that copper has 32, iron has 64 silver has 80 gold has 100 and diamond and mica have 1000 and mercury has 100 million qualities

This is the comparison of all different metals when you wear them on body As per Rudra Samhita the great Sadhak Ravan who was also an adept in this science He was called a Ras Siddha Yogi He not only acquired amazing powers through this science but he also converted Lanka into a city of gold

Because of this science Even the demon king Bannasur was able to fulfil his wish by performing the divine worship of such a Parad Shivalinga Like it has got such ancient references Now How do you prepare it? First I would like to say At Rudra Centre, we have been preparing our own Parad since the last sixteen years I was trained by none other than Pandit Deena Nath Ji you know, he's is a very big siddha in Jaipur and because he was growing old and he used to supply us Parad Shivalinga so then he transferred the science to me I stayed with him in an Ashram in Pushkar for a week and he taught me this science So we prepare our own Parad in Rudra Centre and I'll be showing you a video of how we prepare OK So basically, what happens is this That it is prepared through several secret rituals and there are many Samskara processes which are passed on from generations of Vaidya and Siddhas According to the scriptures Parad is an element which can remain mixed with other elements without actually losing its own identity That is the beauty of Parad it will mix with other elements it is one element which can dissolve all the elements One of the first person who studied Parad was Nagarjuna Back in 78 AD He studied Parad and he found that this was a very unique metal, which could dissolve almost all the metals Today if you keep Parad and you just keep a silver wire after some time it will become brittle and it will dissolve

You put any other metal in it it will totally dissolve We all know that if you touch a Gold Ring with Parad what will happen It will become white Are you aware about it? OK So basically Parad has got this capacity but the unique part is after mixing the different metals also Parad doesn't lose its identity

OK So basically Lot of processes are done which are Swedan, Mardan, Murcchhan, Uthapan and Patan With these processes it is cleansed of all the poisonous properties and such a cleansed and purified Parad becomes an equivalent of Elixir Once the Parad becomes purified, Right! and once you make it solid it becomes like an elixir, like an Amrit It can cure many diseases So what are the benefits of Parad? It is beneficial for health in many ways The great Guru and Yogi Govinda Padacharya, The Guru of Adi Shankaracharya has compared such purified mercury with the Soul

Parad is called the semen of Lord Shiva So he has compared it with the soul According to him Parad is the only source of totality in life It is the sole medicine for acquiring a completely healthy physique and extremely long life It protects from all enemies and removes all fears It gives Chitt Shuddhi and thus is best for Sadhana

In the level of Chakras, I would like to say, Parad works on the Crown Chakra Here your Chitt resides What is Chitt? Your entire consciousness Your thoughts And when you wear Parad on the body it cleanses your thoughts

and you know that because of the Vrittis that are formed in the Chitt, you've different diseases in life You've different fears in life And imagine, if such fears only are cleansed, by wearing Parad naturally your body will become healthier At the same time Parad is an alien meditation also We are supplying Parad to many people all over the world specially in the west They really love our mercury and they use it mainly for meditation and Sadhana

So there is one more verse The offering, worshipping, contemplating holding and consuming of Parad is capable of redeeming a person of the most sordid sins The Past Karmas of various lives can surely be obliterated through its help So this is the technical information about Parad So I would like to show you a small video of how we prepare the Parad, in our place So basically Parad is combined with sulphur In our Ayurveda they call Parad as Shiva and Sulphur as Shakti It's the combination of both of them which is done and in the presence of a lot of herbs We mix Neem, turmuric, lemon and we boil them together and after that what we do, we're going to show in the video

My name is Rajiv Krishna Datta On behalf of Rudra Centre Rudraksha Ratna, Today we're giving information to the devotees of Lord Shiva that how this Parad is solidified In this process we use several herb here, these are 108 herbs which we would be using to purify the Parad The Ayurveda science regards Parad as the seed of Lord Shiva Vedic Scriptures like, Puranas and Tantra, they regard Parad Shivalinga as a Ras Shivalinga This is a very secret process which normally people are not aware of So Rudra Centre is taking a lead in informing the devotees of Lord Shiva that how actually the Parad is solidified and how it could be very effectively used as a medicine and it has got lot of energy it has got which can balance the Chakras it is very good for blood pressure it has got a very huge therapeutic uses

And today lots of devotees are getting immense benefits using the Parad items For their worship also for their health So before we commence the entire process I would request Shree Pankaj Pandit that if he could help us to give it a good start I am also introducing my two colleagues Mahesh and Diwakar who would be helping me in making the Ras Mercury, Ras Parad (Mantra Chanting

) Now we'll start the process of making the solidified mercury what we call as Parad Now in this we have taken some which are all natural powder, natural item which we have made our self We'll be using this This is the Parad which we've taken this is around 300ml of Parad and

these are the various herbs, which we would be using for cleansing of Parad Adding Now we will be adding the pure Parad Parad is very helpful in curing many diseases like bronchial asthma, high blood pressure and it also is very useful and it grants power to conceive Parad products are worn to attain Name, Recognition very high learning Self-Realization and it's also instrumental in very nice concentration or a focus which we can do on any of the Parad items

This entire science is also called as Ras Chintamani Ras Chintamani is In Ras Chintamani it is mentioned that merely touching the Parad we can derive all the reward from of Lord Shiva and we can change our life to a very positive note There is an eight stage of purification which is required for Parad as per Parad Samhita

Shivalingaa The extract from The extract from this Shivalingaa give 24 Ras and five Tatva which removes almost all diseases from the body Parad Samhita is also That Parad gives instant luck wealth good position name and fame and The Parad Shivalingaa are considered as one of the most and the purest form of Shivalingaa available for the mankind Worshipping Parad also takes the devotee to the spiritual path At the same time it gives, lot of emotional support and bestow the devotee with good health

Now we're cleaning the Parad and we'll show you how the Parad is made See Now we have almost made the Parad and now we will do on this various sanskaars

See how beautifully it has come and the entire poison of the Parad has been removed and now we'll add all the herbs which are here so that we can make it more pure Now in this we're putting all these herbs This is This is Mehndi Patta This is Bael Patta Now we will purify them and we are adding them in this way so that the entire effect of herb goes and transferred to the Parad This is Kangi This is Bai Badang Similarly we have Gulaab Patti This is Phool Kusumb This is Asgar Ghaas This is Bahera (Saaboot) This is Abeer Pisa, it's a very rare herb This is IndraJav Meetha This is Netrabala like this we will add all the herbs to make the Parad These herbs will cleanse the Parad and they will put their own quality in the Parad so that this Parad becomes very very hygienic, pure of any poison and it becomes a very good Ayurveda Medicine like this we are adding in this all the Parad items and these all were very essential to make a Siddha Parad In this every item is very essential to make this Parad So we are adding in this we have Majith, We have Sitawar Safed We have Sua Supari It's a very

good item We are using Cawri also Cawri that is the shell so the entire thing is in this we are adding this is Heena seed This is Phool Muchkan These are all we are adding Asgandh, this is Asgandh It is very rare herb Asgandh, we are adding right now This is Kateli Panchag This is Raal Hatta Special This is Gorakh Mundi This herb is Kapur Kachri This herb is Gugal Balbij This is Kapur Kachri Asli Supari Puja This is Chirmati Laal Mulethi, this is mulethi which is also a medicine for cough This is Kaharva dana This is Sugandh Mantri This is Sitawar very rare herb I am using all these herbs are

This is Gond Kundru Gond Kundru very rare herb found in Himalaya This is Devdar Chip which is a wood but this is from Madhya Pradesh This is Agar also a rare from South India This is Baochi again from South India Ok so this is Beej Shivalangi very rare herb from Himalaya This is Nar Kachur again from Madhya Pradesh This is Beej Kanchan from South India This is Babuna This happens in Maharashtra and Gujarat Guleanar which is also abundantly available So now we see our Parad like this and now we'll clean it and further we will churn it so that it becomes a solidified item So see that how beautiful is this solidified Parad This is a

This is a dye of Shivalinga this is the middle part and this is a top part of Shivalinga So now we will put this entire Parad on, to the dye and we make a Parad Shivalinga in front of you Now it is totally purified Parad there is nothing which is poisonous in this, right now See now the entire Parad has been collected in this cloth and we have squeezed it so that all the liquid water and other herbs even if there are some residue it comes up And now we get some pure Parad which is

which comes in this form This is beautiful pure Parad has come up Now we will put this in a dye and we will make a beautiful Shivalinga

We are forcing here forcing the Parad inside the Dye so that it takes the shape of the Shivalinga Now we have filled the entire Parad inside the dye

And now we are covering it up and then we will strike hard so that it takes the shape of the Shivalinga Now there is a Shivalinga inside we will take out in a professional, in a nice way

So that the Shivalinga is not damaged See, this is a Shivalinga and now we are taking it out Now this is a Shivalinga which we have made See how beautiful it has come It has taken the shape of the dye and now this is a Shivalingaa which is a pure form Siddha Shivalinga we have got

to show the viewers, that Now this is a slight Parad Now whatever once we take around this this will attract all the access Parad which has actually gone inside Now this is a left over Parad, which we have Now we are making a Gutika from this Parad See how we have filled the entire hole and now we are putting on the other parts See we have filled the Parad in these two holes and now we will put it inside and the Parad Gutika will be formed So very slowly we will take out Now see how beautiful is the Parad Gutika This is the other Parad Gutika which has come Now we have a natural hole, which we have made inside this It is there and on this Gutika also we have a hole which will be used for tying it or wearing it or putting some thread inside

So I would like to show you that these are the three items which we have just made in front of you This is a beautiful Shivalinga Parad Shivalinga It is Siddha Parad because it has been treated with 108 natural herbs This is a very beautiful round ball of Parad and this is a Gutika, which we can wear on our as a bracelet or we can wear as a pendant This one more small ball we have made of the left out Parad which can also be used for any of the purpose

for which the Parad has been designed So devotees I thank you very much for being with me and for understanding the process In this this is the purest form of Parad It is 100% pure Parad which is solidified and it will have very instant advantages if we use them in a correct and a proper way all this Shivalinga or a Gutika which we have made which is made under the guidance of Neeta Ji she knows the entire process She is the one who has discovered this process and now we are making this and with this entire Siddha Parad thousands of devotees have been benefited I want to thank Diwakar who has helped me in this and I want to thank Mahesh also for helping me in making this beautiful Parad Thank you very much Om Namah Shivaay Now once we will do some finishing operation then this Parad will take the shape of this Parad So once we do the operation it will get like this Same Shivalinga it will become like this once we do, the finishing operation Thankyou very much

This is the Shivalinga we make in our centre I don't think you would have seen something more beautiful than this? You can hold in your hands to see how heavy it is What we do is because again we believe in lot of beauty so after that we coat it with Silver But as you do Abhishek after few months and all the silver will gradually fall off But you know Parad is a metal which will sweep which will seive through all the other metals So today even if you put it any metal the effect of the Parad will sieve through the metal That is the Praan of this very amazing metal So these are the Parad Shivalinga, we prepare Now along with the Parad Shivalinga we prepare many other items This is a Parad Gutika Gutika means beads and I personally find a lot of effect by wearing them This is our most popular items Daily we must be selling about 60-70 beads in our centre

So this is something which you can just wear like a bracelet and wear it here All the people who meditate if you wear even just one bead of Parad you'll come to me and say "Ma'am should I wear a bigger one " "Should I wear more?" because you start feeling an intense hunger I want it more, I want it more It doesn't cost much Just around 900 Rupees But you'll start feeling a lot of hunger and lot of your you know brain, lot of your Chitt Or lot of your emotions will start getting neutralized just after wearing this So this is one bracelet but you know we believe in variety it should be infinite So one is we prepare a small bead if you say "No Ma'am I don't big beads, I like small, I'm delicate" so I'll give small one But then when you'll say "No No Ma'am so small for me" Ok take big bead Big one so we prepare a big Parad bead

When you say, "Ma'am I don't like this elastic" It's ok no problem take in thread So we will put it in thread All different different designs when you say "Ma'am this is so boring don't give Parad only Parad" OK no problem, take it in bracelet form So we make a different design for you and we'll give it to you like a bracelet That Ok you want something beautiful So you wear Parad and along with it we string crystals Rudraksha like this there are many other designs Our main intention is that you wear it Design you leave it to us, we'll make it nice So you make like this Now you understand that this Parad has lost all its toxicity You can lick it, nothing will happen you can dip this in water and drink the water you can dip it in milk, drink the milk Nothing will happen It’s totally non-toxic At the same time as you know that Parad will dissolve all the liquids

Right! All the metals, you know that Parad will dissolve all the metals Here see, we've stung it in silver and showed you as a proof You can test it in Laboratory It will come 99% mercury 1% might be some herb which is left over But it will come 99% mercury and then you believe that we have strung it in silver That is the beauty of the Parad I can claim that Rudra Centre is probably the only company in the world which makes Siddha Alchemical Parad I did not believe it till I learnt the art myself because Parad used to be sold since very long in India Since very long Parad used to be sold But I never used to trust that Parad somehow I was not attracted to that Parad How will you know it is a Siddha Parad? It is written in Parad Samhita, that the only Parad which breaks like glass is Siddha Parad It will break into two pieces it will not become a powder Right! When it breaks, it will just break just like glass

And that is the Property of a very very stable imidized Sidhdha Parad If you see the Parad which is available in the market Right! It's very Powdery even if it breaks know some powder pieces will come out and if you keep that Shivalinga or that item people are making idols also If you keep that item in your home after few days you can see liquid mercury coming out Isn't it very poisonous? Right! It's very poisonous to have liquid mercury in your altar and what happens is the suppliers, they you give you a proof that see this is mercury you touch, hold to it it is becoming white you touch silver to it, it is getting destroyed See that mercury is very easily available at the chemist Understand, the property of this is the gold will not become white You can make it in silver We've coated it with silver only So this is itself a proof and when it breaks, it breaks like two pieces it doesn't break like powder So this is the thing and most amazing property is today if I heat it again at about 343 degree Celsius it will again become liquid and I'll again make a Parad out of it So don't worry OK So then as I said we make bracelets out of it But then Some people will say that, “Ma’am I don't like wearing bracelets" OK So, what I'll do I'll say don't worry we'll make a ring out of it

This is very popular Parad Ring on our website This ring works when you wear it on the right hand index finger It'll only work here This one The property of it is very similar to One Mukhi Rudraksha and it is very similar to white Pukharaj it works exactly like white sapphire Right! So this you understand As I told Rudraksha comes from 1-21 Mukhi each working on different Chakras This works like the One Mukhi Rudraksha Then in bracelets also we make many designs In malas also, we make many designs OK We also prepare full Mala out of it You'll say, "Ma'am I’m not satisfied just got one bead what would happen" I require so much of purification of the Chitt Take the whole Mala and wear it Both will work the same because see this wrist part is connected to all the fingers so even if you wear like a bracelet or wear it here it will work the same

But mind you, you can only wear it on the right hand if you are right handed You cannot wear on the left hand OK Then then you'll say, "Ma'am Ok I've seen your bracelets, I've seen this Mala" What else do you have, I'm not very happy and satisfied I'll say Don't worry we've got a pendant, OK! So this is a Gutika Pendant which you can wear on the neck But understand one thing You cannot wear it here You'll say, "Ma'am I don't want to expose it to people" I want to hide it, you can't it won't work It will only work in one way, when you wear close to the throat Otherwise it won't work You have to wear it above the 'U' Cavity Right! You can see this, you can feel this 'U' notch It can be inside the 'U' notch or above it but not below it So you have to wear it close to the throat But you'll enjoy it's effects like anything People who are heavy into spirituality please wear it and feel the bliss for few days

You'll enjoy it So that is there We also prepare pendants like some people, they want something attractive so we've also prepared pendants like this of Parad But understand they are more for beauty because the thing is if you wear it here as I said the effect has to be here So these are more for beauty They ask not to touch the skin much because we have put a silver boundary around it So this is more for some kind of alignment but the effects will come only with the pendant when you wear it here or the bracelet you wear it or the ring you wear it or the Mala you wear it So like this, we've many designs We also prepare a bracelet this is very popular with two gemstones We put Cat's Eye and Coral with Parad and this is a very popular bracelet It gives a lot of Stability in life Then you say, "Ma'am I'm not very impressed with the design" "Show me something else" SO I'll show you one more beautiful design we prepared Isn't it nice? So like this we prepared this bracelet It has got multiple Parad beads and each bead is encircled with Silver casing Like this So it looks very beautiful when you wear it on the wrist Actually this Parad doesn't matter it's a metal It's like Gold jewellery It's like Silver jewelry So it doesn't work by resonance So it's Ok if you wear the Parad sometime and give it to someone, No issues

So that part is there So when you come here you can see many different designs that we have made of Parad OK Then We also make a Shivalinga like this only the egg part and the rest we put it in a brass We also made one very popular item which is a pyramid We make a pyramid of Parad which is very effective if you want to correct the Vastu of your house The pyramid will work in the north-east corner of your house only because the north east corner is the Sahasrara Chakra of the whole house So if today you're finding constantly some illness in the family or some kind of obstacles which you are not able to identify You can just keep one Parad Shivalinga and it affects an area of at least two kilometers So you can keep just one Parad Shivalinga in the north-east It's sold a lot in our place but we are not able to make it in so much quantity So many times we go out of stock but probably you'll find it in the Gallery So this is all about Parad I've already showed you about I've already showed you all the different Gutika So these are the different Gutika, we prepare in different sizes We also prepare this in a hanging form The same Gutika we also prepare that you can hang it We make it in a design, we've not shown it here right now, but we make it in a design where you hang this ball in the north-east of your house for purifying vibrations So you can use this for that also Now Parad, if you don't silver polish it it will tarnish very fast

Because you know mercury oxidizes very fast in exposure in air So today if you don't polish the Parad it looks like this This is Parad without polish This is how it will look Actually the thing is it is not darken with time you can just take a little toothpaste and rub it It will become shiny like that So basically this is the natural colour of Parad because it is oxidizing with air But understand that this Siddha Parad will not leave black marks on your skin It's not going to be If you take the normal commercial Parad available in the market when you wear it your skin and all will become black It will not do that But what you should do is? Because it tarnishes very fast Every morning you can take a little toothpaste just cleanse it and wear it

So it'll remove all the tarnishing on top of it This is the colour Sometimes if you keep it for a long time like this is the Mala that I showed you These are all made of Parad like there are some people in the western world They say, "I don't want shiny" "I like it little Dull" So for them we prepare like this

Now this is Parad without any coating It doesn't have any coating, so we prepare it like this with Rudraksha So the different designs we are preparing This Parad Shivalinga this is a Shivalinga without any coating OK This Shivalinga doesn't have any coating but you can see a little tarnishing happening on it so you can easily clean it with any type of cleansing material Silver Cleansing and it will become very shiny But then even if you cleanse it how much ever you cleanse it after one hour it will become like this Because it is a property of Parad That's why silver coat it

to look beautiful sometime You can silver coat it again or you can use it without the silver coating Ultimately it's Parad only So you can do that So anyone has any questions about Parad? See it's not really you know anything any ritual that we have to keep it in your energy you can just keep it normal the way you keep a Shivalinga in your Altar You keep it normally and you do the Abhishek but the more Abhishek you do and you watch the Abhishek it is actually cleansing your own soul This is what our Hindu religion tells us Today you can pray to an Idol but you're actually praying to that energy inside you You're not making some God happy Right! When you're praying to Lakshmi it is like cleansing the wealth The wealth dimension in your life is praying to Lakshmi Cleansing the knowledge dimension in your life is praying to Saraswati So you can just pray to the Shivalinga and your soul would get cleansed

Your Aatma gets purified When you'll worship Parad You can wear it you can keep it in your house You can do 'Darshan' of it You can do Abhishek of it You can use it many different ways

Are we clear about this? See mantras, there are no specific mantra for Parad But we all know the Mantra for Shiva You can chant 'Om Namah Shivaay' or you may chant Maha Mrityunjay Mantra Yea I told you because that is commercial Parad It’s not this Parad Yes, that is because it is commercial Parad and that is harmful for body it's harmful, because it has got liquid Parad inside and if you notice that

it can start leaking mercury also after some time So I will suggest that you dispose that off You just try one Gutika from our Site you wear it for eight-nine days and you see the effect

How nice you'll feel You'll feel generally quite happy First you know, I would like to clarify this misunderstanding that you've to test the Gemstone First thing is understand if a Gemstone is worn correctly if a Gemstone is worn correctly, there will be no harmful effect Every single person in the world can wear all the Gemstones in the world Today if nature has produced fruits, flowers it has produced vegetables it has produced Gemstones Every single Gemstone is for you But it depends on what you want to use at that time Right! Today you want to have some help in your crown chakra you'll wear a white sapphire You want to have some help in you root Chakra you'll wear a Coral If you see all the authentic texts on Gemstones they only talk about the properties of the Gemstones They will never say, "You should not wear, you should not wear" The word 'not' is not there in any spiritual dictionary It’s not there in any spiritual dictionary Problem what happens know, Astrologers don't know how to make you wear Gemstones So what they will do, 'Try it' If you're OK with it nothing is harmful you're not going to come to me back for a money back guarantee, please wear it They are safe guarding themselves The real fact is at Rudra Centre we are making people wear every possible Gemstone without using any Astrology Chart and the results are terrific

The results are excellent because we are recommending as per what problem you have in your life Today if you have a stomach problem I can't give you a brain medicine

I have to identify where are you blocked I have to identify which Chakra, which dimension needs some empowerment as per that we will give you the Gemstone or the Rudraksha or if you need Parad, we will give you Parad Parad has removed many many fears you know which have been in the minds of people Like one of the first customers I remember whom we healed was you know, he used to do sleep walking in the night and there were many times he found himself on the edge of the roof while he was sleep walking So his father came to us for that So he was one of our first customers after he wore Parad you know his disease healed He was becoming more conscious of himself and when he became conscious of himself, he was not Sleep Walking