Occult Connection to Zodiac Murders – Modern Soft Kill (SK) Ops as Ritual Sacrifice?

okay before I continue on with the previous theme of my material in the process of my research I started finding more and more correlations between things that involve esoteric tunnel systems, angles, azimuths, headings, GPS coordinates and correlations to of all things the zodiac murders so I don't know if what I'm happening upon is merely a continuation, a copycat, or whatever but whoever seems to be integrating these esoteric concepts into some of these other things also have connections to these zodiac murders, specific locations and angles, so in order for you to understand this you need to start thinking of the zodiac symbol as sort of a 'heading' – Northwest, Southeast, you know, that kind of thing and then start paying attention – I'm going to give you some angles here and you're going to have to learn how to use your Google Earth tool Go into Google Earth, you click on the line tool, I'm going to show you how to do this in another presentation but just thinking ahead a little bit before I start going on here because this is going to be relevant to both investigators of the zodiac case as well as law enforcement trying to solve cases that are going on today so the angles that you're going to specifically pay attention to most commonly are 33 degrees 123 degrees 213 degrees and 303 degrees and there's reasons for that that I don't entirely understand myself but there is a mathematic correlation and a consistency to these patterns specific to 33 123 and 213 not so much the fourth but again I don't know this entirely but what I'm trying to suggest is is that every time I run this pattern through and I draw a point to point between locations involving some of these murders and involving some of the other things that I've been investigating I'm fighting patterns that are consistent between both both groups or if they're the same group are tapped into esoteric concepts involving ley lines, energetics, and specifically that involve headings, angles, azimuths and locations that they bind through the naming conventions of the people that they select as victims, the locations that they do it in, and then where they select their next location to perform the next act in and again these are correlative data points that because these people are occultists and they have to do things in a very precise mathematical location using specific names and locations they're basically – if they're doing this, it's one of the easiest things you're going to be able to solve just because they have to leave the trails behind in order to complete their 'occult work' because whoever's doing this does appear to be genuine occultists or maybe it's just an effective front for whatever else they're doing I couldn't tell you but based on what I'm seeing they at least want people to believe they're genuinely dark occultists if they're not and and hey if they're murdering people it's hard to argue against that so you know again I apologize I know this is a little bit dark material but it really is kind of heading in this direction so please start thinking about Google Earth I'm going to do some presentations shortly and once I cover some of these things involving the zodiac you're going to see correlations to tunnel systems lava bed type systems that involve caves and again this is still going to connect to the other things that I've been researching involving exploits in telecommunications, Department of Energy, and what I call and others are calling soft kill programs or soft MiLabs where you're basically you undergo sort of like a soft military abduction in that style I'm not necessarily saying the military does it it's just that whoever is coordinated these events seem to have an intrinsic understanding of how to mimic a military abduction and they're doing what I think are now called soft MiLabs where it's more of a psychological warfare campaign and a way to tear down the person's psyche while they're committing what's called a soft kill that involves radionics, electromagnetics and things of that nature so this I think is what the modern form of the zodiac killings are taking on today and I'll be able to expand upon that in my next material thanks

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