OCCULT WORSHIP HOLLYWOOD'S OTHER DARK SECRET THAT NO ONE TALKS ABOUT In the past few months, Hollywood has been shaken to its very core at the outpouring of stories from men and women about the culture of systemic sexual abuse and exploitation in the film industry It has been revealed that individuals such as Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have been permitted to continue with this kind of behavior for decades owing to their high status in the industry and according to people like Corey Feldman, there are many more surprising revelations to come

This outpouring of truth and demands for justice has led to some questioning as to whether another dark open secret of Hollywood is due to come out soon � namely, the veneration of the occult MANY HAVE WARNED US ABOUT THIS FOR YEARS Hollywood is, as David Lynch titles it, an �inland empire� � a kind of covenantal city-state of its own, with its own religion, including all the trappings of neophytes, acolytes, servants, agents, star saints, hierophants and hierarchs and holy sites It is a veritable polis of initiatory esoterica where the holy sites and rites of Hollywood are not the altars of mainstream religion, but another ancient religion, ultimately summed up in the epithet of the ancient mysteries The ancient mysteries comprise the competing religious practices of the empires of old, but the one empire that seems to have achieved the most appropriate association with Hollywood is Babylon � the �gate of the gods�� ~Jay Dyer It has been claimed over the years that there is a pervasive influence of the occult and the schools of black magic within the film industry and that this interest goes far beyond that of a quirky sub-culture

Instead, it is claimed that individuals highly placed in Hollywood have been attempting to utilize television, film, and music as a way to penetrate and even control aspects of the collective consciousness in a bid to control the behavior of the masses Over the years, many people have noticed a recurrent theme of certain symbols which are believed to be used to attempt to introduce occult notions into the subconscious minds of the public Illuminati symbolism is particularly prevalent, often signified by an image of a starlet covering a single eye There are also claims that subliminal messages are present in many forms of media, often concealed beneath sexual innuendo and music videos to ensure that they are delivered to the public when they are emotionally unguarded ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS IN DISNEY'S MOVIES It has been suggested that the worship of dark and satanic forces within Hollywood could quite feasibly be linked to the ongoing scandal regarding sexual assault and pedophilia

An interest in the occult is often not harmless in powerful circles and has been alleged to be attached to practices such as human sacrifice, pedophilia, and sexual violence These practices form part and parcel of the aims of those engaged in dark magic who seek to fragment the psyches of their victims to control them more effectively Perhaps as this scandal continues to grow and more people feel empowered to speak out about the abuses of the Hollywood industry, the truth of the deep influence of these dark arts among the Los Angeles elite will begin to emerge ILLUMINATI SYMBOLS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY




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