Petrified Wood – Connect with the Ancient Wisdom of the Trees (March 28, 2012)

Another fossil that you can use is actually petrified wood And so I have this great big piece of petrified wood here, and you can actually see the outside surface has the original shape that the bark of this tree left

And this is what's called a limb cast, so it's actually a slice of a branch of the tree And this is agatized wood, so when the wood is fossilized, none of the original wood is left So it's actually petrified because a mineral has come in and replaced that organic material And it can be replaced with Agate, Opal is another very common replacement Sometimes you'll see opalized wood

And this generally isn't the precious Opal we think of with the flash of color It's the common Opal, or "Potch" Opal, that replaces the wood So it just sort of looks like similar to a Jasper almost And you can sometimes find the opalized wood as well But either, they sort of are pretty similar in their properties

You'll find since the Opal does have a certain amount of water that it does help access the intuition a little bit more because – so that connection with the water element than the agatized wood But otherwise they're pretty similar in their properties So the petrified wood really it kind of helps connect you to tree spirits like Ence so that you can access information from these very very wise beings So for those of you who have some maybe background or knowledge of the different ways that trees have been used throughout history and their associated properties, for instance, oak is very connected with wisdom, ash is connected with spirituality So if you know a little bit about these connections with different trees, you can use that petrified wood and go out and find a tree to access some of these different energetic qualities that the trees may have

And again, just sort of finding a tree that you connect with and bringing that petrified wood into your energy field, holding it in your hands or placing it on the ground in front of you so it has a connection with the earth and sort of gazing at it, allowing your vision to go in and out You go into almost a trance- like state and you're able to sometimes access information from these trees


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