Possible Alchemical Life Formula !

I will try to explain my Macro & Micro Universe Theory, Theory I do not speak English very well You will have to try to understand if you want to comprehend, OK? Thank You First Let's see How I think is an Atom You see here is a mirror a mirror another mirror Let's see A mirror inside another mirror and I am not getting a Oh Yes! Something like that and in the Center The last Proton This case Fluor ¨¨(Fluorine) ¨¨ I do not speak English very well I hope this can help understand Better Thank You First let's start with the Formula This is a Periodic Table I want to transform Mercury ¨¨(Hg 80)¨¨ in Gold ¨¨(Au 79)¨¨ OK? So, let's see how we will make it, mathematically Just a start, just a hunch Not the conclusion just part of it So I have We will have for Slag Slag, I do not Speak Hydrogen so We have here It is just the position and soOh We have a GAP One Hundred Fifth Eight It is a GAP Look here Square ¨¨( Square Root )¨¨ I do not how to ¨¨( Square Root )¨¨ Say it in English It is the Integer In Portuguese it is "Números Inteiros" Twelve We will have 12 x 12 OK? Forget Forget the ¨¨( Result )¨¨ Just the Integer ¨¨( of the Result )¨¨ Twelve Magnesium ¨¨( Mg 12 )¨¨ soonethree

One Hydrogen OK? We will need Twelve Three Two One Eighteen ¨¨( 18 )¨¨ H One ¨¨( H 1 )¨¨ Hydrogen Plus, to make it Get it? So let's see how is, could be Life! Worth much more than Gold, Life Let's see Thank You Now let's see the possible Life Formula! Making Carbon ¨¨( C 6 )¨¨ from Aluminium ¨¨( Al 13 )¨¨ Want to make this I will have for Slag, or Slag, I do not know how to spell that Nitrogen ¨¨( N 7 )¨¨ We will have a GAP So ¨¨( Square Root )¨¨ Nine ¨¨¨( 9 )¨¨ ( Integer part of the result )¨¨ Nine It is Fluor ¨¨( Fluorine )¨¨( F 9 )¨¨ The deadly Fluor ¨¨( Fluorine )¨¨( F 9 )¨¨ sooneone It is another kind, but it is one and one

OK? So We will need Nine

Ten Eleven Twelve One Aluminium and A Plus of 12 ¨¨( Twelve )¨¨ Hydrogen One ¨¨( H 1 )¨¨ Well, I hope you understand now! Step by Step This may be the possible Life Formula There are others We will have to make Oxygen ¨¨( O 8 )¨¨ from Calcium ¨¨( Ca 20 )¨¨ Maybe I hope you understands May God Bless You All! Thank You