Quran is an occult book of Mohammed (Subtitles @ CC)

Peace be with you According to Dr Rafat Amari author of the book captioned Islam in the light of history, the mother of Mohammed, Aminah binti Wahb, brought on him a rukhieh, or bewitching during his childhood

In the rukhieh a Kahan priest of Jinn brings the spirit of Jinn to a person to whom the Kahen is connected as a medium The chief jinn demon entered the body of Mohammed through his mother Aminah binti Wahb as she was a medium of jinns in Mecca Mohammed was heavily involved in spiritism as he was also a medium who dedicated one whole chapter 72 of the Quran called the Jinn YHWH Almighty did not create jinns but only angels with freewill to serve Him Quran did not come from YHWH Almighty but an occult book from Mohammed under the inspiration of the chief jinn demon that Mohammed called him, Allah

Anyone can search through the Quran for the self introduction of Allah to Mohammed, as compared to the manner of Allah spoke to Moses in Quran chapter 20 verse 11-14 as, I am Allah, will find it to be non existence The Hebrews have the precedent usage of Allah under Lexicon Strong's H427 Allah to mean an oak tree as seen in Joshua chapter 24 verse 26 Hence the name Allah was given by Mohammad for his god rather than, Allah really told him about his personal name is Allah Satan the god of this world who first imparted occult or secret knowledge to Eve, on how to become like YHWH who knows what is good and evil When Eve heard the secret knowledge, she lusted to gain knowledge and ate the forbidden fruit and she also gave to Adam to eat it

So, Adam and Eve broke the first law of YHWH regarding the prohibition for eating the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil, based on Genesis chapter 2 : 16-17 and not from the Tree of Eternity, or Immortality based on Quran Ta Ha chapter 20 : 120 Quran 7 : 20 says of Satan's whisper these words to Adam, "Your Lord only forbade you this Tree, lest ye should become angels or such beings as live forever But Quran 20 : 120 says of Satan's whisper these words, "O Adam! shall I lead thee to the Tree of Eternity and to a kingdom that never decays?" The Torah of Moses did not speak of Adam was deceived by Satan but Eve was deceived and she gave the fruit to Adam to eat As the aforesaid two verses cannot reconcile with each other, then YHWH Almighty did not speak such words and it is either the devil or man has fabricated the Satanic revelation to Adam Quran is in serious error because only the Tree of Knowledge will result in spiritual and physical death whereas the Tree of Immortality will enable Adam and his wife to live forever

They were cast out of the Garden of Eden because YHWH Almighty did not want them to eat the fruits from the Tree of Life This new prohibition was enforced after they ate the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil Angel Gabriel could not have made this silly mistake According to Ephesians chapter 6 verse 12, the hierarchy of the devil comprises of princes or principalities, powers of darkness, the possessors of the dark world, and the evil spirits or demons under heaven The princes for example, the Prince of the kingdom of Persia, are the chief demons ruling in every nation of the world

Daniel Chapter 10 verse 13 says of angel Gabriel was blocked for 21 days from meeting Prophet Daniel by the Prince of the Kingdom of Persia until archangel Michael came to demolish the blockage Revelation chapter 12 verse 7-9, says, Michael and his angels fought against the dragon who is the devil and satan, and his rebel angels; the devil and his angels were thrown down with him to the earth There are good angels and rebel angels under Lucifer who disobeyed the order of YHWH Almighty Demons have often entered into people, such as in Mark 5 : 15 which are believed to be disembodied spirits seeking for human bodies to inhabit Demons are parallel to the jinns which are free to roam on earth till the day of judgment

YHWH Almighty forbids the souls of the righteous dead to return to the physical world based on the principle of no crossover between good and evil worlds as told by Lord Jesus in Luke chapter 16 verse 26 In Exodus chapter 22 verse 18, YHWH says, Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live The common misconception about this Word of YHWH is the term witch, refers to a woman with magic powers, popularly depicted as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat and flying on a broomstick But the Hebrew word bearing Lexicon Strong's H3784 kashaph, means to whisper a spell, that is to enchant or practise magic: sorcerer, witch In fact, Exodus chapter 22 verse 18 contains only three Hebrew words, the first word Lo means No, kashaph, means Magician, Sorcerer, Witch, and Medium, and last word chayah, means live or alive

Literally, No sorcerer, witch, medium and magician shall live Mohammed was a sorcerer as he communicated with a company of jinns as told in Quran chapter 72 called the jinn whereby he received that secret information about jinns Jinns are imperfect spiritual beings which know the scripture and history of the past like the familiar demon impersonated Samuel could relate to king Saul what he desired to know Based on 1st Samuel 28 : 6, When Saul inquired of Yahweh, Yahweh didn’t answer him by dreams, by Urim, or by prophets As YHWH refused to speak to Saul by prophets, then Prophet Samuel who was dead by that time, could not have spoken to the living persons on earth

The familiar spirit is in fact demon of the disembodied spirit Before the woman of Endor invoked the familiar demon to come into her body, she did not know the true identity of her client who came as a stranger But when she saw the familiar demon impersonated as Samuel, she was terrified and said to Saul, "Why have you deceived me? You are Saul " 1st Samuel 28 : 12 The clue here is before the woman conjured up the soul of Samuel, she knew the true identity of Saul

Matthew Henry's commentary on this particular verse says, The witch, upon sight of the apparition, was aware that her client was Saul, her familiar spirit, it is likely, informing her of it That the devil, by the divine permission, should be able to personate Samuel is not strange, since he can transform himself into an angel of light! nor is it strange that he should be permitted to do it upon this occasion, that Saul might be driven to despair, by enquiring of the devil As a matter of fact, king Saul did not speak to the true soul of Samuel but a familiar demon who impersonated as Samuel To conclude, Quran is an occultic book from Mohammed as the author could be familiar demon that impersonated Samuel and impersonated Gabriel to Mohammed Quran chapter 72 called the Jinn as the company of demons as YHWH Almighty did not create jinns but only Angels and Mankind

Jinns are demons that are free to roam on earth till the day of judgment Many rebel angels of YHWH are already in the world which may give falsehood to Mohammed It is too risky to believe in the Book which contains errors on why Adam and his wife was expelled from the Garden of Eden The Name of the Tree was not given by Allah before Adam and his wife were punished for eating from the forbidden tree When the devil says it was the Tree of Immortality, yet mankind today is not immortal

So why Allah did not correct the mistake since it was not the immortal fruit that Adam had taken So what Trees are forbidden by God Almighty before the downfall of Adam based on the Quran? Shalom

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