Random cat yelling to a frog about an occult

Jay: Hello uh Zack How are you? Zack: oh hey uhjay Where have you been? Jay: i've been to an occult um yeah Zack: EXCUSE ME YOU'VE BEEN TO WHAT!? Do YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT AN OCCULT IS!? dude why would you join an occult!? Jay: because uh there was soup and uh yeah! We're gonna drink soup 0-0 *Zack starts losing his sanity* Zack: SOUP!? S–S– SOUP!? W WHAT!? DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND!? Jay: yeah i understand ok? i

Do understand what i'm saying ok? IF YOU CAN'T GONNA RESPECT MY DESCISION i um i um _ I 0u0 i- You see i'm— Zack: you're going to what? Well i'm gonna— i'm gonna uh

0-0 uh i'm going to *tries looking around for stuff to say* I'M GONNA GO TO YOUR WORK and

uh BREAK IT AGAIN Zack: excuse me, YOU'RE GOING TO WHAT!? *Zack looses his shit* NO DON'T FUCKING DO THAT don't do that Jay: Oh i'm going to do that i'm going to fucking do that You just wait and see Zack: WAIT DON'T FUCKING DO THAT THAT'S ILEGAL STOP IT YOU PIECE OF GUN–

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