Saint Germain’s Alchemical Activation of Lightworkers-LA Expo

Good afternoon, everyone Welcome to Saint Germain's alchemical activation of lightworkers

Are you all lightworkers? [Audience responds:] “Yes” Are you enjoying this Conscious Life Expo? [Audience responds:] “Yes” Okay, well, get ready for a new ride Here is the Master Saint Germain You all know him, right? [Audience responds:] “Yes

” He is the Master of Aquarius and ready to help you So the purpose of this session is to co-create with us a live, loving alchemical experience to accelerate personal and planetary consciousness and alchemical joy! The Aquarian Age is an age of divine joy The Master will use the violet-laser light You may have never heard this term It's something that he provided through The Hearts Center activity a number of years ago—which is a more advanced frequency than just the violet flame— to quicken global transmutation and change

Later on in the session we will have questions and answers And expect miracles, new revelations and a powerful uplift in spirit Our expectation of miracles is key, because if we expect them, then that sets the flowfield —instead of forcefield— for the possibility of the alchemy of the miracle to manifest, right? [Audience responds:] “Yes” Here is the book that Saint Germain dictated through me, Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy: Heartstreaming in the Aquarian Age The Master gave me this term heartstreaming

I've talked about it here at the expo the last two years It's a beautiful concept We all do it when we are centered in our hearts, in the God Presence When we send love, when we meditate, when we emanate light, we are heartstreaming the Aquarian frequencies of divine gnosis, beingness, higher consciousness to all mankind, to all of your tribes, all those you were sent to Earth to help, to influence, to bless So who is Saint Germain? The great alchemist of the modern civilization; the Wonderman of Europe; Chohan, or Lord, of the Seventh Ray of Freedom for the Aquarian Age; the Aquarian avatar

Just as Jesus was the avatar of the Piscean age for the last two thousand years, Saint German and his beloved twin flame, Portia, are the Aquarian masters, or avatars, of this coming two-thousand-year cycle He is the exponent of the use of the violet-consuming flame, which we learned about in the Saint Germain Foundation and the “I AM” Activity, and now the violet-laser light, and he is the lover of our souls We all feel Saint Germain's great love for us He has also been called the God of Freedom to the Earth— God not being Almighty God; God being an emanation of God, a manifestation of God stepped down through an ascended master, which is our destiny too, right? Many of you are embodied angels, and you will return to the angelic kingdom when you ascend Others of you have incarnated through the evolution of mankind, and you will be ascended masters

And then some of you will keep evolving and evolving until what? Who knows? Closer and closer to God This is an image of le Comte de Saint Germain I didn't say it right in French—correct me if you speak French He was the miracle worker in Europe who appeared all over Europe and did amazing things He actually ascended after his final embodiment as Francis Bacon, who was actually the writer of the Shakespearean plays, and then came back into incarnation and appeared all over Europe and did miracles

So the major embodiments of Saint Germain: He was the ruler of a golden-age civilization in the area of the Sahara Desert seventy thousand years ago It seems like a long time Some of you were there Many of us have been embodied on Earth for over one hundred thousand years— back to Lemuria and even before Lemuria, maybe on other star systems, other planets He was the high priest on Atlantis in the temple of purification, serving in the Order of Lord Zadkiel, who is the seventh-ray archangel—the archangel of the violet light

He was the prophet Samuel When we say “Uncle Sam” in the United States, we are kind of invoking Samuel, Saint Germain He was Saint Joseph, the father of Jesus, or Yeshua, Issa, who travelled to India And he was Saint Alban and Merlin the Magician, who worked with none other than the great Excalibur priest- king Arthur He was Proclus

He was Roger Bacon He was Cristopher Columbus, who has kind of gotten a bad rap in the last twenty years or so, but he was a visionary and he did help found America And many of us wouldn't be here if it weren't for Christopher Columbus So believe what you believe about him Maybe there are some bad things that happened to the native peoples

It was all part of a greater plan We could have been a lot nicer to the native peoples I know I was embodied as a Native American, or a First Nation's person, and I have a lot of memories of what life was like in America before we called it America So I have mixed feelings about this, but I have to say that I don't think we can put the full blame on Christopher Columbus for all the ills that happened to the native people So put that on the shelf if that's your belief system, please

He was Francis Bacon, one of the major pens of the Shakespearean plays There were other pens, other writers, that he worked with, and it was an amazing alchemy of bringing forth all those sonnets and Shakespearean plays Here is an image from one of our artists of you sitting in the lotus, with light emanating from your heart chakra, your causal body around you, overshined by your Buddhic Presence, or your Buddha nature This is one of our goals in life, to be this initiate of light I'd like to play this if I can somehow access it

This is a beautiful song Oh, we don't have a network connection here Well, anyway, the Arcturus and Victoria connection— they are called the Elohim, the creators of worlds of the seventh ray So they work through Saint Germain and other great initiates to anchor light on the Earth There is you and your twin flame in your pristine divine origin

Zadkiel, as I mentioned, is the archangel of the seventh ray Here is Saint Germain, one artist's rendition, anchoring the freedom flame And here is a representation of using the violet-laser light Laser is light amplification, stimulated energy, radiance or something Who knows what laser means? Any physicists here? Okay

Light amplification, emission radiation Okay So laser energy is focused light, typically through mirrors or through a prism or a chrism, and it pinpoints it into one point And then it can burn through steel, right? Or it can do many things So when we use the violet light— many of us call it the violet-consuming flame— it transmutes karma, transmutes darkness and transmutes illusion, maya, inanity, any perversions

That's great But when we have a greater work, when we desire to send, let's say to China, a frequency of the violet light of freedom to help the young people there to rise out of the mediocrity that they may be living in because of a system that's not quite as free as it could be, we can direct currents and streams with laser-like accuracy to thousands and even millions of young people through the prism of our hearts to urge them toward their freedom And you can use the crystalline nature of your being to focus that light It can go into multidimensions; it can do amazing work, only limited by your perception, your belief system So the higher the mindfulness you have, the more Buddhic or Christic awareness you have, the greater the spiritual work you can do through your imagination—which means “eye-magic in action”— and through your visioning of this higher perception actually manifesting

Maybe I should say womanifesting Okay, so anyway So Saint Germain and the violet-laser light We have a beautiful elemental song Nature Spirits are very dear to all of us, I believe, especially young people now

I have a lot of friends who do permaculture I'll be giving a permaculture presentation tomorrow evening The elemental spirits are really important for the balancing of the Earth, right? And we all need to revere them, to love them, to cherish them, to work with them in our gardens, growing organic, live, healthy food and consuming that food so that we have the proper DNA manifesting within us and we are not taking in GMOs, not taking in nonorganic stuff, which actually will impact our progeny When I was fifteen I worked at a health food store I've tried to eat organic food since I was fifteen years old

I'm sixty-two And I know many of you feel the same I'm 90 percent vegan, and I'm getting there I still have honey But we need to honor Mother Nature and live in harmony, walk the Earth in balance

It's part of the path of Aquarian victors, of Aquarian initiates, of freedom lovers for us to do this We have to walk the Earth consciously Here is the Maltese Cross, which is Saint Germain's signet We have a beautiful “I AM the Violet Light” meditation on our website and through YouTube Here is an image of Portia, by one artist, with Saint Germain

I gave a discourse not too long ago on how Saint Germain shares keys for justice to manifest on Earth Right now it seems like we all desire justice, right? We desire there to be harmony, but for there to be truth, freedom, understanding, authenticity This is the time when authenticity has to manifest, because truth is coming to the fore, whether people desire it or not, at all levels of our government Yet it always starts with us If we aren't authentic, how can we expect our government, our leaders to be authentic? We have to be true to our Real Self, and then that stimulates the ethers for everyone to be true to their True Self

If we aren't living and modeling that divine existence of loving life, we can't expect others to do that So we have to maintain harmony, equipoise, peace, presence in our lives I gave a “Saint Germain Prophecy for 2015” discourse through a radio program in Seattle It's had 95,000 views; it was magnificent, with Dr Pat

Have your heard of Dr Pat in Seattle? Some of you know her She's an amazing alchemist herself And then the prophecy for 2017 received nearly 25,000 hits People want to know what's going to happen in the future

The future depends on our choices today, and we are making the future, right? You are all initiates What is an initiate? Someone who initiates cycles of light through their consciousness wed to God, through their being one with the Eternal So if you desire to help Saint Germain initiate a golden-crystal age of enlightenment, freedom and universal brother/sisterhood, every day becomes an opportunity, with Portia, the Goddess of Opportunity, to initiate a cycle, a spiral of beingness, of light, of virtue The more virtue you emanate, the more light you hold in your aura—not just hold, but actually emanate The more you co-create with the ascended masters, your sponsoring master or guides, your guardian angel, your spirit, the more you help Saint Germain, at a cosmic level, to focus that violet-light frequency into all areas of our civilization, all areas of our culture

And we all know that we require it There's a song we have called “Freedom We Claim Now” We have to claim freedom for every soul And we stake our claim deep in the Earth and then we move forward And we have to be victorious every day in some way to help the Master

Now, in our booth— I think it's 306—we have these orgonites Boyd Badten in Montana makes these pyramid orgonites, and he invests within them a special blessing and special crystals and other elements that make them very powerful Those who have used these violet pyramid orgonites have seen the power of them They can transmute darkness in their vicinity and they help to mitigate electropollution and a lot of the stuff from cell towers and you name it We live in a wireless society, but we're in a soup of electromagnetic disgust, really

And I have seen in the future that we'll be doing away with all the wires and all the wireless technology we have and we'll be using total crystal energy and solar energy Of course, these discoveries have already been made, but they've been suppressed We know this And there are places around the Earth, underground, where they're using the new technologies, but we don't have them It's time for us to spiritually demand that these technologies come forth for all mankind, all cultures, all peoples and that they are f-r-e-e! Do you agree? [Audience responds with cheers

] Saint Germain is an exponent of freedom, and it is free energy too, because energy is of God God is energy; energy is God, and we deserve to have that free energy We know that the orgone energy and the energy of the Divine Mother are everywhere in cosmos They're in every breath we take We just have to access them

And some of you are great accessors of that energy already You're living very consciously, walking the Earth in harmony and balance, and you are the exponents of the New Age We have a violet-laser-light video I gave a talk on Aquarian leadership and the beautiful basics of Saint Germain and who he is, what he's done and what his mission is There's also a Buddha of the Violet Light who helps to raise the frequency of our Earth

Every Buddha being has mastered both the seven major rainbow ways and what we call the five crystal rays These frequencies are very ethereal, very refined When you enter your Buddha nature—and Saint Germain is also a Buddha, by the way, if you didn't know that—you enter the higher realms of the very high etheric plane, where you can focus crystalline energies deep within the Earth to transform civilization—first subtly and then materially Alchemy is about changing base metals into gold, and we know that's a metaphor for changing our lower nature into our Christic/Buddhic nature through the golden light of the Sun of our Divine Presence Every Buddha being is illumined, awakened and has done this, because the aura of all Buddhas is an expansive, golden, radiant light field

You can develop that How do you do that? Meditation; daily practice; the disciplines of conscious awareness; Eckhart Tolle's teaching on living in the eternal Now, in the present moment; walking the Earth while feeling integrated in your body You're not just a woo-woo being galavanting around the cosmos You can do that in meditation sometimes, but you are also anchoring that woo-woo, wee-wee nature here—in your heart, walking the Earth Saint Germain is also a very practical master

If you didn't know that, he is so practical that when you actually get to know him he will help you with everything that you are doing physically—your gardens, your projects, your work, your service Here are some devotees singing on a swing “I AM the Freedom Flame” We have an event next weekend in San Diego at Dennis Fisher's home in Vista, California It's going to be awesome: “Saint Germain on Soul Freedom and Self-Realization for Aquarian Initiates” It's kind of taking what we are learning here and moving it forward

And we have a class in June in the Washington, DC, area and a class in Mount Shasta, July 26 through 29, So this year we're going to Mount Shasta in July So now, for the activation Are you ready? Okay Sit up straight, your chakras aligned You can choose to hold your hands cupped in your lap and do some deep, slow breathing—the way that works for you

Enter into the mindful, conscious stream of your Presence, as the pulsation from you mighty I AM God Presence is manifesting through both your breath and your sacred heartbeat: “I, Saint Germain, step through the veil and activate through these, my initiates, my friends, my co-workers, the light, the light, the light of the violet flame as violet-laser light into each chakra, into each cell, into the crystalline essence of their true God Reality Through this activation now, there flows a radiance of seventh-ray joy, freedom to be who you are—love, realized through Selfhood in God “I claim you as my own, O initiates of the sacred fire I claim you as freedom lovers of mankind I claim you as those who will assist Portia and me to work consciously day by day, hour by hour, moment by eternal moment to emanate love in its highest offering, virtue in its most pristine emanation, joy in all of its uplifting and spirited Holy Spirit manifestations

“When you live in joy, O sons and daughters of God, you live in the angelic field of perfect harmony, peace, brother/sisterhood, unity Oh, unity Mankind, come into unity now! Feel the unification of all life, the unity field of beingness, of your oneness with your Self and all that is true that you have known forever “Lord Zadkiel, come forth and clear Los Angeles, California, all of the suburbs here Burn through, O sacred fire, and anchor deep within the Earth along the fault lines, the San Andreas Fault—from the south to the north, from the north to the south and back again seven times—violet light to mitigate all potential earthquakes, all shifting of the Earth's crust that could result, if not mitigated, in destruction of life

“I foresee a golden age manifesting here as it appeared on Lemuria, the Motherland, enduring a time and a time and three half the times on Atlantis, and that golden-age civilization in South America, in Africa, in China and elsewhere; and as these initiates are now consciously birthing it into manifestation through the love-wisdom that they hold dear within them “Now I touch you, each one, with my alchemical crystalline fire I charge you with the new light-energies of Spirit, which you can access through your mindfulness, from within your heart, from within your Higher Mind, from anywhere that you exist in your Godhood I call you brother; I call you sister, dearest ones For you truly are dear to me, wholly pure, undefiled in your original state of being, which we in heaven yet hold you within in our mind's purview, in our eyes' vision

“Now beloved Alpha and Omega descend over this room to also charge and bless each one of you with the blueprint of your true being With ampules of light from the Great Central Sun, they charge the atmosphere of the entire planet, and they utilize the causal body of the Great Divine Director now to purify this entire Earth and her evolutions in violet-laser light “There is a conflagration of sacred fire in the atmosphere high above the Earth and now deep within the Earth to transmute ancient records of darkness upon these shores and all nations The records of the destruction of Atlantis that are yet to be transmuted, this day, through these hearts, are transmuted! The records of the infamy against the native peoples, the First Nations, now are transmuted, by God's grace And Zadkiel walks in all the fifty states, throughout Canada, Mexico, Central and South America and calls to task those ignoble ones who have wreaked havoc upon the pure and innocent, the undefiled, the holy children of God and children of the Sun

Earth is restored to its pristine state of God-consciousness, Solar awareness, divine innocence “As your Saint Germain, I lead you in this holy battle of Armageddon—not as warriors where division and strife manifest; as advocates of true freedom, spiritual awakening and divine gnosis I now also provide each and every one of you, through your Higher Mind, an engram of light as an alchemical formula to assist you on your path—your path of light, your path of oneness, your path of joy This formula is unique for each of you And it will continue to be released in days, weeks, months and even years to come to inspire you to a new co-creativity with God; to assist you in maintaining deep spiritual connectivity with your Source and a certain blessedness and grace that you, each one, have earned through your conscious lives lived to the glory of God

“Now the power of the Holy Spirit, as the refreshment of who you are, is manifest within this room and expanded to the entire Conscious Life Expo, all booths, all lightworkers, all those here serving humbly as the staff and the volunteers, as well as the Hilton staff I anchor a rod of violet-laser light in the center of this expo, and it will remain inviolate in light as a lodestone of alchemical love in the City of the Angels Oh, the City of the Angels! Do you know, dearest ones, that you walk with the angels throughout this City of the Angels? Walk with them; talk with them; muse with them; fly with them; imagine with them; worship with them; simply be with them who you are, as a spirited being of light And in this, you are fulfilled and loved Amen

” I've been very privileged over the last thirteen years to receive over five thousand what we call HeartStreams—either in dictation, discourse or darshan form, many by the Master Saint Germain I would say probably two hundred by Saint Germain Many of them are incorporated in the book Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy, Volume 1, and many will be in the next version However, Saint Germain's final message to you today is that you are a messenger of love You are an initiate of grace

You are a healer, an exponent of the new era, the New Age Be who you are; love with your entire being; pour out the fullness of yourself in what you do, in what you give And in all of this, you will fulfill the requirements for your ascension and you will ascend—whether in this life or the next The choice is yours You can make it; you can do it; you have the capability; you have the wherewithal; you have the guts, so to speak, to go all the way

Will you go all the way? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Thank you, everyone God bless you [applause] We're not done If you have a question for the Master Saint Germain, you can come up here and ask the question on this mic so it's recorded, and I will answer it So if you have a question, just come on up

[Participant:] I just want to know what's all this about Saint Germain having been hovering over the founding fathers when they were signing the Declaration of Independence? What was that all about? Is there any truth to that? Did they actually see Saint Germain?[David:] There was a man who appeared i n the room where they were debating whether to sign the document, in Philadelphia, I believe And no one knew who this man was, but he gave a spirited discourse And then at the end he said: “Sign that document,” because they were wavering whether to do so or not There was a lot of dissension about different aspects of the Declaration, and also the Constitution If you study American history, there was a lot of stuff going on when the Constitution was happening and the Declaration

Some wanted more federal power; some wanted more state power There was a whole dynamic there But this being appeared, just like them He was in the gallery He stood up, gave a spirited talk, and it was so stirring that they felt the electricity of it and they signed the Declaration

So that was the physical manifestation of Saint Germain Thanks for the question Anybody else? Yeah, go ahead[Participant:] Your lecture talked about the prophecy for 2015 and 17 What about 18?[David:] Well, Saint Germain gave a HeartStream through me

It was more generic, and he was saying, “I prophesy that you will do this” And he gave everyone who listened or watched an impetus of dynamic fire to move forward on their path You see, prophecy is not just about fortune-telling of the future It is an emphatic Holy Spirit-directed gift that is an empowerment for us to move forward and to emphatically make an impact on our future by our conscious choice So Saint Germain didn't say, “This is going to happen and that's going to happen in 2018

” He said, “You are destined to do this, if you choose, by free will, to do this” It was kind of a challenge It's on our website, and if you go to heartscenterorg and in the little search thing you type in “Saint Germain prophecy 2018,” you should be able to find that And hopefully you'll get some insights

[Participant:] So when you did the— was it a discourse?[David:]  This was a dictation[Participant:] So in the part of the dictation where Saint Germain was claiming us, what does that mean exactly? [David:] He is enfolding us with light as a family, as a brother/sisterhood We've lost, somewhat, all of us, at some point, our total connection with Source, right? We are incarnated in time and space Many of us chose to come back Many of you are embodied angels who chose to serve and help people, but we've all kind of lost a little bit of our divine glory

So by claiming us, he is reaffirming that we are one; we are all one; we're all in this together And by claiming us, he's bringing us to his heart He's saying “I love you; I claim you as my holy brother or sister” Didn't he say something about my holy brother/sister? He said brother, sister I know he used those terms

He's called “holy brother” His name means “holy brother” And I was seeing him as he was claiming all of us He was affirming, “You are a holy brother; you are a holy sister” If we can't get beyond the sense that the masters are separate from us and better than us, we'll never rise to that state of consciousness

We have to start living as ascended masters while on Earth We have to almost pretend that we have that level of attainment—not in an egotistical way, but in a practical, realistic, loving way, in a giving way And then we rise into that ascended-master state of awareness So by claiming us, he was saying, “You have what it takes” He said that at the end

Y ou have what it takes to make your ascension in this life or the next So I think he was claiming us all as his brothers and sisters, as one family That's what I thought Anybody else? Yeah[Participant:] What's the connection with him being at Mount Shasta?[David:] That's where Saint Germain appeared to Godfre Ray King, which was a pen name for Guy Ballard in the late 1920s

Guy Ballard wrote Unveiled Mysteries, then The Magic Presence and then The I AM Discourses, the first three books—which are phenomenal—under the dispensation of the Saint Germain Foundation They have a beautiful theater, with two plays there every year, which are phenomenal, outside in nature—one on the angels and one on the life of Christ They have that in August I think it's the first or second weekend in August Mount Shasta is kind of a power spot on the Earth

Some people feel there is an ancient Lemurian brotherhood under the mountain in the Earth There's a lot of woo-woo stuff happening there too, but there are a lot of lightbearers who live there We have a group there, and we have two services a week that we broadcast from 6 to to 9 AM Mondays and Thursdays, free through our website, from Mount Shasta So it is a power center And first we meditate for fifteen minutes in silence, and then we give a lot of mantras, invocations

We sing songs and have sharing And then typically I will either give a live message from a master or they will play a replay of one that I've given in the past Every Monday and Thursday from Mount Shasta On Tuesday, it originates from here in Los Angeles, but it's broadcast free on our website; there is no charge to access that And then Dennis broadcasts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday nights from Vista, California, through his Web connection

So there's a lot happening in California I wish there were more San Francisco could use a little boost right now But thanks Mount Shasta is special place

I usually go every year This year it's going to be in late July Anybody else? Well, thank you, everyone We have to kind of clear— Oh, yes, go ahead[Participant:] Have you ever seen the violet light anywhere?[David:] Do I ever see the violet light anywhere? You don't think I see? What? The violet light

Yes, I see the violet light I see it in my meditation I see it in the auras of African-American people, who really have a lot of violet If you look at some of the people walking around up there who go to the aura booth The African-American people have deep soulfulness, and that's the chakra of the violet light

Some people think that the crown chakra is the violet chakra I think it's really the soul, and soulfulness is about freedom So, yes, I see the violet light You don't think I see it? You want to know how much you have? The more you invoke, the more you imagine, the more you visualize and feel— The feeling is the key to experiencing it You can visualize all you want

You have to feel what you are envisioning for it to be a reality So if you don't see now, don't worry, because you know what? Intuiting through your heart is more important than seeing through your higher vision[Participant:] I can see it, by the wayDavid:] Okay, good, good But even if you don't have clairvoyance, don't worry

Just keep visualizing it, accepting it, believing it, feeling it And dance with it—dance, dance, dance Okay, we've got to dance out of here Thank you, everyone